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Duel2 :: View topic - Sunset and the Tribe
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ArchMaster Poster
ArchMaster Poster

Joined: Jun 27, 2006
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 27, 2021 8:52 am Reply with quoteBack to top

People don't seem to post here anymore, which I think is too bad as I have always enjoyed the Forums. I posted the bit below as a team spotlight in arena 21. My team, the Nomadic Tribe, just topped 1,000 wins, which I think is pretty cool. So if you are interested - the history of the Nomadic Tribe.

Also - if you are looking for a healthy arena with a lot of history come join us in Sunset, Jewel of the Delarquan Federation! The Tribe needs someone to beat up on for the next 1,000 wins!

The Tribes Nomadic Trip through Sunset History.

The Nomadic Tribe first showed up in Sunset in 1992. We came at the invitation of Stik, who was an arena stalwart even then, but with a team called the Borribles. We played only sporadically and within a year, left the game for over a decade, returning in 2006. Since that time, we have only missed a few turns by accident and now stand on the precipice of 1,000 wins. It is a proud accomplishment Ė yes, simple stubbornness can get you there, but you have to have that stubbornness and stick it out for many years and have a fair amount of success over that time.
A total of 31 Tribesmen and women have achieved immortality in Sunset, covering all 10 styles. Only one striker seems shocking. It is a pretty good balance. There have also been a whole bunch of warriors that died with double digit wins Ė oh, so close to immortality, but now they are vying to make a comeback on another of my teams, the Phantom Regiment.

Strikers: Only one. Yep, only one striker. How does that even happen?
Black Tiger: 11(+1)-4-17-21(+2)-13-11-11(+1) One of the original 5. 23-16

Pikers: 4 of them Ė a team favorite
Dr. Dream: 11(+2)-18(+1)-6-17-13-9-13 One of the original 5. 24-12
Ullrich Bladesong: 11(+2)-11(+1)-13-17(+1)-21(+1)-5-11 22-10
Zurgo Axelord: 16(+1)-6(+1)-16-15-17-5-11 24-22
Gypsy Wolf: 9(+1)-13(+1)-7-15(+1)-21(+1)-13-12(+2) 23-14

Basher: 5
Saquatch: 15-6-13-17(+1)-17-12-5 24-17
Bul Goblinhewer: 17(+1)-17(+2)-10-13(+1)-17(+2)-5-11 23-27
Donegal: 11(+1)-10-10-17-9-17-11 16-5 Personally keeping the Basher win% afloat.
Halbarad: 17-10-14-17-7-8-11 22-15
Grudge Hammer: 15(+1)-13(+1)-19-17(+1)-17(+1)-4-3 22-27

Slasher: 2
Nerve Raker: 13-5-7-16(+1)-21(+2)-5-21(+1) 19-11 One of the first Ė from before I knew about burning. What could have been?
Lupus Major: 14(+1)-4(+1)-17-13-21-10-7 21-18

Lungers: 2
Thelonius: 11(+1)-10(+1)-11-15-21-5-13 The only tribesman sitting in Primus 18-3
Storm Bloodsower: 15-17-9-13-9-6-15 27-14

Plungers: 3
Gitchigoomie: 14(+3)-17(+4)-8-17-21-3-11 16-12. The only TV from the Tribeís roster.
Torino: 11(+2)-19(+2)-10-11(+1)-21(+1)-9-11(+2) 18-9
Baron Wildwood: 15(+1)-15(+1)-8-13(+1)-21(+1)-6-11(+1) 21-6

Wall of Steel: 3
Jagare: 13(+1)-16(+3)-12-13(+2)-21(+1)-3-13 18-5
Wambasu the Bold: 15(+1)-5(+1)-20-11-21-7-7 Not your typical Waste. 24-28
Sundowner: 11(+1)-12(+1)-16-17(+1)-21(+1)-4-7 25-19

Aimed Blow: 3
Batwamba: 14(+2)-7(+4)-8-8(+1)-21-12-21 Iím not sure of the record, but it wasnít great.
Little Bou: 15-12-5-17-9-9-17 20-14
Lunar Eclipse: 9-9(+1)-14-11(+1)-15(+1)-9-21(+1) 23-18

Rippers: 2 But why do they all die? Or almost all.
Dante Furioso: 11(+1)-11(+2)-12-17(+2)-21(+1)-4-15(+1) 17-7
Ozadanwin: 9(+2)-13(+1)-9-15(+1)-21-10-11 21-18

Total Parry: 6 Three scum and three not so much scum. TPs donít die as much.
Shaman: 13(+1)-15(+2)-6-13-21-9-11(+1) One of the original 5 24-10
Ziggy Wolfsbane: 13(+2)-17(+3)-7-17-15(+1)-10-11 21-11
Wally Weeble: 17(+2)-21(+3)-10-6(+1)-21-4-11 30-21
SLís Ironwood: 17(+3)-20(+4)-19-3-21(+2)-8-7(+2) 32-19
Groundswell: 14(+1)-15(+1)-5-17-17-7-11 18-4
Rancor: 16(+1)-17(+2)-9-7(+2)-21(+2)-10-13(+2) 32-18

Some of the roll-ups have been quite good. Others were quite moderate. Others have been experiments because, why not? 5 of the 31 had losing records when they graduated, but two of those were bashers, so they donít really count, right?
It has been a good run Ė and I donít plan on riding off into the Sunset anytime soon. In fact, I think Iíll stick around in good olí Sunset and start working on the second thousand wins. Stik has a pretty big lead on that one, but maybe I can beat him there. Ben, your next to 1,000!

-Nomad, Manager of the Nomadic Tribe

Nomadic Tribe(21)
Dragonbane Guild(81)
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