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Money In The Karnhorn Empire:

CEHKYL: The cehkyl is a small round copper coin with a triangular hole in its center. It is widely used by traders, merchants, and commoners. It is worth perhaps a mug of ale in a lesser tavern.

JHARL: Worth five cehkyls, the jharl is a larger copper coin stamped with a pattern of the crossed sword and flail of Kjarran over a square hole.

ZANGHAR: The zanghar is a large nickel coin, rectangular in shape, also stamped with the crossed sword and flail over a square hole. It is worth five jharls (on the trade routes, equivalent to the Andorian hawk, the Delarquan bashari or the Charter Cities mark).

VYAHR: The vyahr is a gold coin, rectangular, with the crossed sword and flail over a triangular hole. It is worth ten zanghars (roughly equivalent to the common Andorian eagle, or the Delarquan astrum).


His Imperial Majesty The Satrap Kharijhal (may He live forever!)

ZUWAYZA: The Chancellor Ikhardzun of the House Zkhaj

WILLAF: The Kalif Jukhil of the House Alkharn

ALJAFIR: The Imperial Kalif Ayrikas (second son of Alkurias, may Kjarran keep him)

JURINE: The Emir Tehyrek of the House Kallah

KURUKAR: The Kalif Jhuizkhal of the House Vhakaln

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Published on: 2002-07-14 (1473 reads)

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