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Rodeki--Arena 42

Rodeki is a small mining town whose arena was erected to provide cheap entertainment for the mine workers--and an effective means of disciplining unruly ones. The city is the source of about half of the Delarquan Federation's metals--gold, copper, and silver all are found in abundance in its mines. They maintain some contact with the dwarves whose tunnels extend to the southern reaches of the Daggerspine Mountains. Isolated from road and river traffic, Rodeki natives have a very distinctive accent which marks them when they travel abroad--a rare occurrence. "Rodeki jokes" are common in other parts of Alastari, but they are seldom told when there's a Rodeki native around to hear them, for the people of Rodeki are proud and hot-tempered. The Governor of Rodeki, Orrin Vorasyn, was killed by a manager in the local arena, who was then himself murdered, under extremely cloudy circumstances. The Crown Council named Gryzash of Sibikhas as the new Governor, after he had acted as the city's administrator for some while.

Rodeki was originally governed by Orrin Vorasyn, a grossly fat, paranoid sadist with some magical skills. Vorasyn was overthrown by the Avatar and the Trickster, two wizards who manage gladiatorial teams, who proved just as unpopular as Vorasyn and who died and/or disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Rodeki is a member of the Mordanti Confederation, and Vorasyn was appointed by King Tarall; with his death, plans for a new appointee fell apart. After several months of interim governorship by Devon Dulake, a local noble, Gryzash of Sibikhas stepped in and took over. Gryzash has since been confirmed in his governorship by Princess Talissen, the current power in Mordant.

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Published on: 2002-07-14 (1368 reads)

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