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The Charter Cities

The Charter Cities are five of the southernmost of the independent city-states of eastern Alastari. They consist of Lapur, Dullens, Morya, Khalani and Monuntial. Less than a country and more than an alliance, it is possible that continuing pressure from the Delarquan Federation to the south and other independent cities from the north may force the birth of a new nation...or shatter one.


MARK: Marks are minted in three of the cities, Dullens, Lapur, and Morya. The Lapur is the most valuable, with Dullens being the least. The mark is a simple square copper coin with the wheat sheaves of the Charter Cities stamped on it, usually worth a night's lodging and a meal at a reasonably decent inn. It is a coin in some decline in Morya.

HALF-MARK: Worth half a mark. A small square coin with a round hole in the center. No markings.

QUARTER-MARK: Nearly identical to the half-mark but smaller with a ridged edge.

WHEEL: The wheel was minted in Morya to take the place of the mark. It is a slightly larger coin, round, stamped with eight grooves radiating out from the center hub. It is made to be broken into smaller pieces. Both the wheel and the mark are accepted in Morya.

HALF-WHEEL: Break the wheel in half; worth half. The same is true for any piece broken off of the "wheel." An eighth piece of a wheel is worth a mug of good ale.

GOLD CREDIT: Lapurian paper currency--generally privately issued by individual banks, worth whatever amount of gold you've given that bank for holding. Accepted in finer Lapurian mercantiles or along the trade routes. It can be exchanged at the bank of issue for face value.


THE CHARTER CITIES: Cluster of wheat sheaves in gold on a pale blue background.

LAPUR: Three gold coins on a dark blue field.

DULLENS: Cluster of wheat sheaves in yellow, circled with gold on a green background with a gold border.

KHALANI: Scarlet charger on a dark blue field.

MORYA: Crossed sabers over a single star in gold on white, banded on both sides by black.

MONUNTIAL: Silver unicorn rampant on blue field with gold ivy banding


LAPUR: Guildmaster Ehrvan Torving

MORYA: The Equestor Valarrian Kiyle

DULLENS: Acting Regent Jehrin Kiyle

KHALANI: The Vehal Yssirian Allaya

MONUNTIAL: Lord Rhiada Quetzal

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Published on: 2002-07-15 (1244 reads)

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