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Duel2 :: View topic - Mailer Apr 2020 Results Discussion
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Author Message
The Consortium
ArchMaster Poster
ArchMaster Poster

Joined: Nov 23, 2002
Posts: 9807
Location: on the golf course, in the garden, reading, traveling, and now Consulting

PostPosted: Mon Apr 13, 2020 3:10 am Reply with quoteBack to top

A mediocre tournament for us.
22 entries (none in ADM classes)
82-65-1-3 56%ish
3 TVs
9-3 Adept LU
8-3 Rook ST
13-3 Rook AB (3rd place)

Congrats to the TCs!

The Consortium: Crapmaster 2013, Crapgiver 2014; 1196 ADM graduates (40+ manager IDs) including 166K+ fights and 111K+ wins plus 4 teams with 1500+ wins (Animal Farm DM11 @2040; Bulldogs DM11 @ 1942; Lenpros DM30 @ 1759; Fandils DM46 @1683
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Grandmaster Poster
Grandmaster Poster

Joined: Aug 03, 2003
Posts: 535
Location: The Dark Citadel, CT, USA

PostPosted: Tue Apr 14, 2020 11:01 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Let's see how good I was at picking for my own guys...

Contenders - ran the 2 most experienced of my growing horde of really good Contenders. They have both TVed the class before, but it's all about the matchups. They mostly go between 4-3 and 7-3, so I'm thinking 0 TVs, but could sneak one out if I get lucky.

Well, they both went 5-3... so was right with the range and the zero TVs... definitely didn't get lucky!

Eligibles - ran one. Busting a 9-14-5-21-9-5-21 fist AB. Of course he went in with good ST, mid 20s CN and 21 WL, so he looks very good. Should TV (1) this class and could make a deep run.

Aaaand.... no. Things started out great. Started 3-1 and cranked out all my DF trains, got GMA defense... then promptly got my ass handed to me by a BA and a LU. Wasted bust and no TV...

ADM - ran one. Old, heavy physical WS that has TVed the class before. Usually is at 5-3/6-3. Figuring no TV.

Well, sort of right. Ended up in the fools tournament - and finished 6-2 and a sexy fools TV... Made up for Eligibles (not)

Freshmen - ran 3 - Flying Pig is always a TV threat. The two younger ones are getting to the point where they are competitive and can win 5-6 fights with non heinous matchups. Thinking the Pig should sneak a TV (2).

Was pretty much right on, only Flying Pig just kept winning.
he beat the eventual TC 2x and the title fight was REALLY close. He could easily have won it. Cool though. His fights were easily 1/3 of my entire tournament... But got my TV, only didn't sneak it. He took it with force!

Challengers - ran 2 - both are very good. The older one has been 3rd 2x in this class and there was a big pull. He is a 21/21 LU with 5 ST and 10(!!!) CN trains. This also should be his last CHallengers barring him inexplicably going 1-3. So I have very high hopes. The younger one is VERY young and recently TVed out of dead Challenger - so she has a ton of skills. This is not her time, but she could sniff a TV with luck. I predict 1 TV (3)

Was pretty much dead on here. My old LU looked great. He managed to fight all the way to a TC fight, where he fought a PL he had beaten before. Unfortunately after a good start, he took a knockdown and that was it. He SHOULD get one more run. So here's hoping for a repeat performance in July.

Champions - ran 2 - one of them was a (very) last minute addition. My good one, who I've been holding, is a 3 time TV, one of the SZ 5 21/21 guys who rolled up as good as it's possible for one of them to roll up. Going in maxxed in skills in several areas and looking really good. The other one is a very nice arena warrior who graduated last week, so I snuck him in as a 28FE champ, immortal with known faves. The faves aren't so great, but hey, it worked for me in July. Thinking at least 1 TV (4) out of the 2.

Well, I was right about the late grad. He did well, but hus lousy faves hurt. My good repeat TV looked very good early, but this class was EXTREMELY competitive, with tons of studly prize guys and he ended up 6-3.
Definitely was a disappointment.

Adepts - ran 5 - I generally never have a bunch of Adepts, but I've been hording them lately. I ran the best, and 3rd, 4th and 5th best of my Adepts, plus a wingman type. Considering my 6th best is a DYO favorite of mine, these are really good warriors. 3 are from my team stat switch. I didn't add faves or damage to any of them, so they are not undefeatable, but I could see any of the group TVing and several of them winning the class with decent matchups. I predict 2 TVs (6) here.

Well... I actually ran 4. One of them didn't make it. But otherwise I was right on here. Got my 2 TVs and both of them looked fantastic. Unfortunately one of the sucky things about tournaments is every now and then there's one special guy that is your kryptonite and tears through your paper warriors like a paper shredder, and this tournament that guy's name was Gumball. 4 of my losses in this class were to him. Ah well. Revenge may be coming in Champs in July, as I will probably run the mob there.

Inits - ran 4 - after Adepts they look lackluster, but they are all solid. I could see any of the 4 TVing with the right matchups, and one could make a run, but my expectation is 1 TV (7).

My prediction was pretty close. A couple of them went 7-3, almost got that TV, but not quite. Of the group of them 2 are retiring, the other 2 will get an Adepts run.

Apprentices - ran 3 - the ST looks very good, the others are more project guys, one of which is really looking interesting at this point. But I thing one will do well and TV (Cool.

The good ST looked good and fought well. But he had bad matchups and went 6-3. No TV for him. But the interesting project guy, a TP that I had envisioned being an eventual successor to Flying Pig in Freshmen, refused to lose after a 4-2 start. He just kept winning, often by the skin of his teeth, and kept moving forward round after round. He ended up against another TP. The other guy was equally offensive minded and looked really good. Both guys were size 3. The only real difference was was in light armor and Aquinas was in plate. Hence I could take his SC shots, but he couldn't stand up to my BS shots. Good fight. Could have lost, but didn't. And after three title fight losses, I got my first TC!

Rookies - lost track of how many I ran... Just counted 15. I think that's more than I had planned... added a few arena guys and some guys HW gave me. It's a mixed bag. Many of them I think will be better apprentices on up, but some could be good rookies. I'm going to predict 1 TV (9) but it could be more if some of these guys step up.

Anticlimactic... My rookies SUUUUUCKED. It hurt that the last minute entries didn't make it. Not sure why. I did get my 1 TV here, but otherwise they pretty much all looked bad. I have 3 of them that are getting Apprentices shots, all the rest are done.

So I intended to run 35 guys, but it turned into 38. Even so, I'm predicting 9 TVs. Other than rookies and maybe an apprentice and my younger freshmen, there's no 'filler' here. Of the 38 I think 30 of them are legitimate TV threats. I have good hopes here..

Should be fun!

And it was fun! I think if I'd lost Apprentices too, I'd be thinking different, but that one paid for all, and a TC erases all the wounds of prior disappointments. My 9 TV prediction was a little much, as I ended up with 7 awards total. However 7 out of 35 (which was my original target number) ended up being very good. 4 title fights out of 35 surpassed my expectations for sure. I only had 3 guys fight fools and one of them won a fools TV, so not bad at all. Very pleased with my results and looking forward to July, be it mail in or FTF! Salut!
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ArchMaster Poster
ArchMaster Poster

Joined: May 06, 2003
Posts: 2468
Location: Frozen Tundra of North Dakota

PostPosted: Tue Apr 14, 2020 12:21 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

The Consortium wrote:
A mediocre tournament for us.
22 entries (none in ADM classes)
82-65-1-3 56%ish
3 TVs
9-3 Adept LU
8-3 Rook ST
13-3 Rook AB (3rd place)

Congrats to the TCs!

This is your idea of a mediocre tourney?? With only 22 entries?? I'll take it...

I only sent about 12 in, mostly mistimed arena guys but a couple of them did well, went 4-3 and got some skills. Lost a 21/21 AB in apps, but got a decent 21 WT repl back at least.

What are the odds there'll even BE a summer FtF this year? It may be a mailer...

Grim Fandango (21)
Vicious Delite (33)
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Unchartered Poster

Joined: Mar 02, 2016
Posts: 11

PostPosted: Tue Apr 14, 2020 1:45 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Challengers - ran 2 - both are very good. The older one has been 3rd 2x in this class and there was a big pull. He is a 21/21 LU with 5 ST and 10(!!!) CN trains. This also should be his last CHallengers barring him inexplicably going 1-3. So I have very high hopes. The younger one is VERY young and recently TVed out of dead Challenger - so she has a ton of skills. This is not her time, but she could sniff a TV with luck. I predict 1 TV (3)

Was pretty much dead on here. My old LU looked great. He managed to fight all the way to a TC fight, where he fought a PL he had beaten before. Unfortunately after a good start, he took a knockdown and that was it. He SHOULD get one more run. So here's hoping for a repeat performance in July.

For once it was nice to be the PL in this matchup...! It made for a fun read TDO - glad you got your TC in another class!! Interestingly, my guy had only 3 ST and 4 CN trains coming in but was a 21-17 to start...
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Advanced Expert Poster
Advanced Expert Poster

Joined: Jul 15, 2014
Posts: 169

PostPosted: Tue Apr 14, 2020 4:06 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Welcome to the Rona Tine™ Involuntary Confinement version of the Monday Morning Tourney Quarterback (MMTQB)! With everyone effectively under house arrest – I’m wearing an anklet – I thought it would be good to trundle out some classic prison movie references while reviewing my crew’s performance. As Theodore “T-BAG” Bagwell (No association) once said, “We are captives of our own identities, living in prisons of our own creation.” What better reference to start us off than one from Prison Break? Let’s go toss the cells, er, go to the tapes!

Quotes of the week

"Andy Dufresne, who crawled through a river of s**t and came out clean on the other side.” Ellis Boyd "Red" Redding The Shawshank Redemption

Rookies was an absolute cluster. Disaster. Abomination. There are other words for it but this is a family column.

I think the only time I’ve been more frustrated reading rookies was during that stupid “choose-your-own-adventure” mailer with the multiple endings, none of them having the decency to be happy ones. I had the strongest rooks crew I’ve ever had. I may post them all at some point, but, seriously, here are a few representative examples:

17-11-5-21-9-14-7 N/G BA
11-7-11-17-21-10-7 N/R SL
10-10-14-21-15-3-11 G/G LU
17-6-6-21-10-14-11 P/G ST (for the haters)
11-5-7-21-15-14-11 N/G ST (more my speed)
7-9-11-11-21-4-21 N/N AB
17-10-4-11-21-10-11 R/R WS

A few sobering statistics that I was tallying as I went, round by round:

1. By round two, only 8 warriors were without a loss. All but one of those listed above had at least one, some were already out with two.
2. By round three, there were three undefeated.
3. By round four, one warrior remained undefeated. One. Out of 29.
4. By round five, 25 of the 29 had two losses or more.

At this point, I was reminded of a fun little metaphor about a chef in a kitchen. Here it is, in a nutshell:

“But my father believed that a good chef made all the decisions about food; if the guest added even a bit of lemon or salt to something my father had built, then, he believed, there must be something wrong – either with the food or with the guest.” Brust, Dragon

So here I was with a group of really great guests. There was little, if anything, wrong with them. So that left one inescapable conclusion: There was something wrong with the food. And that meant there was something wrong with the chef. And that would be me.

By round 6, I knew I needed something. A sign. An indication of the future. A ray that would shine and reveal the true nature of this group of warriors and my management thereof. And, in the midst of that rookies despair, like a flash from on high, I got it: On three consecutive fights in round six, I lost the following three warriors:

13-8-6-21-10-5-21 AB (+3 DEF)
10-10-5-8-21-9-21 AB
7-10-8-21-17-4-17 AB (+4 ATT)

Round 6 ended up a 4-12-0-3, sixteen-warrior pinnacle of managerial performance. By round 7 there were 8 warriors left. By round 8 there were two, one of whom was on the bubble and the other with one loss. Silver lining, I had a lot of warriors for Apps next tourney! I ruefully remembered my pre-tourney goal about rookies. Making the final. Ha! Andy Dufresne’s quote, “I don’t think that’s too much to ask.” Apparently it was! Ironic.

Tree Fu Tom, a 9-6-7-11-21-9-21 N/G AB, was the warrior on the bubble. He’d been on the bubble since that masterfully managed round 6, having already lost to a bloodthirsty striker Lirpa in round 2 and then a Doc Steele slasher in round 6.

I don’t know what happened.

A round 7 matchup with a Doc Steele LU Crystalfire had Tom “on the verge of shock” but gave Tom the ability to revenge a death. A tDO LU had him “frantically careless” in round 8. A couple TPs in rounds 9 and 10 didn’t hurt. Another close fight with a Doc Steele LU in round 11.

There’s a Bugs Bunny cartoon called “Baseball Bugs”. In it, as the pitcher (and every other position on the field, but that’s neither here nor there), Bugs does an incredibly powerful windup and then throws his snails-pace changeup – hilariously accompanied by the sound of a sputtering airplane engine – that slowly floats towards the batter(s). And, one by one, each batter furiously wiffs three swings on the same slow pitch – literally the same single pitch – and Bugs wins the game. As this occurs, the umpire quickly shouts three times in succession “Strike one! Strike two! Strike three, you’re out!”

The last six non-standby fights were a lot like that. All against Aimed Blows. Virtually all involving a single swing where Tom got the jump and put them down.

The last fight, with OAB’s Nu Telescopii, was a nail-biter, with Nu dangerously stunned off the first hit, then Tom desperate and badly hurt when Nu retorted. A nice Will roll and riposte settled things. In eighteen rounds, there were only two fights where Tom’s opponent didn’t manage to teach him anything. Both were against Nu Telescopii. Just sayin’. Stingy jerk.

The improbability of gathering 12 straight wins on the bubble against the best remaining rookies is just silly, particularly when you consider how he had fared through round 6. Knack or random tourney seed, take your pick. With 11 Wit, it’s not like he was outlearning the competition along the way!

Grats to OAB for Nu’s run. Looking at the NL it looks like he, too, went on a tear, vanquishing 7 straight opponents on his way to the finals.

“A temptation resisted is a true measure of character.” Louis Dega, Papillon

I recently made the mistake of sending in a ST rollup without a name or a style. The result? Fred, my new PS, courtesy Lord Sandy. I compounded that mistake by yielding to the temptation to run him this tourney. After all, if not under this circumstance, when would I ever run a PS? Also, he was of respectable, if not grand, stature: 13-9-7-21-11-10-13, N/G, +3 OB RIP. Result: 0-2, before salvaging a 3-3 amongst fools.

“Some men you just can't reach.” Captain, Cool Hand Luke

I know. I shouldn’t have my warriors attempt stat trains in tourneys. I know it, I know it. But I keep trying. The sheer idiocy of this was brought home to me with my ADM warriors, all of whom were training stats every round. I mean, what else are they supposed to do? I had hoped it would be more than this:

21 WL – 3 trains missed at a first stat raise.
21 WL – 3 trains missed at a first stat raise.
21 WL – 1 train missed at a first stat raise.

Of course, there were plenty of other misses but, statistically, those didn’t sting as much. The insult to injury occurred when a warrior, my last one standing at 6-2, got a meaningless Con train – his first success – on his way out of the tourney at 6-3. Makes me wonder how anyone ever succeeds in busting!

“Geez, what's wrong with him?”
“Oh, that's Johnson. He's on a hunger strike so they are force-feeding him to keep him alive.”
“At least there's some humanity here.”
“They're going to electrocute him next week.” Harry Monroe, Young Man In Hospital Stir Crazy

In this instance, the Otto taketh away in the one encounter I can find. His Initiate, T.N. Johnson, mopped up on my hapless OTP in round 3 prior to Kharadmon putting her out the next turn.

“I'm lookin' for a new punk!”
“Good luck.”
“You don't understand. I just found her!” Wolf to Frank Morris, Escape From Alcatraz

Icky Beats was a desecrator to my Challengers aspirations. He made a punk of each of my warriors he ran into, putting both of them out of the tourney, including my eventual 4th place TV. Not sure who runs him, but I suspect it is Howlin’ Wolf, of Howlin’ Wolf TC Enterprises, Limited™, which makes the quote even more apropos. I guess if you are going to be put out by someone, hard to do better than the ultimate Tourney Champion!

“I could shoot the manager while I was at it, sort of like a bonus.” Brooks Hatlen, The Shawshank Redemption

To my knowledge, I’ve never had a Fools tourney Tournament Victor. So, I wasn’t even sure how you knew you won. Mark Mercury, after the requisite 0-2 start, did ok in the Fools Champs playpen, successfully stealing toys from four consecutive toddler opponents and then losing to a stupid TP with a kung fu grip on his toy. The fight clearly said that he was eliminated so I moved on. It had been a long slog to record everything, my eyes were tired and the last few pages were in sight. I quickly finished and breathed a grape-laden sigh of relief.

It wasn’t until I read the newsletter, courtesy of Destitute Noble, that I saw he had actually TV’d Fools Champs. What? I went back and, it turns out, he had actually beaten that TP. Huh! I don’t know why but I assumed it would involve more Fools fights than 5. Either way, word got out fast since Mark got back to Zuwayza to find Isle of the Eye service of process already nailed to his door.

Anyway, back to the quote, I also didn’t realize until saw it in the newsletter that, not only had my warrior Suhture won the Adepts Fools contest, he had done so by murdering his last opponent, an OAB plunger named Montebank. Sort of like a bonus.

“On any other day, that might seem strange.” Cameron Poe, Con Air

All five of my deaths were in rookies and four of them were Aimed Blows.

Awards of the week

As mentioned previously, 70 warriors (Not 75, fake news!) were sent in. Five of them are now doing a stretch for murder. Five others, some beauties included, got shanked and won’t be returning.

Six warriors did well enough to get the TV prize, a carton of contraband cigarettes straight from Richmond, Virginia. One warrior clawed his way to the title of Cell Block Leader, avoiding the Hats and Bats the entire way, earning the coveted TC prize of an Anvil’s Hammer™ autographed shank. An additional two wound up Fools Champs, a first for me.

Having entered 70 warriors, and achieved 7 (real) awards, the 10% Cool Manager title is back and, frankly, I wear it well. Sadly, I still see people cross to the other side of the street as I approach but I am writing that off to the virus. Enjoying their ‘rona ‘tine.

The TV’s included 3 STs under Floyd’s Theory of Tourney Optimization™ , a lunger, a waste and my second SL in a row. The TVs spanned every basic class except Adepts, which is oddly satisfying. I did have a 7-3 Adept. Thanks, Howlin’ Wolf!

The TC was an AB, my inaugural for the style and quite a surprise.

Stats of the week

All told, the 70 warriors achieved 245 wins, 204 losses and exchanged 5 kills and deaths. This equates to a 54.56% win ratio which, when taking into account floating point representation to avoid rounding error or, to the layman, applying banker’s rounding, becomes – Goal spoiler alert! – a 55% win percentage.

Best style: A tie between Wastes and Aimed Blows at 58%. Because of that TC.

Worst Style: All slasher, with a 45% win ratio. Despite that TV.

Best Class: Challengers ( Shocked ) at 67%.

Worst Class: Freshmen at 40%. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Goals of the week

Five pre-tourney goals, let’s quickly review:

Goal 1: These last 5 additions need to do better as a group than the original 65 do. FAIL

Goal 2: A non-basic TV. FAIL

Goal 3: Adex INI/ATT/DEF LU survive Inits. PASS

Goal 4: Make a rookies final. PASS

Goal 5: 55% W/L percentage. PASS

Factoids that may only interest me

I. The combined record of my five killers was 29-14-5-0, two of them being TVs. This seems contrary to my point of view that attempts to kill can lose you fights.

II. Only 3 warriors went winless, a definite improvement from past tourneys. And one did so because she was dead on round 1. The others were, oddly, both slashers. An 11-9-5-21-17-14-7 App and an ADM warrior.

III. In looking at the individual stats with a value of 21 in relation to win percentages, DF led WL which led WT in a pretty straight stepdown of 60% to 56% to 54%. In looking at combinations, WL+DF led at 69%, with WT+WL at 52% and WT+DF at 50%. 10 of my warriors did not have a 21 in WT/WL/DF. The WL+DF stat is interesting but, like with the average salary of University of North Carolina geography majors in the 1980’s, I suspect one data point is skewing the result.

Mr. United Global Services Member Travel Note

Apparently, Global Services status does not convey to the home quarantine environment. In terms that left no room for doubt, this was made clear to me on Day 1 after an imperious call for a beverage refill.

Brief truths

A. When you get thrashed in ADM, and then start off 3-0 with your three Challengers, it’s like the game is whispering to you, “shhhh… it’s ok. You’re safe now. This is basic.”

B. If a bird literally sh*tting squarely on your head between Challengers and Champs isn’t an omen for Champs, I don’t know what is.

C. When the Casa Reynoso Oracle telleth you “Response the Strikers”, you response the strikers.

Ten things I think I think

1. I think the “hold at fedex location” gets better and better, as the tourney is ready to be picked up at 8:30am whether it is sent overnight or priority overnight. I think the next step will be to experiment with holding at the Walgreens a block away and test receipt times.

2. I think OAB is really in his element in ADM. I think Surly was appropriately named.

3. I think that, as my non-basic game takes root, it is really fun to bump against legends during the tourneys and see them in action while they whomp on my comparably inept warriors. I think without that, it’s really hard to connect to such a large part of the game that everyone else has been talking about. I think it was Bismuth Bender who made me think of this.

4. I think the open hand, backup weapon thing didn’t work out so well for me this time.

5. I think if the game were to assign weapon favorites to managers, Howlin’ Wolf’s would be a SH.

6. I think it was a knockdown tourney, though I leave such declarations to the experts. I think attacking the head during a knockdown tourney limits the benefit of it being a knockdown tournament.

7. I think I saw more people in APL than I have ever seen. I think I also saw more people without a helm than ever before. I think this might be A Thing.

8. I think it’s morally ok to be whispering “kill him, kill him!” under your breath as you read a fight, particularly when it’s an undefeated tDO warrior that wiped the floor with your other guy the previous turn.

9. I think Whale Meat was a one-whale wrecking crew to my Champs squad. I think it was hilarious to turn over the 11th round fight for my sole survivor, an on-the-bubble SL, and immediately think “Oh no! Whale Meat!!”

10. I think these are the other things I think this week:

a. I think it still feels good when you beat managers on round 1 that you have tremendous respect for, even if it’s your best warrior likely beating one of their scrubs.

b. I think losses hurt more than wins feel good.

c. I think I’ve threatened to explore using the response strategy more. I think I did this tourney. I think I may have overdone it.

d. Coffeenerdness: BoV’s latte art has improved dramatically during the Rona Tine.

e. I think it’s cool that Doc Steele still comes up with reasonably themed fantasy warrior names while I have resorted to attempts at cleverness.

f. I think when your Apps EX + 3 DEC striker sees a 4’11” ST across the sands from a team called “Flawless”, two things are certain. First, your warrior is going to lose. Second, your warrior is going to get his ADEX.

g. I think it’s funny how some warriors, who by all rights are down for the count – down on the ground, bleeding badly, desperate – are suddenly catapulted to their feet as if by their own personal god.

h. I think the worst name I saw this tourney was Gorilla Fingers of Raging Bowels. I think I can’t even figure out what that means and I think I am thankful for that.

i. Winenerdness: Happiness is discovering the liquor store one block from your Myrtle Beach hotel is stocking Caymus. And it’s on sale.

j. I think it’s embarrassing for everyone concerned when DMob’s TP forgets the fundamental tenet that TPs are supposed to lose to ABs, and handily at that.

k. I think I said to myself, “chip and a chair” a lot this tourney.

l. Obit of the Week: Who to choose, who to choose? So many nice candidates. I guess I’ll have to go with the 13-8-6-21-10-5-21 AB +4 ATT Aimed Blow.

Who I like in July

I have a bevy of really nice lungers making their way through the ranks but you can just never tell when they might decide to show up for a tourney. The 85-skill apprentice went 4-3. The Init survived with a 2-3. I think I will have to settle on a more reliable style and pick a 17-3-5-21-15-12-11 N/G Init ST with ADEX + 2 DEC, and EXs in DEF and ATT, and one timing fight still to go.

Adieu Haiku

Rookies AB win!
Rookies was a disaster!
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The Consortium
ArchMaster Poster
ArchMaster Poster

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 15, 2020 3:58 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Some great summaries here.

Once again,Vlad's gives me the chuckles.

KUDOS all Exclamation

The Consortium: Crapmaster 2013, Crapgiver 2014; 1196 ADM graduates (40+ manager IDs) including 166K+ fights and 111K+ wins plus 4 teams with 1500+ wins (Animal Farm DM11 @2040; Bulldogs DM11 @ 1942; Lenpros DM30 @ 1759; Fandils DM46 @1683
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One Armed Bandit
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ArchMaster Poster

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 15, 2020 5:29 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Primus was solid, but not great. SNAKE OIL SALESMAN went 5-3, so my dream of getting a Primus TV will have to wait until another day. He did get some wins against marquee names, including the eventual Primus TC. Meanwhile, I tied for best record in two of the stylemaster categories with a 1-4 performance by my BA, DECK SWAB, and a 3-3 performance by my SL, SUSHI SLINGER. I'll have to wait and hear back from Lee if I won on FE tiebreakers or not. Overall, I was happy with how my group of 6 Primus warriors of 6 different styles performed. No 0-5s, half of them made it past round 5, and their combined 15-20 record was not a huge drag on my overall tourney.

I wasn't expecting much from Contenders, and that is what I received. I ran a BA named HORSE D'OEUVRE over the line and he went 4-3. My AB who occasionally TVs, DUSKBLOOD PUDDING, puttered out at 6-3. My LU went 2-3.

I was excited to read Eligibles, with two bust-outs going, but they both got off to a rough start. PUBLIC ENEMY NO. 3 took some early losses, including one where he broke his weapon, couldn't be bothered to draw his back-up, and got into a fist fight with an AB. He went out early at 3-3. I suppose I should have pushed him closer to the line before busting him out.

NAKED LUNCH, my natural mode FI AB, started with 195 total skills and attributes of 25(16)-20(13)-8-16(1)-25(8)-7-21. He learned 10 gateway skills before the tourney, and would be training DF in 1-9 and WT in 10+. He started out a little better than my other bust-out, beating two WS in the first two rounds, but taking a tough loss to TMM's PR CYCLOTRON PAJAMAS in round 3. Two more wins over a LU and a SL got him to 4-1, then Assur's PL GAD put a second loss on him. Here I am after Round 6, with one bust-out out at 3-3 and the other on the bubble at 4-2. Things looked ugly. The good news for NAKED LUNCH is that he had gotten all 4 of his DF trains, so was at 225 total skills now. I read each fight on the edge of my seat, but NAKED LUNCH kept winning. He got to use just his FI for the next four rounds, beating 3 LUs and an AB on his way to a TV. Then came PHIL HELLMUTH, a tough busting PL in round 11. Having already lost to a PL and a PR with my FI/SC set-up, I wasn't feeling great about it, but this fight went my way, and I got the WT train to 17 for 230 total skills. Then came a win over a tough TP, and a bye against DANGEROUS CRIMINAL.

It felt like I might be in the finals, but you never can tell. I was matched up with CYCLOTRON PAJAMAS, who was 12-1. This fight was super close, and he landed 3 LO crits in 3 minutes, but I was able to pull it out with SC crits (and one FI crit). Next round was CYCLOTRON PAJAMAS again, and I knew I was in the finals. This one was less close and quicker, as I hit him twice, he hit me once, then I hit him twice more. And NAKED LUNCH, who began life as a 9-7-8-15-17-7-21 AB, never got a TV in basic or ADM prior to this, and spent 200 FE prepping for his one shot at glory, won the TC for me.

After that, my lack of TVs in ADM, Freshmen, and Challengers wasn't even a letdown.

I had what I thought was some nice stuff in Champions. My clone AB washed out at 2-3. My ugly SL did a little better at 4-3. I did pick up my second award for the tourney, however, by sneaking in an 8-3 Champions TV with a 9-5-11-21-17-6-15 ST.

I didn't have much in Adepts, and it showed. My best performance, sadly, was a PL named MOUNTEBANK who won his way back in Dead Initiates in October only to die in the Fool's Adepts finals.

I thought my Initiates were a good group. My DYO AB, after earning an Apprentices TV with Little damage, managed a 4-3 with Good damage. What I thought was my best ST going in went 5-3. I did get a 9-3 Initiates TV with a nice 9(1)-9-8-21-17-10-11 ST, though, so I didn't walk away from the class with nothing.

Apprentices was a disaster, with 0 TVs and 4 of my 11 entries going into the Fool's tourney.

So I'm about to read Rookies, and I have 3 awards so far out of 51 entries. I'm not normally a good Rookies manager, but my 11 Rookies saved my award percentage this tourney. I managed to get two 8-3 TVs, one with a 17-17 LU and another with a scum PS. The LU was a throwaway 12-11-7-17-17-9-11 design that came back good/good and Expert in Attack, so I gave him a try. The PS was a 17-17-3-5-21-10-11 design, and he ran scummy with WH/ME against most styles, and went 10-10-Dec with the SS against ABs. It worked pretty well, although eventually his slow learning caught up with him. The real surprise of the class (as if those two weren't enough) was getting to my first ever Rookies final with an 11-11-10-17-9-5-21 AB. Pretty boring numbers, but he rolled up with good damage and an Expert in Attack, so I threw him in. By the finals, I had one loss, and Vlad's AB had two losses, but it turned out that he had the better warrior. My AB, NU TELESCOPII, finished with the runner-up at 15-3-1.

With 62 entries, I ended up with 6 awards and a 239-185-5-3 record. Overall, it was a great tourney for me. I missed out on a rainbow DYO last time around, so I'm excited to get to design one this time. 6 awards out of 62 is close enough to 10% (if you round) and a 56% win percentage is better than I usually get.

It looks like the 11 TCs this tourney went to 10 different managers. ABs continued their dominance, but it wasn't total dominance, as LUs managed 3 TCs, and both PL and TP each won a TC. All in all, it was a nice distribution of prizes. Congrats to everyone that TC'd and who achieved their goals!

I'm looking forward to the summer tourney, and to the upcoming Bloodgames. I have already begun plotting my roster, and I am assuming that I will be participating from home. Considering I haven't left my apartment building in 1 month, I think that is the safe bet. Hopefully its a rare summer mail-in, but I'll participate even if I have to send stuff to a FtF that I can't attend.

I hope everyone enjoyed their tourney, and I look forward to crossing blades with you all in the next one!
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