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PostPosted: Thu Jan 06, 2022 2:51 pm   Post subject: Kaltos Iron Klad Awards

Kaltos Iron Klad Awards

RSI Prize for the Kaltos Iron Klad Awards: +1 Bonus Potion per Team that is Active for All 25 Turns and has a Minimum of 110 Fights of the Scheduled 125 Fights.

Any Team that Fights All 125 Fights will Receive an Additional +1 Bonus Potion [for a Total of 2]

May Only Be Added to Any Active Warrior in the DM 5 Basic Arena that was Active on T-950 [No Out of Bounds Warriors]

Teams Receiving Two +1 Bonus Potions for Fighting 125 of 125 Fights:

Aauurrgh 5 Blades managed by Hammer fought 125 of 125 Fights
Once Upon A Time managed by Smithers fought 125 of 125 Fights
Kosmic Kaos managed by Dameon Darkheart fought 125 of 125 Fights
Dungeon Cell managed by One Armed Bandit fought 125 of 125 Fights
Doom managed by Doom Slayer fought 125 of 125 Fights
Dr Cox JD Names 7 managed by Dr Cox fought 125 of 125 Fights

Teams Receiving One +1 Bonus Potion for Fighting a Minimum 110 of 125 Fights

My Best Buds 3 managed by Street Legal fought 117 of 125 Fights
Yuppie AF managed by Boy Wonder fought 123 of 125 Fights
Zombie Squad 2 managed by Khisanth fought 124 of 125 Fights