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Duel2 :: View topic - Arena Contests
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Beyond the tourneys and special arenas, there are Arena Contests. These contests are initiated and overseen by managers. Prizes can range from certs (see Dueltorial sticky) provided by the participants to the occasional prize from RSI, like being able to name an NPC or Dark Arena monster. Here is a list of contests with the descriptions courtesy of Managerr.

Battle Royale -- This premiere Delarquan event favors wins and losses over anything else. You get 1 point for a win, -1 points for a loss, the first competitor to 25 wins, wins the competition. (Arena: Talcama)

Capture the Flag Contest -- An individual contest where each manager starts with one flagbearer with the object being to capture and hold onto the most flags. You capture flags by beating another team's flagbearer. A fun contest where the standings can change wildly from week to week.

Mordanti Olympics -- Teams of 3 or more try and beat the other teams by having the best overall winning percentage through the course of the competition.

Regional Royal Rumbles -- The Andorian, Free Blade and Delarquan teams battle it out for regional supremacy. Each side sends warriors to battle with the side who has the best percentage in any given turn getting a point. The first side to X amount of points wins the competition.

Scum Fest -- An ADM-based contest where the object is to have the longest cumulative fight time at the end of 10 rounds.

Stormcrowe Slaughterhouse -- A contest similar to TOGS, without the writing requirement, as teams of two team up to try and get the most wins against other teams. (Arena: Stormcrowe)

Three & Out -- A warrior-based contest where you send warriors to fight every turn, and the last warior to get 3 losses wins the competition. (You can no longer fight once you have 3 losses)

TOGS -- Also known as the Tournament of the Golden Scrod, this contest tries to replicate the fun of basic arenas as much as possible. Teams of two try to score as many points as possible by winning fights (challenges and random match-ups), writing team spotlights and personal ads. Point values increase as the tournament reaches later rounds. Plotting, scheming, humiliating your opponents and accusing them of collusion are encouraged. (Arena: Aradi)

Turf War -- In this slow arena competition, teams form "gangs" of up to seven members and try to conquer the arena by winning fights, and marking their "turf" in the form of stylemasters, awards, and TVs and TCs. Winning team gets to rename the arena, among other prizes. (Arena: North Fork)

Quest for the Best -- A contest that scores based on wins + kills - losses. Managers can only have one scum per team and can declare a "challenger" and "scout" that can score extra points when they win. (Arena: Fratsfa)

Zalcon -- An individual contest that offers prizes for achieving variety of goals, e.g. Most wins, top warrior, most kills, stylemasters, etc.
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