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Transel--Arena 6

Transel is an island town, located in the great bay formed by the Osksi peninsula to the south and the Ardivent peninsula to the north. It is south of Kaltos, closer to the mainland, and a member of the Delarquan Federation. Transelian natives are of mixed heritage. Their ancestors include the dark-skinned proto-Rirorni exiles who have settled most of southern Alastari over the past five or six hundred years, as well as the fairer and magically gifted folk of the Skaithvarn Peninsula from across the Trier Sea, and the Avaluni, who beached their foundering ships on the western shores of Alastari after the Chaos Wars. (The majority of the Avaluni landed farther north; ironically, the staunchly Delarquan citizens of Transel are related by blood to the Convincian people of the Andorian League.) Transel and Kaltos are rivals for the trade (both legitimate and otherwise) that flows through the great bay, and Transelians are rather suspicious of their northern neighbor's ties to Ardivent, an Andorian city.

Transelian clippers are among the swiftest ships in Alastari and are much employed as couriers, smuggling ships, and privateers. Transel's main industries are fishing and shipping, but the island is most famous (or infamous) for its wizards. Transel regularly produces wizards and sorcerers of great power--though most of them are responsible practitioners of the arts arcane, there are always a few who let their power go to their heads. The common people of the island are never certain whether to be proud or terrified. Luckily in recent years the wizards who might have done the most damage have been more concerned with petty feuds among themselves to pay much attention to the rest of Alastari.

The island's government has undergone much upheaval of late, with various rival factions claiming to be the island's protectors. As most of these factions have produced at least as much damage to public and private property as the average typhoon, the population at large has become rather cynical about anyone who claims to be protecting them. Theoretically, the isle is governed by a wizard elected by, and from among, the senior members of the Transchael Guild Arcane. For over two years there has been no effective leadership, as the current governor, Gelsavian Greenheart, has been in a mysterious coma, and is represented by his indecisive and ineffectual niece, Uvalie the Younger. The day-to-day governing of the city is done by a temporary committee of eight prominent (read rich) citizens and shipping captains, who answer to elders of the Guild Arcane, and by the corrupt but practical Chief Constable Tarkindor.

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Published on: 2002-07-14 (1387 reads)

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