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Ti-Arena 23

Ti was settled by the remains of the army of the clan war-chief Dashkent of Desshian, some three hundred years ago. Dashkent was the first warchief to challenge the temporal authority of the priests of Demnat; his actions were the cause of a bloody civil war. Dashkent had a great deal of support among the true-human population of Aruak, which, at the time, had some very legitimate grievances against the largely werefolk priesthood and upper class. For several years the High Priest's desmene was forcibly relocated to Solven from its traditional location in Aruak City. Dashkent was eventually defeated by Damos of Olharin, the founder of the current Aruaki Olharin dynasty. Dashkent, as well as many of his family, supporters and adherents were exiled to Ti, along with many true-humans who had held positions of power. (The only thing which prevented widespread pogroms was the appearance of Demnat, who was sick and tired of the whole mess, and essentially told both sides to be civilized or he'd turn the lot of them into fried eggs and find some other race to be god of.)

While his men took well to life in Ti, Dashkent never forgot his defeat and ever looked to the day when he could reclaim his lost throne. Even today the lords of Ti swear to reconquer their rightful kingdom of Aruak when they take their coronation oath. (Naturally, this is NOT part of the public coronation ceremony!) While few of the people of Ti take this ancient pledge seriously, it remains a matter of patriotic pride for them to assert that Ti is the bastion of the most ancient and pure Aruaki blood. Ironically, the population of the city is largely true-human; even the few families who count themselves as werefolk very seldom produce children with the actual talent for shapeshifting.

Ti is a fishing town with a small but well-respected navy. It, along with Zorpunt, builds most of the ships used by the Aruaki navy, merchant marine, and fishing fleets. Ti is located on one of the northern branches of the great trade road which passes through Alastari and is the launching and receiving point for many foreign trading caravans.

Ruler: The current Baron of Ti is Ehan Veyral Diamayn, a descendant of Dashkent through a collateral line. Baron Ehan is rather eccentric, and the other Aruaki lords find him difficult to deal with and rather annoying--but he is infinitely preferable to the other alternative, his older sister Elan. Elan is an intelligent, ambitious woman, with no patience for her brother's eccentricities. Bitterly disappointed that the local laws of inheritance cheated her out of the Barony, Elan is driven by a need to prove herself better than her brother in anything you care to name and makes no secret of her contempt for him. She has made a wide, if undisciplined, study of politics, natural science and history; she dislikes the arena and finds gladiators and their managers obnoxious neanderthals, but if her brother's interested--well, she's got to have a hand in it. Bored and dissatisfied with life, Elan is trouble waiting to happen. Elan is about 5'6", thin, with blue eyes and brown-blonde hair; she has rather fair skin and freckles across her nose. She is sharp-featured and not particularly pretty, but her eyes are lovely and she has "interesting bones." Although her gender does have something to do with her not receiving the title, as the Aruaki tend to frown on females in positions of authority, far more pressing was the fear that she, unlike her brother, might actually decide to DO something about the traditional coronation oath...

Another person of authority in Ti is Imperial Admiral Daidi K'lah, the man in charge of Ti's small navy. About 6' tall, white hair and beard, large blue eyes. Gives the impression of being bluff and jovial; how much of it is sincere is unknown. He is respected by his men. Family man, married to Aiiln of Solven, they have eight children.

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Published on: 2002-07-14 (1239 reads)

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