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Kaltos--Arena 5

Lindharrow of Vandal's Bay is the Protector of Kaltos, the island's representative on the Crown Council, and thus the closest thing to a governor. He is viewed with some suspicion by the Council for his close relations with nearby Ardivent, but is popular with the locals for that very reason. He is a good admiral, a fair merchant, not a very effective representative on the Crown Council as he is a commoner, and not much respected. He owns a fleet of merchant ships and four war galleys, which he has used to keep the shipping lanes reasonably free of pirates--for everyone, not just his own ships. He is a good naval strategist, which is how he came to be chosen (by the Merchant's Guild) as the Protector of Kaltos. He is theoretically in charge of the land constabulary as well, though they are not very active. There are few laws in Kaltos, and those that exist are not rigorously enforced.

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Published on: 2002-07-14 (1349 reads)

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