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Veastian--Arena 43

Veastian is a small port settled by a Harkene tribe about two hundred years ago. It is famous for the unproductive stubbornness of its inhabitants. When the Satrap Tandeces of Karnhorn began his war against the city of Veastian in 502, the citizenry, stubborn as always, fought back until at length, Tandeces was overthrown and Veastian was left to settle back into its usual ways--which, being a busy port town, was basically "leave us to do our business and we'll do it, and don't bother us about it." In other words, with the city government gone (having scampered off at the first sign of Karnhorn invasion with everything of the city treasury they could lay hands on), the smugglers simply took over the day-to-day working of the place. For four years, Veastian was little more than a smuggler's port and tourist-trade stop for the North Ivory Road for traders on their way to Aradi and Amen-Tei. The arena is a pleasant but hardly diverting pastime for the underground, scurvy lot of Veastian regulars.

In the year 506 (241 Karnhorn), the Satrap Kharijhal quietly incorporated the long unruled town into the Karnhorn Empire after two years of infiltrating the main gangs with his OWN smugglers, traders, and merchants. He placed a former Captain of his own Guard--Kyreses--in charge, newly ennobled him as an Emir (although keeping that part quiet amongst native Veastianites), and proceeded to think of Veastian AS a part of the Karnhorn Empire.

There has been no comment on this takeover from the natives of Veastian.

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Published on: 2002-07-15 (1343 reads)

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