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Death and the Dark Arena

While warriors pay no taxes in the World of Alastari, Death is inevitable. If Death visits your stable of fighters, Reality Simulations provides a new character rollup free of charge. You can choose a new fighting style and determine your new warrior's attributes by the same process as your original rollups. Whenever Death comes knocking at your door, a random replacement will be sent the same turn your warrior dies. If you wish, you can fight a replacement warrior on the same turn that you send in the rollup just by writing "NEW" in the warrior's ID# space. Otherwise, you can wait for the character's overview to arrive on your next turn to see how they turned out before entering them into combat.

Occasionally you may wish to personally dispose of one of your warriors who has not lived up to your stable's standards. The means of doing so is provided through the doors of the Dark Arena. Dark Arena fights are special fights, held by torchlight in the dead of night with a bloodthirsty audience, where your doomed warriors are sent to fight very powerful and deadly opponents. Orcs, Goblins, Trolls and Shewish Giants may be seen in the Dark Arena. Sometimes even the Arenamaster takes a hand in the Dark Arena duels. Dark Arena fights are always to the death.

We caution you not to send too many of your fighters to the Dark Arena too soon. Young fighters are inexperienced and will lose more at first than they will later on. Many take time to develop, through skills or attribute increases, into powerful fighting machines. This is especially true of styles which require more finesse; these may appear weak and fumbling at the start, but will sharpen with experience. And if you ever send a character to the Dark Arena and they survive (it happens once in a blue moon) consider saving them and finding out what they've got going for them. Maybe it wasn't just blind luck.

To send a warrior to the Dark Arena, simply write "Dark Arena" in the Wish to Fight section of your strategy sheet. You won't need to worry about any other challenges, avoids, or special strategies, because Dark Arena challenges are automatically successful. After you send a warrior to the Dark Arena, you will receive their last fight results, not often a pretty sight, along with a free replacement character that you may fill out and return the next turn.

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Published on: 2002-07-14 (1929 reads)

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