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Duel2 :: View topic - Dueltorial - An Ever Evolving Glossary
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ArchMaster Poster

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 07, 2008 2:12 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Updated: 1.22.13


While there have been game glossaries posted in the past, navigating the forum for old posts can be daunting for new or returning players, so here are some of the terms you will come across:

AD or ADM : Advanced Duelmasters – When your warriors graduate from the arena, they are then invited to join an AD arena where their warriors are immortal; should they be slain, they come back next turn. Stats can all be trained as high as 25 in AD.

Aimer: A warrior who uses the Aimed Blow style

Assurnasirbanipal's Palm Program and his Charts:

Andorians: See Regions

Avoid: Selecting teams (by ID) when filling out a turn sheet that one does not wish to match with. Avoids only apply to teams that are challenging you and not random match-ups. It does not increase your odds of avoiding a team by putting in their name twice. Also, avoids only lessen your odds of a match-up, but do not guarantee it.

Bloodgames: Design your own warriors for all 10 styles on one team and let them fight to the death for 10 turns. The top warrior of the 3 top styles are inducted into ADM. Two versions are run: FtF-only version where you can change strategies every turn and the Mail-In version where you cannot change strategies.

BoB: The Brotherhood of the Blade alliance which includes Caeser, The Dark One, Mad Max, The Greek Guy, Rillion, TigToad, Manager, ZalgorPrigg and Rascally Rabbit.

Bonused: When a warrior has more skills or attributes than average which is determined based on their initial roll-up sheet. See Skills sticky.

Brotherhood of the Blade: See BoB

BU: Back Up item

Burn: To train a stat. For example, if you have a 20 wit, "burning it to 21" means just that. Before you burn stats it's important to understand its impact on your skill learns since there are many instances in which burning a stat will hurt a warrior if they plan to run the warrior in ADM.

Certs or Certificates: These are essentially gift certificates for a new team Roll Up that are often used as contest awards and are purchased from RSI.

Challenge: Selecting the warrior(s) by ID that one wishes to match against on your turn sheet. One can increase their odds of a successful challenge by double challenging a warrior. This does not apply to avoids.

Consortium, The: Possibly the game's most ubiquitous manager with 750+ ADM graduates (encompassing 40+ manager identities), including 54K+ fights and 33K+ wins plus 4 teams with near 1000 wins.

Council of Lords, The: The COL alliance consists of The Icelord, High Lord Bosk and Raoul the Rude with most activity transpiring in arena 31.

Crits: Critical hits. The amount of crits you achieve is the way to determine your warrior's favorite weapon. Your level also impacts the amount of crits you make, so don't rule out a weapon if you don't crit with it early on. While every warrior has a favorite weapon which is revealed at graduation, you should use the weapon best suited for each respective fight even if it's not your fave. For example, if your fave is a heavy weapon, it might be in your best interest to choose something lighter if you need to get the jump.

Customer Service Line: See Reality Simulations

DA: See Dark Arena.

Dark Arena: There are numerous Dark Arena dwellers, including many that are unique to their respective arenas. Among those that are more universal are the following:

ARENAMASTER LU 21-21-13-25-23-21-21
BLACK ORC SL 15-21-10-13-17-17-15
DARK CHAMPION PL 13-11-11-21-13-21-21
HIGH ELF PL 17-13-13-17-17-13-15
MOUNTAIN TROLL BA 19-25-14-9-21-11-11
SHEWISH GIANT BA 25-15-25-9-13-15-13
SPYMASTER AB 15-11-10-25-15-15-21
STONE GOLEM BA 25-25-19-7-25-9-9
WURM KIN ST 17-17-17-13-15-23-15

Delarquans: See Regions

Dixie: A warrior specifically designed to be "thrown away" or run short-term. This is as opposed to a warrior designed with the intent to run "regularly" through or past graduation.

DJI Alliance: An alliance featuring Kat, Master Darque and Maximillian (retired/inactive).

Downchallenging: Challenging any warrior who is listed below you in the newsletter. Is it poor sportsmanship or smart strategic gameplay and does how far down the challenge is impact perception of the manager? See Endless Debate sticky.

Duedate: The date in the Newsletter that a turn sheet is due. However, there is a one day grace period, so you can still fax or call in your strategies the morning following the due date, but it is still recommended to submit your turn by the official duedate.

Enchiridion: A document full of insight about the game that has been around for years; it is not hosted on a site, so it needs to be requested from another manager that has the pdf on file. It is outdated in many respects, but still a worthwhile read.

F2F: See Face-to-Face

Face and Facer: See Face-to-Face

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/home.php#/group.php?gid=41379092698. This is an unofficial site launched by managers.

Face-to-Face: Also called FtF, F2F, Face, and Facers and refers to the face-to-face tourneys that happen twice each year - once in Winter and once in Summer (approximately late January and mid to late July). The Winter FtF is held in Tempe, Arizona. The Summer FtF rotates in Midwest then East then South. Most recent for each region were Minneapolis, Baltimore and Atlanta. Most managers who attend these in-person events rave about the amount of knowledge they acquire from hanging out with other managers. The link to the last FtF is here: http://www.reality.com/ff41con.htm so when the next FtF happens, just change the 41 to a 42. If you are not attending a FtF, but still want to compete in it, you can either have another manager be a proxy for you and manage your warriors or you can have RSI be a proxy in which they will run a single strategy for each warrior you submit. Many proxied warriors that have competed with a single strategy in a FtF have gone on to TV, so don't be scared to take a chance.

Favorite Weapon: Every warrior has a fave weapon which is revealed at graduation. Your fave is always well suited to your style and is often identified by the amount of critical hits you make. A favorite weapon is not always the best weapon for every scenario, so do not be married to it.

FE: Fight Equivalent. The total number of fight experience that your warrior has based on 1 FE per arena fight and 1 FE for every odd-numbered round in a tournament. For odd numbered rounds in a tourney, the FE is rounded up, e.g. 2 tourney fights = 1 FE, 3 tourney fights = 2 FE. Please note that the FE reflected in the Newsletter does not encompass the FE earned in tourneys. Therefore, if you see a Duelmaster with a 2-0-1 record, chances are he has at least 15 fights under his belt and is what you would call a Sandbagger. Your FE determines what tourney classification you will compete in, up to the Freshmen tourney. It is possible to beat a warrior who has a higher FE and still have them ranked above about in the Newsletter.

FONZ: An acronym for Fortress of Naked Zots. The FONZ is an alliance that claims it isn’t an alliance.

Freeblades: See Regions

FtF: See Face-to-Face

GAPPDA: The Green And Purple Polka Dot Alliance orginated out of DM 3 or 4. The alliance was originally created to harass and poke fun at the Dark Circle in numerous basic arenas, but especially Darkholm. Members included Forge, Papa Balrog, Staple Gun, Fusion, Lunatic, Visionist, Little Wohp (aka Purple Sage), and Misfit.

Gateway: The now closed Arena 108 was created to deal with the large amount of warriors in Primus. However, Primus eventually became too small and managers complained, so they re-combined Primus and Gateway and established the Contenders tourney. We now have two dead tourney classes instead of one and an arena that's moderately bigger than Primus was when they merged the two.

Geek Stuff: What spouses use to refer to D2, e.g. "your geek stuff arrived."

Graduation: Advancement to ADM; becoming immortal. Managers will often challenge the Dark Arena on their last turn in their basic arena since they are immortal at that point.

Hosed: When a warrior has less skills or attributes than average which is determined based on their initial roll-up sheet. See Skills sticky.

Iron Council, The: An alliance that includes Tripwire, Otis the Drunk, Jekyll, Detective Kellumbo, and Ichabod Frothingslosh. Ultraist and Hucklecat are two inactive members.

Kiss of Ben aka KOB: Whenever someone predicts a good outcome for someone else and the results end up being the opposite of the prediction. This is also referred to as "Putting the kiss of Ben" on someone. The namesake of this expression was occasionally correct, but it was those instances in which he was wrong that inspired the expression.

LBA: The Lobotomized Boys Association. The original members of this alliance were TUM, Suave, and the Big Kahuna, with additional members including One Armed Bandit, Assurnasirbanipal and possibly others.

Mail-In Tournament: An event handled through the mail where any warrior can compete; usually Spring and Fall (approximately early to mid April and late October).

Maxed: When a warrior has learned all 120 skills, and is training statistics to gain ability.

Mega Manager: A manager who has large scale interest in DM. This interest could be shown through a large collection of runnable warriors, through repeated fighting in multiple arenas, through large-scale tournament representation, or much higher than average dollar contribution to RSI. The Consortium is a classic example of a Mega Manager with a signature file that showcases his extensive participation in the game.

MUGS: Match Up Gods (Praying to the gods for a good match up).

Multi-team/Single Arena Managers: Awhile ago a number of arenas were closed down and the impacted managers were given the option to move those teams into other arenas, including those in which they were already active. However, managers not affected by the closures are still not permitted to run more than one team per arena. This obviously puts them at a disadvantage when they are up against a manager with three teams in the same arena, but fortunately some of the multi-team managers do not take advantage of their edge.

NL: Newsletter. Sometimes old or new arenas aren't visible in their respective NL sections on the RSI site. To find them, click on a different arena and switch the arena number in the URL to the one you are looking for and it should be there if it's an active arena.

OTP: An offensive total parry.

PAs/PADs: Personal Ads in the Newsletters. If you are a manager who prefers an old school arena with a lot of banter and role playing, the amount of PAs will be a good litmus test. Just make sure that the PAs aren't all from the same manager.

Piker: A warrior who uses the Parry-Strike style.

Player's Committee: When Arena 81 (the No-Tourney Arena) was launched, it was decided that there should be a committee to monitor if manager's were adhering to the rules of the arena, like not competing in tourneys or running less than 5 warriors a turn. Because the arena ended up policing itself and nobody broke the rules, it seemed pointless to have an official watchdog committee, so it faded away. Here is a link to one of the original threads on the topic:

Plunger: A warrior who uses the Parry-Lunge style.

Reality Simulations Inc. or RSI: Reality Simulations was founded in 1984. The mailing address is PO Box 22400, Tempe, AZ 85285-2400. Email is: CSR@REALITY.COM. The RSI Game Hotline (480-966-7698) is for submitting turns via phone and the Customer Service Line (480-967-7979) is for general inquiries. The fax number is 480-894-2028. Turns are processed the day after the due date.

Regions: Andorians, Delarquans, and Freeblades (and Lirlth Kai) are geographical and geopolitical regions within Alastari. The specific history of the regions can be acquired from RSI (Ask for maps and history). However, over time, the three regional names have come to represent the “factions” of how managers affiliate and play the game.
It should be known that there are few, if any, hard-core, 100% Andorians or Delarquans or Freebladers. Some managers are ambivalent to any of the factions. (This, in of itself, may be the definition of a Freeblader.) Some managers play whichever “style” is represented in that arena. (All arenas are designated A, D, or F.) In general, these characteristics will be found in the various factions:
- Probably the original number-crunchers in DM
- A win-at-all cost attitude
- Willing to down challenge to the fullest possible allowed
- A kill is to be celebrated
- Tend to consider the use of avoids as “unmanly”
- Probably the original role-players in DM
- Consider down challenging, except by the Duelmaster, as unsportsmanlike
- Proclaim life as all-important, not relishing a kill; tend to apologize for killing
- Disdain aiming for vitals, and support lower kill desires
- Often consider spots and personals and columns as important as the fights
- Tend to be middle-of-the-road or ambivalent or selective of the above characteristics

Note: Lirith Kai is excluded from this definition as it is considered somewhat inconsequential. If necessary, Lirith Kai would be nearly synonymous to Andoria.

Rhythms: These refer to the ideal Activity Level (AL) and Offensive Level (OL) for your warrior and are in the following five categories:
- Very High or VH (10-9)
- High or H (8-7)
- Moderate or M (6-5)
- Low or L (4-3)
- Very Low or VL (2-1)
When your warrior graduates, your rhythm will be revealed.

Ripper: A warrior who uses the Parry-Riposte style.

RSI: See Reality Simulations

RSI Game Hotline: See Reality Simulations

RU: Roll Up. This is any sheet with the raw numbers for making a new team or warrior on it that you are sent after a death, graduation, or when you purchase a new team.

RUGS: Roll Up Gods. Managers prey to them in hopes of getting warriors with a Double 21 (i.e. a warrior that can be designed with a 21 Wit and Will).

Sandbaggers: Warriors who have a lot of hidden FE generated from tourney experience and are often only fighting in the regular arenas to ensure they are in the best bracket for the next tourney.

SCOMSSS: This is an acronym for the managers who make up the collective that competes in Arena 47's Turf War contest. The original SCOMSS was Slugbait, Crip, Oz, Mannequin, Soultaker, Spawn. When Spawn retired, Nuln (called Snuln in 47) took his place and initial. For Turf War VI (see Arena Contests sticky) Spawn returned, so the acronym expanded to SCOMSSS.

Scum: A total parry warrior designed to endure a lot of damage and last very long. They generally wear the heaviest armor, carry two shields and go 1-1-x Parry (or something similar) the entire fight.

Skills: See Skills sticky.

Skill level break points and rating titles:
Expert - 16 skills
Advanced Expert - 20
Master - 26
Advanced Master - 34
Grandmaster - 44
ArchMaster - 56
BladeMaster – 70

Slow Arenas: Arenas that run every four weeks, as opposed to the normal, fast 2 week arenas (note, international players tend to play slow arenas due to mail services).

Spamalanche: When a single manager posts on numerous threads in a short block of time.

Spampede: When a number of managers rush to post responses to a forum thread.

The Stomping Grounds: Arena 20 - which was formerly called Seam - is a bashers-only arena. See Special Arenas sticky.

Stormcrowe Slaughterhouse: See Arena Contests sticky.

Style Match-Ups: When it comes to style match-ups, there are some styles that have an inherent advantage over others. These advantages can be countered or minimized with the proper strategies, better warrior design and experience, but it is always good to know who you stand the best chances against in the initial phase of the game. The following lists the style of your warror and the styles they fare best against.
- ST: SL, AB, LU, BA (especially if they appear less decisive)
- LU: AB, PR
- SL: AB, PS, PR, some WS
- AB: TP, and any "tank"-styled warrior
- TP: LU, PL, and any weak-hitting warrior
- PS: Some ST, possibly TP as PS has been known to out-endure scum
- PL: PS, PR, AB
- PR: BA, some ST
- WS: LU, some ST
- BA: AB, and can be a scum (TP) hunter

To reiterate, there are a myriad of strategic ways to deal with styles that have structural advantages. Scum TPs, for example, can outlast many of the styles that are deemed better on paper and LUs aren't so easy for STs to push around once they get some experience under their belt. This list is mainly so new/returning players have a basic knowledge of the various styles when mapping out their challenges and avoids, especially with their Initiates.

SYP: The Shadowspire Yellow Press is maintained by Darque and documents arena milestones in arena 81. It has recently gone dark (pun possibly intended).

Tank: A Tank-styled warrior is similar in some respects to a Scum warrior. Both have high to very high con, but operate with slightly different intents. The Scum intends to wear you out on endurance and is not so concerned with taking you out with a weapon hit. The Tank also intends to wear you down on endurance, but expects to take you out with a weapon.

TC: Tournament Champion: The warrior with the best overall record in each bracket. The TC fights for free until the next tourney and is also awarded a special prize which differs depending on the tourney. The following is a list compiled by Managerr of the top TCing managers since 2001 with a minimum of 10 (the .5 refers to a Dead Tourney DC):
- The Muffin Man (TMM) - 31
- Doc Steele - 26
- TUM - 25.5
- The Sentinel - 19
- Managerr 15.5
- LHI - 15.5
- Soultaker - 14.5
- Mannequin - 12.5
- Sandman - 12
- Guardian - 12
- Papa Bear - 10
- The Greek Guy - 10
- DMobster - 10

If you are looking for mentors, this is a good place to start, especially if they are active on the forums.

Terrablood.com: A website that enables managers to optimize how they design, run and determine the value of their warriors, as well as a partially comprehensive fighting style cheat sheet related to each respective arena. Since the site offers up different options for character design (Bagman and Terrablood), it is not clear which is better, but at least one respected vet has recommended using Bagman II for creation and Terrablood for stat raises; whereas another said the opposite.

Threadjacking: When a forum post is hijacked and taken off topic. It often tends to continue down the new path, upsetting the original poster.

Timing Out: This is when a manager sits out a warrior to ensure he is competing at the top of his bracket in the next tourney. For example, here are the break points for some of the basic arena tourney brackets:
- Champions: Warriors with 21-30 FE
- Adepts: Warriors with 11-20 FE
- Initiates: Warriors with 5-10 FE
- Apprentices: Warriors with 1-4 FE
A timed out warrior would have 30, 20, 10 or 4 FE in each respective bracket.

TOGS: A contest in arena 60. See Arena Contests sticky.

Tournament Champion: See TC

Tournament Victor: See TV

Tourney: There are two types of tourneys - the Mail-In and Face-to-Face tournaments. See their individual definitions for more details. The ultimate warrior is well-skilled, blessed, godling-designed, perfectly timed, and potion-enhanced, which collectively is a rare breed.

Tourney Prize: TC's of Face-To-Faces and Mail-Ins earn a prize or potion which can be quite valuable; prizes can enhance warriors, change favorites, create immortality, etc.

Triplet: A warrior with triple 17's in WT, WL, DF

Turf War: See Arena Contests sticky.

TV: Tournament Victor. Any warrior who is not eliminated by the 10th round of a tournament is a TV. This status enables them to make challenges with an increased likelihood of success, assuming the manager remembers to write "TV" next to the challenge.

Warrior Census Form: When you receive a new Roll Up you will also receive the Duelmasters Warrior Census Form that will give you the illusion there is a whole new aspect to the game that didn't exist back in the '80s and '90s. Wrong. On the front side, all you need to fill out - if you care - is the race of your warrior if it is different than the one they suggested. Although the "Favorite Sayings" is a great concept, the implementation of this offering is quite a low percentage. According to Consortium, 1 of 5 or 6 of his own fights has a statement or two and 1 out of 9 or 10 fights of his opponents has them. The back side of this form should be completely ignored since it refers to an element of the game that never came to fruition.

Waste: A warrior who uses the Wall of Steel style

Whiffle: A War Flail. This is considered by most to be the least valuable weapon in the game and has been known to bounce off naked skin.

Yahoo Newsgroup: http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/duel/
This site was often used as an emergency backup if the forums go down, although the files section is used more or less as an ftp, allowing anyone to upload files, such as maps, spreadsheets and tourney strategy sheets etc, to share with other managers. I heard that the site was having issues, but some of the documents are now housed here:

This is a work-in-process that welcomes contributions, so please PM me with edits and additions. Thanks to all who contribute so I don't have to resort to making things up, e.g. The Matthew Parry: when a manager defends a friend in the forums.


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