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Guide for Roleplayers--Alastari Edition

NOTE TO SUBMITTERS: If you wish to submit ideas for city histories, racial histories, maps, or other additions, please do! Many of the existing city histories have been created or expanded by players. All submissions to the Duelmasters Newsletter become the property of RSI. RSI reserves the right to edit all submissions for spelling, grammar, style and content, and to reject any player submissions.

If there is a minor continuity error in a submitted spotlight (i.e. the ruler of a city is named incorrectly) our usual policy is to correct it and print the spotlight. If there is a major problem with a spotlight (i.e. inland cities described with waterfronts, mass destruction of kingdoms, characters belonging to other managers or RSI depicted as acting wildly out of character) we will usually return the spotlight to you for rewriting. If you wish to correct any continuity errors, no matter how trivial, yourself, kindly include a note to this effect with your submission. Taking this option may significantly delay the printing of your spotlight.

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Published on: 2002-07-14 (1652 reads)

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