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Andorian Currency:

The most common money used in the League is a rectangular copper coin called a jer-hawk (usually called "jerries" or "little hawks"), bearing the likeness of Priam XIII, worth about the price of a standard mug of ale. Eight jerries make up one "full hawk," or "hawk." The hawk is similar in size and shape to the jerrie, minted of nickel, with a ridged edge. The coin bears a likeness of Mickeal I, and has a small triangular hole beneath the profile (usually for ease in carrying; merchants wear them in strings under their clothing).

The common eagle is impure gold or copper round coin with smooth edges, minted with the striking eagle of Andoria. It is worth eight hawks, about one twenty-fourth of a pure eagle, roughly equivalent to the Delarquan astrum.

The Andorian eagle is the rarest and most valuable coin in the League. It is minted of gold, round, approximately an inch and a half in diameter, rather thick with ridged edges and stamped with the striking eagle. One eagle could purchase a fine pair of matched Frafrejan warhorses.

There are also various currencies from the individual nations. The Aruaki lion is silver, stamped with a likeness of Demnat. It is worth about half a hawk. The cat's eye is a smaller coin, also of silver, stamped with the outline of Demnat's Temple in Aruak. It is worth half a lion.

The Convincian blaze is a triangular copper coin with a hole in the center. It is roughly equivalent in value to a jer-hawk.

The Frafrejan charger is a large, round silver-alloy coin, worth something between the hawk and the common eagle, marked with a knight on a horse. The tree is a smaller nickel coin worth about half a charger, stamped with a Frafrejan rune meaning "tree" over a square hole. Older Frafrejan currency minted in gold is still in circulation, such as the sun (commonly called sunnies) and the barrel; these vary in value from place to place, depending on their age and where they were minted.

Andorian Heraldry:

The flag of the Andorian League: Or, striking eagle crimson bearing a banner argent in its talons.

The Aruaki Clanhold: Sable, rampant lion or.

Frafrejan Empire: Vert, mounted knight bearing a lance proper.

Convincia: Azure, three crosses argent over a rising sun proper.

Raltumas: Or, a leaping dolphin sable.

Ardiventi Barony: Azure, bordered or, crossed sabers proper over a starred crown or.

(Individual cities also have their own banners, flags, or symbols.)

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Published on: 2002-07-14 (1404 reads)

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