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Kati-Tei--Arena 41

A small town on the Convincian/Raltuman border, Kati-Tei is home to both nationalities. It is a port, though not a large one, and the staging point for barges shipping goods up the River Andor.

Early in the year 507, Thane Barj of Kati-Tei, desiring greater power for himself, his city, and Convincia, began a subtle but insidious plot to throw off the Andorian League's "grasp." The rebellion plots proceeded apace until Barj's confidence grew too large too quickly, and he began to levy unfair taxes on the managers and warriors of the arena in Kati-Tei. The managers, furious at this ill-treatment, immediately contacted the crown. Unfortunately, Rylian was in no position--mentally or physically--to act, and Kati-Tei suffered under the yoke of Barj's increasing tyrannical actions.

Then in the autumn of 507, Rylian died and his son Mickeal, the Warrior-King, came to the throne. As soon as he was informed of the actions of the Thane in Kati-Tei, he moved into action. The armed forced of Andoria were mobilized and Mickeal himself rode to face down his traitorous Thane. Unfortunately (or, perhaps, fortunately) for Barj, he was killed in the fighting before the King could arrive. Mickeal set things to rights, and established the Council of Citizens, in preparation for a new Thane (should the city decide they wish one).

Kati-Tei's vineyards are renowned not only throughout the League, but also all over Alastari. Kati-Tei's red and white wines are some of the finest to be had; year 507 was a poor crop, so always be sure to ask for a bottle of 505 red or 504 white. The 501 blush is rumored to be quite the most delicious vintage known since the legendary 451 crop (451 red is frequently sold at auction for upwards of five pure eagles a bottle).

Ruler: Thane Tollanj, a distant cousin of Barj's, has been appointed to take his place as ruler of Kati-Tei. Tollanj is determined to repair the damage done to the city's reputation by the previous Thane..

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Published on: 2002-07-14 (1302 reads)

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