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Aljafir--Arena 17

A small town originally founded by Ferenician traders, later conquered by the Karnhorn Empire. (Al-Jaffir is a Karnhorn name; the original name is not yet known.) They have some contact with the Karragit population of the surrounding swampland, but relations are not good.

Aljafir is not a large city, but it is indeed a city and not an overgrown village. At first glance the thing that impresses about it is that it is a very TALL city. The buildings rise out of the very flat swampland that borders Stormcrowe Bay like a defiance. The burnished copper domes and sky-stabbing spires are overgrown and interlaced with ropes and bridges and catwalks of green-black kudris, the ever-present swamp vine of the Bay. In the spring and summer, the famed water-lily gardens are in bloom; in fall there are only expanses of tarnished bronze-green leaf-curls stretching off to the horizon. Here and there the fields are dotted with workers in flatboats, harvesting the fleshy lily-root tubers with long-handled hooks. Farther off there are rice-fields.

As the road enters the swamp it becomes far better maintained; it is very much in the interest of the inhabitants of Aljafir to make certain that their inaccessible city is made accessible. The road was built on a huge earthen dike and in places it is even paved.

NOTE: There is some contention on the spelling of the word "Aljafir." Rest assured that "Aljafir" is correct, and the erroneous "Aljafr" was a mistake by Commission officials when arena #17 was opened within this city.

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Published on: 2002-07-15 (1444 reads)

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