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Welcome to the Duel2 Homepage

A bloodthirsty crowd roars as the gladiators enter the arena. Nervous but hardheaded team managers watch from their battle crested pavilions. Will months of training and patiently rehearsed strategy pay off with an arena victory? Or will all be lost on the jagged blade of an opponent's sword?

Apart, on the throne of honor, the Duelmaster looks on, a body of knotted muscles and scars a testimony to his honor. His visage is impassive but his thoughts boil. How long before some young warrior's sword finds his heart -- perhaps one of those he now watches? He shakes himself, casting aside dark thoughts. For the moment, he is the Duelmaster, Champion of the Games. His smoldering eyes scan the arena floor where the warriors assume their fighting stances. His raises his clenched fist and the gladiators leap forward... Victory, disgrace, or death lies awaiting on the open sand.

Dear Gamer,

Welcome to the world of Play-by-Mail games produced by Reality Simulations, Inc. Duel2 is a Play-by-Mail game of ancient gladiatorial combat. If you're new to Play-by-Mail gaming, just think or it as a chance to play some of the most realistic and exciting games you will ever come across. Every two weeks, you'll be matching your skills and ingenuity against players from all across the North American continent and beyond. True to our name, our computer-moderated games allow us to closely simulate reality. In Duel2, the first of our games set in the fantastic world of Alastari, you will experience the reality of man-to-man combat in far greater depth than you will find even in role playing games.

Your strategies will be pitted against the strategies of your opponents and the results of each fight determined impartially by computer. And, since our computers are doing all the detail work, you will only have to command your warriors... and then watch as the results come back to you with the detail of a blow-by-blow narrative -- a story you helped write! Each player manages a team of five gladiators, training, developing, and fighting each warrior toward the title of Duelmaster, the feared and honored Champion of the Games. Your exploits, as well as those of your enemies and allies, will be covered in a free newsletter. The newsletter not only lets you know who won or lost, and lists the rankings of every warrior in the arena, but also features regular strategy columns that provide information and hints of winning. There's even space in the newsletter for personal ads between warriors!

We invite you to try Duel2. Both rules and set-up are free and without obligation, and turn fees are only US$3.25 + US$1.50 for each gladiator that you enter into combat. While you set up a full team of five warriors, you may fight some, all, or none of your warriors on any given turn. You only pay for what you play.

Again, the rules are free, as will be the initial character overviews (sentence descriptions of your warrior's strengths and weaknesses) and Duel2 Battle Rules you receive upon training your gladiators. Duel2 is easy to play, yet is filled with a surprising depth of strategy to keep even the most demanding gamer interested. Don't delay your entry into the exciting world of Duel2 and Play-by-Mail gaming.

Good luck in the games! -- RSI

The Gladiatorial Commission Morning Herald
The Gladiatorial Commission Morning Herald
Summer Pandemic Mail-In
We held a mail-in instead of a face-to-face the weekend of July 18 to keep everyone safe.
Tournament Announcement

Spring Mail-In
This was held in April. All hail the victors!
Tournament Announcement
Tournament Newsletter

Winter 2020 Face-to-Face!
Our Winter FTF was at our favorite Embassy Suites in Tempe on the weekend of January 17-19, 2020. Grats to the champions!
Tournament Announcement
Turn-by-Turn Results

Halloween 2019 Mail-in!
Ahringol animated the dead so they could battle for a chance at resurrection.
Tournament Newsletter

Summer 2019 Face-to-Face!
Our Summer FTF was in Tampa, Florida, July 19-21, 2019.
Tournament Announcement
Turn-by-Turn Results

Spring 2019 Mail-in!
Death and Taxes... was held in April.
Tournament Announcement
Tournament Newsletter

Winter 2019 Face-to-Face!
Our Winter FTF was in January in Tempe, Arizona.
Tournament Announcement
Turn-by-Turn Results
Congrats to the victors!

Halloween 2018 Mail-In!
Tournament Announcement
Tournament Newsletter

Older Tournament Results:
Summer 2018 Face-to-Faces
Spring 2018 Mail-in
Winter 2018 Face-to-Faces
Summer 2017 Face-to-Face
Winter 2017 Face-to-Faces
Summer 2016 Face-to-Face
April 2016 Mail-in
Winter 2016 Face-to-Face!
Halloween 2015 Mail-in
Summer 2015 Face-to-Face
Spring 2015 Mail-In
Winter 2015 Face-to-Face
Stuff Happening All over Ghea!
Managers find that arena newsletters contain all sorts of interesting and useful information. Amazing! See for yourself... (Continued D14)

Traditional Duelmasters Arenas
If you enjoy arena play with no tournament participation, these arenas are for you! All managers in this arena must sign the No-Tourney Pledge to compete in this arena, and only rookie teams may move here. We now have three arenas (DM 20, DM 81, and slow DM 83) as well as one Advanced arena (DM 107) in this style. Join in the fun!

Duel2 Fiction
Check out the Duel2 fiction by Mark Manley!

Upcoming Conventions:
OrcCon (Los Angeles, President's day weekend, mid-February)

Duel2, formerly known as Duelmasters!
Effective May 1, 2004, the name of our game is officially changed to Duel2! (Sorry for the confusion!) (Continued A2)

Strategy Sheets
Do you need a regular DM strategy sheet? Or a strategy sheet for the next Face-to-Face? How about a sheet for a regular Mail-In Tourney, or one for a Dead Tourney? Your search is over!

Reality Simulations, Inc.
P.O. Box 22400 Tempe, AZ 85285-2400
(480) 967-7979 * fax (480) 894-2028
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Should the top tier in ADM (Grand Champions/Tower Guard/etc.) be able to challenge the Dark Arena?



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