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Full Name: Mickeal Ryahin T'erianl Jerin Liesnez Verrel Dehlainz III, King of Andor. Born in the year 479 to Rylian and his first wife, Leini, a full-blooded elf from Alfhame.

Mickeal (often called Micky) is 5'7", with tightly curly brown hair with russet highlights; he wears it pushed up into a sort of crest, leaving the sides of his head free; long in the back (over the collar); wears sideburns. Eyes are slanted, brilliant moss-green, very narrow; can often look truly demonic (the eyes betray his elven blood). His face is flattish, almost comical, but rather handsome in an odd way. Nose is broad, face very expressive. Is slender but muscular, broad shoulders, narrow waist, built very compactly (swimmer's physique). While he inherited his mother's delicate appearance and build, his ears aren't pointed, and other than his eyes, there's really no indication that he's elf-blooded at all.

Micky is overall cheerful and friendly, particularly when in Andor. He can be cunning, sly, and devious when he wants to be. Seems often a contradiction of himself. Wants to be a good and kindly benevolent sort but is hampered by his reckless nature and fierce need to protect and serve the Andorian League. He's still rather young and daring, but takes his duties seriously now as he couldn't when he was a boy (as a child he ran away from home more than once, and is now even more afraid of accepting his background, as he doesn't want to be King--accepting the position thrust upon him was one sign of his really growing up). Micky is almost constantly in motion; slightly hyperactive, he often speaks before thinking and is moving again before he can be pinned down.

He gained from his father his quick wit and intelligence, but he lacks his father's far-sightedness. Mickeal is more a king like Priam was: headstrong and stubborn and much more willing to take on anyone who disagrees with what he thinks is RIGHT. He admires his father for bring so much peace to the land, but he knows you can't force people to be good. Much more of a "let 'em fight and sort out the winners, later" sort. He is, however, deeply and passionately Andorian, a patriot to the core, and will stand for no insult to his nation.

When he was born, Mickeal was not very close in line for the throne, for King Priam IX (Rylian's brother) was at that time the High King of the Andorian League, and it was assumed the King would marry and have sons and daughters of his own.

When Micky was six, his mother died in childbirth, taking her child with her. The boy was devastated, and he ran away for the first time. He was brought back several days later, but by then he'd made his way to Kati-Tei (the nearest city) and seen his first duel (this was a duel for personal honour, as there were no formal arenas at that time). When his father married again, to Tahrriena, Micky ran away again, and this time made his way all the way down to Ardivent, where, at the age of sixteen, he signed on to a dueling team. Not long afterwards, he got into an argument with his manager, and the angry youth threw the old man out the window (they were on the third floor). Now, while the murder of a manager is considered in Ardivent to be at times a great service, in this case the manager landed on the Ardivent Baron's prize stallion, which had been tied up below. Micky was immediately put under arrest for the killing of the horse, and he hurriedly made his escape. He took on a pseudonym and roamed for a few years, managing teams himself. When he turned twenty, word came to him that his uncle Priam had been assassinated. This assassination took place at the time of the founding of the Andorian Arena on the Isle of the Eye--Rylian was crowned king, for Priam was childless, and Micky was called home to accept his duties as the new Crown Prince. Micky rebelled, angry at the murder of his uncle and not wanting the new responsibilities, so he went to the Isle of the Eye and took on the job of Spy Master for the new Andorian Arena, which granted him immortality and took him neatly out of the reckoning, for an immortal king would be unheard-of.

In the year 496, Mickeal met Lady Samarra of Ardivent and began wooing her. She moved with him to the Isle and they married some time later. In 501, Samarra and Mickeal became the proud parents of triplets: Mickeal IV, Vraal, and Leina. However, the ideal family was shattered in the year 504 when, during the Rirorni attack on Alastari, Mickeal was killed by a Shaman's devastating spell. There would be no resurrection, for the spell left no soul to be summoned from beyond.

However, what they did not know then, was in the future a Chaos Lord name of Rabah Kal chose, for his own reasons, to reach into the past where he snagged Mickeal off the battlefield and brought him forward in time, to 506, just to see what he would do when he found out that, as part of the treaty with the Karnhorn Empire, Samarra was to be married to Prince Zarhed of Jurine. Mickeal, disoriented at the loss of two years of his life, and unwilling to cast Andoria into war with Karnhorn, turned down returning to his life and took a disguise, working in Andorak as Mischa, a valet. When Queen Ieashia, his father's beloved wife, died as a result of illness, Mischa went to Ahringol to bargain for her life, trading himself--after all, technically, he wasn't alive at all! However, Ahringol tricked him, and when Rylian died, Micky was returned to Andor, in full view of the entire cabinet and his younger brother, and there proclaimed King by the will of the gods and to the extreme relief of thirteen-year-old Priam. Two months after his return, Samarra divorced him (although there was some question as to whether the marriage was still legal at this point).


The Chancellor Arrion was his late Majesty Ryllian's tutor (and his brother Priam's), and has known both since childhood. He honestly prefers Rylian's methods of government, but never spoke out against Priam's more aggressive rule. Is uncertain, at this juncture, as to how he feels about Mickeal, but will, as always, remain loyal to crown and country.


Queen Tahrriena once worshipped her husband and often wondered how she got so lucky as to actually marry him; but she also felt in constant competition with his dead wife, Leini. In 504, lonely and feeling neglected due to Rylian's involvement with the war with the Rirorni, Tahrriena began an affair with Lord Nulndrathen, who involved her in a plot to assassinate the children of Leini's dead son, thereby ensuring that the succession would fall upon Priam rather than the descendants of Rylian's first wife. Nuldrathen intended to assassinate Rylian as well and set himself up as Regent for the young Priam; when Tahrriena discovered this the plot collapsed; she refused to cooperate and Nuldrathen informed the King of her treachery, having saved incriminating documents with her signature. As the only evidence against Nuldrathen himself was Tahrriena's (highly suspect) accusations, he got emerged from the scandal relatively unscathed; Tahrriena was divorced and imprisoned in 505, then banished from Andoria. She was captured and sold into slavery in the Karnhorn Empire, where she was found, purchased, and freed by the Moryan Ambassador to Andoria, Baron Taliesin. She currently lives on his estates in Morya.

Despite her hatred for Leini's descendants, her loyalties and affections for the League are never questioned; she would gladly die in its cause, should she have to, and she would certainly fight to protect her son.


Priam X is an idealistic boy. Shocked by his mother's affair and its denouement, he is torn between both parents and his sense of duty; he was remarkably relieved when Micky was returned to them by the gods, and gives prayers of thanks daily that he wasn't suddenly forced to become king over a troubled country.

Priam breeds dogs, and has a kennel full of 'em. He's happier working with his hands than trying to think about ruling a country. He was ecstatic at the sudden return of his older brother and is fiercely loyal to him.

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Published on: 2002-07-14 (1707 reads)

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