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Tarrgir--Arena 66

"Entrants into the new arena at Tarrgir, welcome to the exclusive Military Facility of the Andorian League and the quiet, pristine city along the river."--travel brochure issued by Khalli Whinsom, self-appointed Tarrgir Chamber of Commerce, late summer, 503

Situated along the Aiyllinon River, the military school of Tarrgir has stood for over two hundred years as a monument to the cunning architects of the Aruaki clanhold. It is a fabulous layout of red brick and grey stone buildings on a rise, with a cultivated green lawn spreading down to the river. It was founded by the Aruaki General Tarrgir Riatan, of the Clan Desshian. The school has trained the officers and armies of the Aruaki and Convincia since its founding, and became the officer's training grounds for the entire Andorian League at the League's founding.

The General's first building was what is "Old Main" today. It can still be found in the heart of the campus, a small but regal building with the soaring columns and dense ivy, a pleasant three-story building that now houses most of the faculty and administrative offices. As more buildings were added and the school grew, so grew near it the tiny village of Pyorr, which, at the time of the General, was nothing more than a handful of shacks and small-time dirt farmers. As the school prospered, and called to it the sons and daughters of the finest houses in Andoria, the tiny village was slowly absorbed and the entire place dubbed Tarrgir, in memory of the fine Aruaki General who had built it.

Today the Tarrgir Military Academy consists of nearly fifteen separate buildings including a fine library. Each is individualistic yet each adds to the magnificent whole. As the trade route was marked through the small town of Tarrgir, between Seam and Krill, the town grew and attracted to it the families of the students, as well as some of the finest people in the league, for Tarrgir has about it a resort air, with a summer warmth that calls for swimming and boating on the Aiyllinon. In the winter, the gentle slopes of Tarrgir are blanketed in snow, popular with children and sledders, while the iced river calls to ice-skaters from all over.

The current Dean of the Academy and Head of the Council of Five of Tarrgir is Lieutenant General Loyn Kyrican, of the clan Olharin. Because Tarrgir is located in Convincia and run by the Aruaki, a compromise on the form of government for the town was reached between King Jorian of Aruaki and S'hoyahduin, High Thane of Convincia. The Council of Five consists of General Loyn, two of his hand-picked military advisors (usually high-seated Aruaki clansmen or women) and two Convincian thanes. The General runs the school, and the thanes run the town. For instances of law where the two overlap, the Council of Five vote, a majority vote carrying. They have regular meetings.

The township is laid out in a rough semi-circle around the Academy, rising southward from the river on the rolling hills that eventually lead down into the steeper hills north of Seam. The arena is on the river to the northeast of the town. Currently the Academy handles approximately 4000 students a year, while the town has a year-round population of around 3500 (non-students). These figures fluctuate with the seasons, school is in session from early Brightwillow through Stormsend, with two shorter semesters through the summer months. Seniors remain at school year-round for their final mustering out, after which they must serve four years in one of the armies of the Andorian League.

With the beginning of the year 508, severe bickering threatens to divide the city, as the Thanes believe that Mickeal III is who he says he is, while Kyrican and a number of his supporters feel that he is a demon plant sent by Lady Greywand to infiltrate the Andorian League. Kyrican firmly believes that Mickeal III died--and remained dead--in the Rirorni Wars of 504, and Priam X is the True King of Andoria.

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Published on: 2002-07-14 (1260 reads)

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