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Winter 2020 Face-to-Face!
Our Winter FTF will be held at our favorite Embassy Suites in Tempe on the weekend of January 17-19, 2020. Hope to see you there!
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Halloween 2019 Mail-in!
Ahringol animated the dead so they could battle for a chance at resurrection.
Tournament Newsletter

Summer 2019 Face-to-Face!
Our Summer FTF was in Tampa, Florida, July 19-21, 2019.
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Spring 2019 Mail-in!
Death and Taxes... was held in April.
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Winter 2019 Face-to-Face!
Our Winter FTF was in January in Tempe, Arizona.
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Turn-by-Turn Results
Congrats to the victors!

Halloween 2018 Mail-In!
Tournament Announcement
Tournament Newsletter

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Stuff Happening All over Ghea!
Managers find that arena newsletters contain all sorts of interesting and useful information. Amazing! See for yourself... (Continued D14)

Traditional Duelmasters Arenas
If you enjoy arena play with no tournament participation, these arenas are for you! All managers in this arena must sign the No-Tourney Pledge to compete in this arena, and only rookie teams may move here. We now have three arenas (DM 20, DM 81, and slow DM 83) as well as one Advanced arena (DM 107) in this style. Join in the fun!

Duel2 Fiction
Check out the Duel2 fiction by Mark Manley!

Upcoming Conventions:
OrcCon (Los Angeles, President's day weekend, mid-February)

Duel2, formerly known as Duelmasters!
Effective May 1, 2004, the name of our game is officially changed to Duel2! (Sorry for the confusion!) (Continued A2)

Strategy Sheets
Do you need a regular DM strategy sheet? Or a strategy sheet for the next Face-to-Face? How about a sheet for a regular Mail-In Tourney, or one for a Dead Tourney? Your search is over!

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