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Jhans--Arena 36

The city of Jhans stands on the Rirorni Plains, next to the Whisperer (the river formed by the joining of the Selwin and Selnaga). Its primary sources of income are the caravans traveling the Great Eastern Route and the Selwin Trace, but it also has the biggest cattle stockyard in the south (the majority of the cattle sold by the Rocani tribes eventually pass through Jhans). It is surrounded by many large flocks of sheep, contributing to a thriving textile industry.

Jhans is ruled by redheaded Princess Morra of House Kapparmentar, age twenty-four, who is regent for her brother, Crown Prince Daron, age four (the "Brat Prince"). They are cousins to King Feyen ("F'en the Forester"), King of Xochithlan. They live in the Copper Mansion, which is actually mostly stone, but has a dome made of copper from the family-owned mine in the Jacinth Peaks near Talcama.

Recently, because of an increased number of raids on their caravans, apparently by the nomads of Rocanis, the city of Jhans declared war on Rocanis. It was a bitter and costly conflict that reached its climactic battle in the dead of winter. Though Jhans had the superior army, Rocanis had more wizards, and that turned the tide of the battle. The army of Jhans came home in defeat. Since that time, evidence has turned up to indicate that maybe the Rocani were not responsible for most of those caravan raids in the first place.

Some people of Jhans:

Ethylbyr, the Royal Chancellor

Lord-General Goss Thuringold, commander of the city's military forces

A. Wylis, General Thuringold's aide

Ripples Dorrigan, the Arenamistress

Gannis the Cat, the Bandit Prince

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Published on: 2002-07-14 (1446 reads)

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