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Khalani--Arena 55

The village of Khalani was first settled by the last few proud members of the Vehan Khalaniin the turbulent years following the Mordant conquest of Dullens. They left the ravaged area around Dullens and traveled north, where they settled on the banks of a lake they named Vaierr.

At first living was difficult. The warlike nomads and horse breeders had never managed a village on their own, and they were too proud to travel back to Dullens while it was under Mordant's thumb. However, Vehallinia, the then commander of the Vehan Khalani, determined that they NEEDED that solid stock, and she sent spies south to liberate the oppressed who would follow them. Slowly, refugees who wanted to leave Dullens came north and settled in Khalani.

Gradually, the village grew into a pleasant town, sheltered by the lake at their back and the fields that stretched out to the east before them. The farmers tilled the vast, lush fields while the Vehan bred their fine horses. Khalani is known for having the finest and swiftest riding horses in all Alastari. A Khalani steed has been known to fetch as much as 1000 Andorian eagles in the free markets, while in Delarquan cities the prices are often higher. The fine sailing and fishing on the clear waters of Lake Vaierr bring in tourists from all over Alastari.

Khalani was established. The Vehan poured themselves into the work on their excellent steeds while the simple hard-working people of the town elected themselves a mayor and other city officials. There was further rejoicing when their sister city of Dullens finally broke the chains of Mordant and firmly re-established itself with Dullens and Lapur as Charter Cities. The three then defeated Morya and made the Charter Cities into a Quinumvirate.

Khalani sent warriors to its sister cities to fight in the arenas of Dullens, Lapur, and Morya long before raising up an arena of its own. The descendants of the Vehan were stern, hard-bitten warriors that had long aspired for an arena in their own city, for city it had at last become. The arena was built and dedicated to the once-vast tribes of the Vehan Khalani, from whose blood the cities of Dullens and Khalani were built.

The bloodline of Khalani is matriarchal, stemming from the female leaders of the Vehan Khalani. Today men and women serve equally in the cavalry, although most of the leaders are female. The current leader of the Khalani is the Vehal Yssirian Allaya, 24 years of age. She is an intelligent, devoted woman with a far-seeing eye on the future of her city and her people.

The Khalani are still a war-like race, generally stern, with the blood of the races from Dullens, Lapur, and Morya most strongly bred with their own fierce line, with traces of Rocani and even Rirorni blood. They are generally fair, with the occasional appearance of the darker skin of the southern races, with pale eyes and hair. Their pride in their past, their town, and the Charter Cities is enormous.

The Delarquan Federation, although not a new enemy, is a less worrisome one than the raiders of Chimlevtal, the Charter Cities nearest enemy. Occasionally, working with the delta city of Monuntial, the Charter Cities fight with Chimlevtal over trade route rights. Khalani, being the closest to Chimlevtal, usually supports the burden of the raids.

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Published on: 2002-07-15 (1269 reads)

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