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The Osksi Empire

The Osksi Empire is the oldest of the Delarquan Kingdoms. Cities included in the Empire are Osksi itself, Jhelum, Cliffhome, Illis and Tricorus. Tricorus and Cliffhome are considered vassal cities, though in fact Cliffhome has been a member of the Empire long enough to have gained influence and status in its own right. Tricorus is currently a center of unrest; it is not known whether or not it will try to break away from the Empire or simply agitate for more representation in the Council of Lords and higher status in the Empire. Illis, settled by refuges from the ancient and honorable Empire of Lirith Kai, finds Osksian decadence shocking, but respects and understands the elaborate Osksian code of status, intrigue and honor far more than do the barbaric notions of the Mordanti or the unruly independent Delarquan cities.

The Empire is ruled by the Council of Lords, which is composed of representatives of all the noble houses of the Empire. The Council is comprised of two parts, the Council and the Twelve. The Twelve are the true heart of power, and are selected from the most influential lords in the Council at large.

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Published on: 2002-07-14 (1401 reads)

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