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Iaye--Arena 30

Many centuries ago, Iaye and Point were not cities in their own right, merely vassal states--outlying suburbs--to the great city-state of Krael. For nearly a century, Krael was a great empire, sending out its people to learn and gather information from the nearby clustered villages that would someday become the Aruaki Clanhold. Krael was ruled by many good and learned men, and was peopled by gentle, intelligent humans, elves, and in some of its last years, the shape-shifters who came from the south to people the fledgling areas of Aruak. It was renowned for its great architecture, fine music, and study of written language.

Then came a king to the throne of Krael named Cyyriian. Cyyriian was not of the direct line of kings, being the nephew of the former king; his father had been from the lands to the south. Cyyriian was very young when his uncle died, leaving him the throne, and the strain of rule combined with a tragic childhood illness tore at his fragile mind and left him quite mad--however, his intelligence did not seem to break until it was too late to remove him from power.

Cyyriian set about gathering to himself a religion of sorcerers, convincing them to his aid and putting in charge as his second in command a wizard called Kaldrehn. Kaldrehn knew of his master's madness and played on it, working alongside the king and guiding him along the path that would lead him to the ultimate power. The first law that the king passed under the guidance of Kaldrehn was the banning of written material, followed by the destruction of many of the great halls of learning. Kaldrehn warned the king that unschooled men were easier to "convince" to their ways; and soon education itself was restricted by Cyyriian's church, limiting knowledge to only sorcerers of the Inner Order.

As the power of the madman grew, so did the discontent of the people. Treason or dissension brought about swift punishment, torture, and even death--followers of Cyyriian seemed to be everywhere. On orders, entire city blocks of men would be drafted into his armies, their families left scattered, often forced to turn to living on the streets.

Cyyriian reached out for more and more, the wizard Kaldrehn assisting him with his arcane powers at every turn. The sorcerer's spies turned over every plot against the king, allowing none to rise up against Cyyriian, until there came a mage named Idrich.

Idrich hid himself in Iaye, using for his shelter a piece of ground on the far side of the small vassal village that was infused with magic. The mage knew only that a powerful sorcerer had once used this place to hide, and his magics hung heavy over the place, and saved him from the sight of Kaldrehn and his spies. Here he called brave men and women who had long withstood the terrors of Cyyriian's rule and laid out what would be the destruction of the tyrant. He told them that it would likely mean their own deaths, as well. For the good of all, they agreed to Idrich's plans, and set forth from Iaye to the center of Krael where the great Citadel of the Kings of Krael stood.

The rebels, with the magical aid of Idrich, broke through the line of Kaldrehn's sorcerers and the dispirited armies of the Cyyriian, who broke at this first sign of resistance without putting up much of a fight.

Idrich and Kaldrehn met at last in one of the inner rooms of the citadel while the battles raged around them, and it was there that Ildrich cast the spell that he had spent so long studying; a spell that summoned to him one the great Gates of Chaos, leading to one of the planes of Ahringol. It was a spell that he hadn't the power to hold or control, and the forces he unleashed were too much for him. The fires of hell raged around them, and destruction reigned; as the sun rose over Alastari, the great city state of Krael sank beneath the waves, leaving only the vassal cities of Iaye and Point (it had been called Kallian in the days before Krael sank; the name Point was adopted in the years after Krael's destruction).

In Iaye, chaos reigned for many years after the fall of Krael, with leaders rising up in power only to be overthrown until finally, out of rage at monarchies, the people of Iaye formed a council and elected a governor to head the government of the entire island and a mayor to oversee the workings of the city proper.

Slowly the island gathered up the remains of the nearly lost knowledge of Krael and built a library unlike any in Alastari. Once again, education was encouraged, and Iaye built onto itself a learned but fairly reclusive society that took what it needed from the mainland in learning, supplies, and population, but rarely giving back from their vast stores.

Iaye continued in this manner for many years before a period of decay came over the island, and their reclusiveness began to fold in on them, causing stagnation, dissension, and finally a mass migration to the mainland. Iaye was left nearly barren for a long time; the leaders became corrupt and it seemed that the city itself would fall into ruin.

Then a man rose to power on the island who refused to allow the decay to continue. He had studied under great teachers and knew the histories of his city and the one across the channel, Point, and he knew what lay beneath the waters between them--with his knowledge, he turned the laws toward encouraging the resurgence of the once-great wisdom of Krael and Iaye; the library was reopened and trade with the mainland was encouraged. Under the rule of Governor Vallyahn, Iaye opened up its long closed doors to the mainland, and signed a pact binding them to the newly formed Andorian League when the island was threatened by an enemy navy. With the League's protection, Iaye was free to prosper and grow, gathering scholars from the Aruaki Nation, stolid farmers from Convincia, fierce warriors and sailors from the Ardiventi Barony, and fishermen from the wild lands of Raltumas. The island grew in population and in splendor as the various bloodlines strengthened the already noble native people.

With this great renaissance of Iaye came the opening of the gladiatorial arena and a new age. Currently running the affairs of the island is Governor Telinar Nahudi, elected to his position the year before the opening of the arena. Iaye, of course, pays tithe to the crown of Andoria, usually under the name of the Aruaki Clanhold, although neither Iaye nor Point are actually considered part of the Clanhold.

Ruler: The governor of the island of Iaye is appointed by the Andorian Crown. The city also elects a Lord Mayor from amongst the prominent citizens; one must be born within the city to run for the office. Governor Telinar Nahudi is a middle-aged man, a conscientious and rather dull bureaucrat; little is known about his private life. The current Lord Mayor is Kalyan Mahl, a wealthy and successful businessman in his late fifties. He has a young wife with a taste for gladiators. Though violently jealous, Mahl has, so far, not succeeded in catching her in flagrante delicto.

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Published on: 2002-07-14 (1447 reads)

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