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Amen-Tei--Arena 63

Amen-Tei! The jewel of Convincia, the wonder of the League! All sentient species find their way there, to the very edge of Andoria, the trailhead to the lands across the sea, the westernmost tip of the lands of Alastari--all that and much more, that is Amen-Tei.

Begun as merely a loading dock and drop-off point for the final lap of the Northern Ivory Trade Route, it gradually grew into a prosperous town founded by merchants; eventually every stripe of business migrated there, lured by the prosperity of being the last stop on the westbound route and the first on the eastbound. As the docks expanded into warehouses, shops, and residential areas, there came a need for a town council to be formed and the little settlement was called Amen-Tei. The word came from the old Convincian word meaning "Dry-River"; for an ancient gorge running from the hills west of Krill and out to the sea just to the south of Amen-Tei itself. This riverbed is commonly called the Walkway. (Water will sometimes come up the walkway as much as twenty or thirty feet inland. It's a popular place for children to dig for clams or look for shells.)

And so the city grew; never needing the defenses of walls, it merely sprawled across the point of the peninsula it grew on, along each side of the Walkway and even into the farming lands to the east and south. The main trade and commerce areas are, of course, along the western docks, but there are several marketplaces spread throughout the city. Also, Amen-Tei is home to the first banks and moneylenders in Convincia, and today is home to some of the most stable financial institutions in the Andorian League. The first pure Andorian eagles (minted in the time of Mickeal I) were struck here.

Now Amen-Tei has the distinction of being one of the largest cities in Andoria (this is mostly due to its sprawl; however, due to the influx of traders, merchants, farmers, and other travelers who settle in the city, it could very well rival Aruak City in population). It is also home to the mansion of the Convincian "King." (The term "King" was adopted just after Convincia entered the Andorian League, in admiration of their new allies. Some older Convincians still refer to S'hoyahduin as their High Thane.)

The current Thane of Amen-Tei is Danamilos Jarll, third son of S'hoyahduin. He is twenty years old and recently married to Alliana Vaill, the second sister of Lady Tahrenaa Vaill Desshian of Seam, connecting the two houses. Although a marriage of state, it is turning into a union of deep mutual affection.

As with all Convincian cities, Amen-Tei is peopled with friendly, warm, open, honest and stalwart sentients of several races. Humans, elves, and Aruaki are the most prominent races, but others have been known, particularly with the influx of off-worlders and dimension travelers. This increased again as the foundations of the arena were laid and word spread that there was to be an arena in Amen-Tei. The arena itself is on the northern coast, in sight of the High Road, on the farthest east edge of the E'satan Marketplace, next to the Dancing Frog Tavern.

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Published on: 2002-07-14 (1243 reads)

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