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Duel2 :: View topic - Dark Arena – A supplemental – Rocanis Turn #630 – Volume 8
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Advanced Expert Poster
Advanced Expert Poster

Joined: Aug 26, 2003
Posts: 147
Location: Rocanis, Alastari

PostPosted: Sat Mar 05, 2016 9:46 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

The unseen enemy, is the one most dangerous. The Rirorni Warlord General Pol had stirred things up in the south around the city of Rocanis when he attempted to return to his men out on the field. The Free Blade Merchant’s guild tipped Pol’s adversaries where Pol’s army was located. They joined forces and annihilated it. Now, with the remains of Pol’s army trickling into Rocanis, there was a concern that a united clutch of Rirorni would be looking to finish off Pol’s stray troops or eyeing Rocanis as an easy raiding target. Grimwood, manager of the Skull Squadron stable, convinced the arena manger, Khel Rojida, to restart patrols around the city.


“We’re both gladiators. I don’t understand why we are out on patrol so far south from Rocanis?” Mytori Priest asked, sitting on his mount and swatting at a rather large horse fly.

“All Rocani are expected to ensure the well-being of the city,” One Eye replied.

“I’m not Rocani, I’m a Rirorni,” Mytori Priest said.

“You live in Rocanis don’t you?”

The Mytori Priest narrowed his eyes conceding the argument. He then made a wild gesture of annoyance seeing mud on his leather robes.

“Why aren’t Mystic and Harbinger out here too?“ Mytori Priest asked.

“They’re patrolling elsewhere.”

“I don’t understand why they paired me with you instead of my comrades?”

“Because, I’m a veteran gladiator.”

Mytori Priest scoffed. “You have two more fights that I do.”

“Yup, that makes me a veteran.”

Several minutes passed.

“How did you lose your eye?” Mytori Priest asked.

One Eye rubbed his temple warding off a headache. “It’s a long story.”

“We seem to have plenty of time. All that’s out here is tall grass, flies, and stink of the dung.”

“I’m don’t feel inclined to tell a long story.”

“Then make it a short one.”


Mytori Priest sighed and looked around the grassy plains. “I’m bored.”

“Patrols aren’t designed to be a trip to a festival. Figure out some way to keep yourself entertained,” One Eye said to the Rirorni teenager.

The Mytori Priest dismounted and headed into the tall grass.

“Where are you going?”


“On foot? You’re better off on horseback and have a higher advantage point,” One Eye said.

“All that does is make you a target, besides it’s not the Rirorni way,” Mytori Priest said.

“Don’t venture off too far,” One Eye called out as the teenager disappeared into the grass.

An hour passed and One Eye had to admit he was getting bored too. He enjoyed the sun’s rays on his face and took a pull from his wine skin. Feeling the call of nature, he began to dismount when he heard something ‘wiz’ past his forehead. Was that an arrow?

One Eye dropped into the tall grass. He lied still watching. The thought of being under attack by someone caused adrenaline to pump through his body. His stomach churned and rapid breath kicked up dust from the ground. He controlled his breathing and began to listen. The grass obscured everything. After a few moments, he heard a slight rustle to his left. He moved through a slight break, timing it with the wind’s push to help hide his movements.

There wasn’t anything further, but he maneuvered towards the original location of the noise. He couldn’t hurry or he’d give his position away, but he also had to subdue the archer before the Mytori Priest came back. Otherwise, the teenager would likely find himself with an extra hole in him.

He had to wait. A strong wind parted the grass and not ten feet ahead. Something tan stuck out. Normally, he would have dismissed it as part of a mound of dirt, but considering recent circumstances he moved closer. It was a person. He reached for his short sword, but inwardly cursed remembering it was back with his horse. Several heartbeats passed. One Eye waited for the wind again to help clear a line of sight. He wanted to ensure his target didn’t move.

A gust. One Eye sprang. The person back was turned and the archer was smaller than he was, but at 6’8”, most people were. The masked archer spotted him and One Eye saw dark chocolate eyes flash in surprise. The tan warrior dropped the recurved bow and reached for a short sword. One Eye’s massive hand grabbed the archer’s sword wrist. One Eye started to crush the bone, which caused the fighter to drop the short sword. He draped his other arm around his opponent’s left arm and chest. Tightening his grip, he felt something soft. A feeling he felt before, but the last time was in the bedchambers with a woman.

One Eye let the archer’s wrist go and pulled off the mask. It was a Rirorni female with her long hair pulled back tight. He loosened his grip from around her chest, which she took quick advantage. She smashed her heel into his large toe. Pain instantly shot up from his leg. She tried to knee his groin, but he was too tall. Instead, she smashed her knee into the side of his leg. Numbness followed and he went down. She spun away and pulled out two daggers.

One Eye was unarmed facing an adversary ready to kill him. However, he wasn’t sure if he could do the same to a woman. He was taller and stronger, so he could easily disable her and bring her back to Rocanis for questioning.

The Rirorni archer slashed with her dagger. He ducked forward under the blow and fell instantaneously into a roll. He grabbed the Rirorni Archer’s dropped short sword and rose to his feet. He slashed with his short sword. She dodged. He struck with the short sword. She parried. He attacked several more times. Each thrust was parried and each strong attack to knock her weapon away was dodged. He started to breathe hard and realized she was the better warrior. He grew tired and his defenses started to crumble. He was going to lose a lot more than an eye this time.

One Eye thought about making a break for his horse, but even if he made it, the Rirorni would likely arrow him down. He was getting desperate.

The Rirorni Archer relaxed her guard understanding his state. She sneered, “You men are pathetic. You can’t even last one minute against a real warrior. When your pitiful soul grovels before Ahringol and he asks about your ‘warriors’ death, you tell him--”

There was movement behind her. The Mytori Priest rose and plunged his short sword down between her collarbone and into her heart. Her eyes glazed over in an instant as she dropped to her knees and fell over dead.

“Go tell Ahringol yourself,” the Mytori Priest said.

“You killed a woman?” One Eye asked in disbelief.

The Mytori Priest glanced at him and then bent down to the Rirorni Archer. He placed one hand on her chest and the other over her eyes and closed them. He muttered a prayer in the Rirorni language of Rathiri.

The Mytori Priest said, “I didn’t kill a woman, I killed a Rirorni Archer. As in the Rirorni Empire, all warriors are regarded the same and are expected to fight…and die the same.”
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Advanced Expert Poster
Advanced Expert Poster

Joined: Aug 26, 2003
Posts: 147
Location: Rocanis, Alastari

PostPosted: Wed Mar 09, 2016 4:04 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Just adding a bump to get rid of one of those non-Duel 2 threads in the forums.
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