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Monuntial--Arena 34

Monuntial is an ancient city, first built by the elves in their days of empire, thousands of years past. For ages it had a rivalry with Lapur, the dwarven city to the south, and at last, a few years before the last Chaos War, the elves and the dwarves had a final climactic battle. The dwarves of Lapur were completely destroyed and driven from their city, leaving behind them the enigmatic ruined catacombs upon which modern Lapur is built.

The elves of Monuntial were also hard hit, though not completely eradicated. The city struggled on for some years, until, when the Chaos Wars hit, floods of human refugees overwhelmed the city. Though several of the older families of Monuntial still bear strong traces of elven blood, for the most part, the city today is human populated. The current ruler of Monuntial is Lord Quetzal, whose family is one of those with a strong strain of elven blood. He has ruled the city for the past fifty years and is known to be a clever and dangerous opponent.

Monuntial is a major port and the entry point for one of the branches of the Great Eastern Road. As such, its main rival for the shipping trade is Chimlevtal, the port to the north. Both ports are united against the pirates of Niytyole Island. Despite joining the Charter Cities, Monuntial and Lapur continue to some extent their ancient feud, this time over trade revenue. Monuntial is known for its shipyards and its navy is the strongest on the eastern coast of Alastari.

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Published on: 2002-07-15 (1293 reads)

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