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Duel2 :: View topic - July FtF 2022
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Author Message
One Armed Bandit
ArchMaster Poster
ArchMaster Poster

Joined: Apr 15, 2004
Posts: 2919

PostPosted: Sat Jul 30, 2022 5:12 am Reply with quoteBack to top

The Summer FtF took place in Arlington, VA from July 22-24, 2022.

Results can be found here: http://www.reality.com/ff67con.htm

Unofficial Primus and ADM level awards are as follows:

SMALL POX (84-18995) 14-2-0 AB Tournament Champion
HARV (82-20046) 13-3-0 AB Runner-up
TARAD (18-181) 6-3-0 LU Stylemaster
LEGACY (18-5620) 4-3-0 SL Stylemaster
GEOMANCER (18-4166) 4-3-0 PL Stylemaster
RED DAWG (41-2689) 3-3-0 WS Stylemaster
LINT (48-1380) 2-3-0 TP Stylemaster
SIKAMIKANICO (7-2681) 2-3-0 PR Stylemaster
DMITRI (3-2461) 2-3-0 BA Stylemaster
RALTUMAN OMELET (78-2857) 2-3-0 ST Stylemaster
CARTMAN (7-4034) 0-5-0 Stylemaster

MUSH (84-27306) 15-2-0 AB Tournament Champion
ALUCARD (6-6467) 14-3-0 AB Runner-up
FURIOUS GORGE (3-6923) 10-3-0 WS Stylemaster
GROND (69-8678) 9-3-0 LU Stylemaster
AFTER 10 BEERS! (84-21651) 7-3-0 PL Stylemaster
SPARE ANCHOR (18-9610) 6-3-0 TP Stylemaster
CHOOSE GOOSE (40-4592) 6-3-0 PR Stylemaster
BUTCH (66-1831) 4-3-0 BA Stylemaster
CADILLAC DUARDO (18-2130) 3-3-0 PS Stylemaster
ZEALOT (6-3656) 1-4-0 SL Stylemaster
CEER 96-1537 1-4-0 ST Stylemaster

TWIG (82-25226) 15-0-0 AB Tournament Champion
DREAM CATCHER (74-3177) 12-3-0 LU Runner-up and Stylemaster
HIGH-END BUN (65-7554) 11-3-0 WS Stylemaster
MAXIMILLIAN (96-5272) 9-3-0 PR Stylemaster
VANGUARD (4-5966) 6-3-0 TP Stylemaster
ONE MIC (36-7580) 6-3-0 SL Stylemaster
ABCESS (18-10356) 5-3-0 PL Stylemaster
CYCLOPS (7-4625) 5-3-0 BA Stylemaster
EERIEST EXPECTATION (84-31990) 4-3-0 ST Stylemaster
JASON VOORHEES (97-4408) 1-3-0 PS Stylemaster

WATERLOO (16-6545) 14-2-0 LU Tournament Champion
SHEMP (18-10958) 13-3-0 AB Runner-up and Stylemaster
SOLO (40-4614) 12-3-0 PS Stylemaster
COREA (12-7086) 10-3-0 PL Stylemaster
DREAM OF DAY (30-4750) 10-3-0 PR Stylemaster
COLOSSEUM HALLS (1-8871) 9-3-0 TP Stylemaster
LEAPS INTO THE AIR (75-85) 8-3-0 SL Stylemaster
METAL BRACE (7-6453) 7-3-0 WS Stylemaster
SUNGLASSES (73-3223) 5-3-0 BA Stylemaster
CADEX CFM (18-3366) 4-3-0 ST Stylemaster

ROLLY (74-4656) 16-0-0 PR Tournament Champion
END OF TIME (22-7377) 13-3-2 ST Runner-up and Stylemaster
RARE BREED (28-5350) 12-3-0 TP Stylemaster
JAROBI (24-5158) 11-3-1 BA Stylemaster
MAJOR CINNAMON (97-6894) 8-3-0 PS Stylemaster
WORTH THE HEADACHE (86-3737) 8-3-0 AB Stylemaster
NESTORIUS (98-6356) 7-3-0 PL Stylemaster
BUFFALOCALYPSE (96-6114) 6-3-0 WS Stylemaster
NEVERMORE (9-5846) 5-3-0 LU Stylemaster
SPYMUSTARD (43-4972) 4-3-0 SL Stylemaster

Tournament Champions won ten bonus potions and six months of free arena play. Advanced stylemasters earned 1 ZAP potion which can reroll a bonus area, a favorite piece, damage, or handedness, and is restricted to a member of that style (can be traded 1 for 1). Runner-ups who were not stylemasters gained the respect of their peers.

Basic awards to follow in a bit.
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One Armed Bandit
ArchMaster Poster
ArchMaster Poster

Joined: Apr 15, 2004
Posts: 2919

PostPosted: Sat Jul 30, 2022 6:13 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Unofficial upper Basic awards:

GLINT (85-33) 16-0-0 TP Tournament Champion
DOLEMITE (85-24265) 13-3-0 AB Runner-up and Stylemaster
ELVIS (85-7038) 12-3-0 LU Stylemaster
INFERNAL SNIT (84-44010) 9-3-0 ST Stylemaster
DEVIL LINT (85-3009) 7-3-0 PR Stylemaster
DOUBLE DOWN (84-57437) 7-3-0 SL Stylemaster
VERALCHE (84-24771) 5-3-0 WS Stylemaster
FULL OF HOT AIR (82-16328) 4-3-0 PL Stylemaster
MAD WORLD (4-7431) 4-3-0 BA Stylemaster
GUY 'N ANNE (18-10794) 3-3-0 PS Stylemaster

EVIL TRIBBLE (85-52462) 14-1-1 AB Tournament Champion
TAKEDOWN (85-44143) 12-3-0 ST Runner-up and Stylemaster
DOOM BAGELS (86-7810) 11-3-0 LU Stylemaster
CHAINSAW (85-47069) 9-3-0 TP Stylemaster
VETERAN (85-46550) 7-3-1 SL Stylemaster
PHANTOM OF THE LLAMA (73-7014) 7-3-0 WS Stylemaster
IN SITU (18-11079) 6-3-0 BA Stylemaster
RODMAN (86-22633) 5-3-0 PL Stylemaster
NIGHTMARE (85-49357) 5-3-0 PR Stylemaster
HARVEY WALLBANGER (7-5737) 2-3-0 PS Stylemaster

MUKTUK (43-5425) 14-2-1 LU Tournament Champion
DESTINY (86-14116) 13-3-0 LU Runner-up
DEATH SLALKER (86-9029) 12-3-1 ST Stylemaster
XOLV (3-8180) 10-3-1 SL Stylemaster
BAD MOON RISING (86-16673) 8-3-1 PR Stylemaster
CONDITION (86-7094) 7-3-0 AB Stylemaster
MILKSHOOK (86-7284) 5-3-0 PS Stylemaster
WHISPERJACK (86-14525) 5-3-0 PL Stylemaster
TEMPEST (86-18400) 5-3-0 TP Stylemaster
DEFENDER (86-7919) 4-3-0 WS Stylemaster
FIREWALL (54-3322) 4-3-0 BA Stylemaster

DARKSTAR (10-6736) 15-2-1 ST Tournament Champion
XYN (25-6325) 14-3-1 BA Runner-up and Stylemaster
EVIL BUMP KNEED (61-4432) 10-3-0 AB Stylemaster
ALNAIR (50-4070) 8-3-0 LU Stylemaster
HIGH PLAINS QUEEN (4-7542) 8-3-0 PR Stylemaster
MARGTA (25-6282) 7-3-0 TP Stylemaster
ORLANDO FRAZIER (85-51564) 6-3-0 SL Stylemaster
TERRIBLE DRUID (86-20918) 6-3-0 PL Stylemaster
BREWSKI III (72-10472) 5-3-1 WS Stylemaster
ASPIDISKE (78-3519) 5-3-0 PS Stylemaster

Basic stylemasters won 1 ZAP potion that is restricted to the team that won it, so no trades are possible.

Apprentices, Rookies and Bloodgames to follow soon.
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One Armed Bandit
ArchMaster Poster
ArchMaster Poster

Joined: Apr 15, 2004
Posts: 2919

PostPosted: Sat Jul 30, 2022 6:44 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Unofficial awards for our youngest warriors:

SOUL SHADOW (86-20893) 16-2-0 SL Tournament Champion
USPS (86-17811) 15-3-0 BA Runner-up and Stylemaster
PANFORTE (86-8417) 13-3-1 WS Stylemaster
JANKY (74-4868) 10-3-1 ST Stylemaster
GHOSTFIRE (86-21652) 10-3-0 LU Stylemaster
STUBBS (86-8387) 9-3-1 TP Stylemaster
KEEP IT CLASSY (3-8243) 9-3-0 AB Stylemaster
THE PERSIAN (2-6662) 6-3-0 PS Stylemaster
PENELOPE YIN (85-41179) 6-3-0 PR Stylemaster
M.V.P. (73-8951) 5-3-0 PL Stylemaster

ROMAN (87-2112) 14-2-0 TP Tournament Champion
NIGHT HUNGER (51-6302) 13-3-0 AB Runner-up and Stylemaster
AVIAG (87-1882) 11-3-2 ST Stylemaster
PERPLEXED HEMP (85-54912) 11-3-0 LU Stylemaster
REGRET (87-1903) 9-3-0 WS Stylemaster
SONNY ROOF (28-5898) 7-3-0 PL Stylemaster
KRAN (87-2022) 6-3-0 BA Stylemaster
OORKE (51-6384) 6-3-0 PR Stylemaster
UNTAMED SAVAGERY (75-4051) 6-3-0 PS Stylemaster
AFTER SCHOOL AGGRO (86-10448) 6-2-0-1 SL Stylemaster

FtF Bloodgames
WEALTH (98-7315) 8-2-6 AB Tournament Champion
ALNASI (98-7160) 8-2-3 LU Runner-up
LAMEBRAIN (98-7281) 6-4-3 TP Tournament Victor

MI Bloodgames:
GLADIATOR (99-8460) 6-4-4 LU Tournament Champion
YES-MAN (99-8277) 8-3-2 SL Runner-up
SWORD WARRIOR (99-8461) 7-3-3 AB Tournament Victor

The three warriors listed for each Bloodgames arena graduate and move on to ADM. All others can enjoy their retirement.

Congrats to all the winners!
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ArchMaster Poster
ArchMaster Poster

Joined: Oct 21, 2002
Posts: 1742
Location: San Jose, CA

PostPosted: Sat Jul 30, 2022 7:14 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Assur's tourney report
I sent 47 warriors, 0/4/2/13/10/7/0/1/1/4/5

I didn't have super high expectations. I was able to follow along all day Saturday and the early rounds of Sunday. I had 13 going after the overnight turn (which on the West Coast isn't that late, so I saw my results Saturday night). It was not pretty after that.

I thought my first TV came on R9 of Freshmen. Bedtime at 8-1. Finished 9-3-0-1! So my only two TV's were Virus' 2nd in ADM and one of my Rookies.

I also did poorly in the Stylemaster department. 3 total.

While awards were poor, my overall win percentage was good (for me):
148-143-5-2, 50.9%

Lots of training highlights. The only mortal death was a Rookie. I feel good about the tourney as a whole.

Favorite Loss of the entire tourney:
Guy 'n Anne lost the rematch against Sgt. Spinkles (Guy 'n Anne beat Sgt. Spinkles back in champs when she TC'd. Still riding that TC - likely for a long time)

Some fun name matchups:
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One Armed Bandit
ArchMaster Poster
ArchMaster Poster

Joined: Apr 15, 2004
Posts: 2919

PostPosted: Sun Jul 31, 2022 5:41 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I entered 60 warriors in the tourney.

Breakdown by fighting style: 16 AB, 2 BA, 10 LU, 2 PL, 3 PR, 5 PS, 3 SL, 15 ST, 2 TP, 2 WS

Breakdown by class: 8 Primus, 6 Contenders, 1 Eligible, 4 ADM, 4 Freshmen, 4 Challengers, 1 Champion, 2 Adepts, 10 Initiates, 15 Apprentices, 5 Rookies


I ran 5 stylemaster competitors and 3 ABs. I have 5 maxed ABs, but two of them are weapon favorites; one of those is permanently retired due to lack of bonuses and the other gets run only in mail-ins.

Out of 5 non-ABs, I picked up one stylemaster with RALTUMAN OMELET, my Striker. A lucky set of matchups got him to 2-3, starting with a stand-in on R1, and then a winnable matchup in R2 vs CARTMAN, TMM's PS.

I am still searching for my first Primus TV and I came up short yet again. My best imperfect AB, SNAKE OIL SALESMAN, came in at 6-3. The pleasant surprise, however, was an even more imperfect AB, CANNIBAL COOK, going 7-3. He is knacky, having won two basic TCs on his way up, but he is missing multiple components that Snake Oil possesses so I assumed he would do worse. Not so! He did get some good early round match-ups, but he had nice signature wins on his way to a 7-3 finish, beating NEOSPHINCTER and JOHN ASHCROFT. One of these days I'll break through to round 11.


My LUs did badly yet again. I am leaving them off my next tourney roster.

My TP, SPARE ANCHOR, continued to win fights that he has no business winning and went 6-3 for another stylemaster. This warrior continues to be a real pleasure.

My three ABs in the class went 2-3, 7-3, and 13-3. THIRD COURSE was fighting so well, beating some perfect ABa on the way to her 3rd place finish, that I thought she might go all the way. But no such luck. ALUCARD ended her run before coming up short against MUSH in the finals.

Eligibles to Champions

Nothing to see here.

My Eligible bust fizzled out. My weak ADM busts put up weak performances. Prior to the tourney, my Freshmen bust-out died immediately after the freeze, so I ended up running four developing warriors in Freshmen. The only good thing to happen in these classes was a result of that: SPYMUSTARD picked up a 4-3 SL stylemaster in Freshmen. I had a bunch of 4-3s to 6-3s in Challengers. My Champ went 2-3. Moving on.


I entered two warriors in this class.

DALIM, a Striker, was the 14-3-1 runner-up in Rookies back in October. He then followed it up with an 8-3-1 TV in Initiates. This tourney provided another successful run, with a 9-3-1 TV. I like that he puts a flourish on all his tourney records with a single kill. It makes a statement.

My other entry was MUKTUK, a Lunger. A year or so back, Howlin Wolf and I swapped clones. He cloned one of mine, I cloned one of his. The original TV'd a lot in basic, and HW's own clone had a few bells and whistles added and TC'd twice. I didn't want to add extra prizes to MUKTUK; I figured the warrior had a good enough pedigree to get deep TVs as-is. And if it could get deep TVs, it could potentially win a TC without further help from me.

MUKTUK went 12-3 in Rookies in the same tourney that DALIM was runner-up, and he went 7-3 in Initiates when DALIM TV'd. He started off with a R1 loss to a Consortium TP, and I braced myself for another slightly underwhelming performance.

MUKTUK shook off the R1 loss like a veteran and went on a win streak, going 9-1-1 to land firmly in TV territory. Then in R11, he took a loss to XOLV, a SL who simply wouldn't give up the initiative. XOLV attacked 10 times with his Scimitar, and MUKTUK dodged 10 times. The 11th attack was too much, and a SC crit to the leg took care of the win streak. Now every fight was an elimination fight, and TDO was sitting pretty with the top two warriors at 11-0-1 and 10-1.

In R12, MUKTUK eliminated a Doc Steele LU. In R13, he put a loss on TDO's LU. In R14, he put a loss on TDO's ST. In R15, he eliminated TDO's LU. And then it was just MUKTUK vs DESTINY, JE's Lunger, in the finals.

The finals was a short one. MUKTUK got a clean jump with his AdEx Decise, hit DESTINY in the leg and knocked him down. One attack later, and MUKTUK was the TC. DESTINY picked up his Expert in Decise in that fight, so MUKTUK clearly had the edge in the contest in terms of getting first strike, and his Advanced Master in Attack meant that the first Attack was likely to be a good one.

JE had a great run with DESTINY, but came up short.

Initiates to Rookies

Not much happened here, but that is okay after that Adepts result. I picked up an 8-3 Inits TV and LU stylemaster, and then two PS stylemasters in Initiates and Apprentices. Out of 5 Rookies, none made it past round 8 and I ended up with three Apps for October.


I have been skipping some of the Bloodgames recently, as the value proposition is questionable. In January, I did the MI BG because I was watching from home, and I saw that the MI version was two and a half times as big as the FtF version. So this time, I did the FtF version. The size disparity wasn't as large this time, with the MI version being one and half times the size of the FtF version, but that still makes it a better deal comparatively. Plus, it is more fun going round by round rather than getting a giant stack of paper on Sunday morning.

I also made some experimental tweaks to my Bloodgames designs. I had already been incorporating the luckfactor stats into my designs, to try to minimize the severely hosed warriors that would make me re-roll the team and spend more money. But I noticed that many of my designs were just 1 point below a coordination level. I have no clue what impact coordination has on the game, but if spending 1 point gets me from Clumsy to Slightly Uncoordinated, that seems like a good gamble. And every style can use either the Rip skill at 12 DF or the Decise skill at 6 SP. I also ran slightly less scummy warriors this tourney. I had been running scummy LUs, PSs, and ABs for a while now, and while the scum ABs are particularly successful, it isn't very fun when they get off to a slow start, as they get progressively worse as the Bloodgames go on due to their opponents outlearning them. So I went with smart versions of LU, PS, and AB, to go along with my usual smart SL, ST and BA, and I didn't regret it.

My AB design is a home grown DYO design that I've used successfully in basic: 10-8-4-17-21-3-21 AB. It looks weird with the 4 SZ, but it turns out that 10 ST/4 SZ is a more efficient way to get to L++ damage (the potential to roll Good damage) than 12 ST/3 SZ as it requires one less point. That allows you to get an extra point on CN and get to cannot take a lot (something that wouldn't be possible if you went 21 WT/17 WL instead of 17 WT/21 WL). So it checks all the boxes for me. My AB, RUKBAT, got off to a great 4-0-3 start, and finished up at 8-2-4. On another day, this might have been good enough to get to ADM, but Dr F's AB managed 6 kills, so he had to settle for a pat on the back and a job well done.

My PS, POLIS, was 17-5-3-21-21-6-11. He got off to an okay start at 3-1-1, but was killed by one of Baron Bentsword's warrors in R5. Not a bad attempt for one of the weakest fighting styles.

My LU, ALNASI, was designed 17-5-3-21-21-5-12. She got off to an almost identical start as POLIS (except for the dying in R5 part), but then managed to pick up a second kill in R6 and then a third kill in R9. I feel like this come-from-behind thing wouldn't happen with my scummy warriors. They would turn a 3-1-1 into a 5-5-1 record. But instead, ALNASI finished up at 8-2-3 and came in 2nd place.

While I would have preferred if my 4 kill AB had made it to ADM, getting a LU out was the next best thing.

Odds and Ends

I finished the tourney with a 205-182-5-3 record, 1 TC, 3 TVs, and 6 stylemasters. 53% win percentage and 6.67% TV percentage are not elite numbers, but the TC, the BG graduate, and the stylemasters made this a fantastic tourney for me.

The location was super convenient for me. A subway from the upper west side of Manhattan to the Amtrak to DC to the metro to Alexandria, VA and I was right across the street from the hotel. I cut it a little close with my train back to NYC, so I ended up running out of the conference room after my TC fight. But all's well that ends well.

It was great to see Sandy, Lee, and the rest of the RSI gang, as well as all the players. It had been three long years, so seeing everyone in person again was a wonderful experience.

The food options were very nice and the hotel itself was excellent. I have no complaints.

Congrats to all of the many winners. There are too many to count, between TCs, stylemasters, and Bloodgames graduates, so I won't even try.

I probably won't make it to Tempe in January, as my work is busy that time of year, but I plan on sending around 70 warriors to the October MI (60 living, 10 dead) and maybe half that number to the winter FtF by proxy. I love the competition. Every tourney is a struggle, and every win is grueling and exciting. I feel like I have struck a nice balance with my play, where I run just enough that every TC feels like a gift and when I fail (and I often do), I am not too disappointed. Good luck to everyone in October!
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One Armed Bandit
ArchMaster Poster
ArchMaster Poster

Joined: Apr 15, 2004
Posts: 2919

PostPosted: Sun Jul 31, 2022 8:21 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Correction regarding MUKTUK's clone pedigree:

"The original TV'd a lot in basic, and HW's own clone had a few bells and whistles added and TC'd FOUR TIMES (!)."
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