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The Aimed Blow Style

This style's whole intent is to strike repeatedly, with precision and accuracy, a few of their foe's least protected body locations. Varying attack locations too frequently can reduce an Aimed Blow artist's effectiveness. A key thought to remember is that while they are not overly active fighters, they are none the less offensive, not a defensive, warriors.

Perhaps no fighting style is as modified (for better or worse) by a tactic as the Aimed Blow. An Aimed Blow specialist using the Lunge tactic will fight much like a Lunger, while using the Bash tactic will make the fighter act much like a Basher. The Aimed Blow style is well suited to the Lunge, Slash, and Bash tactics, depending upon the weapon being used. The Decisiveness tactic is not compatible with the basic "wait for the best opening" nature of the Aimed Blow style.

Defensively, the Dodge tactic works well (shifting, looking for that perfect opening) and the Parry tactic works fairly well (the Aimed Blow style allows the time to build a parry defense between attacks). The Responsiveness and Riposte tactics are not effective (although many a player has thought that they should be). The Aimed Blow attack is a very deliberate blow, not a responsive action and not a blow well executed following up a riposte.

There is little agreement about the best way to fight an Aimed Blow specialist. Some try to make high intensity lungers or bashers (again, depending on weapons and tactics) while others attempt to make their Aimed Blow warriors as versatile as possible. It is not easy to make a perfect Aimed Blow, and the best ones usually take some time to develop. Hence, a strong Will and Wit are useful to an Aimed Blow warrior, allowing the character to develop considerably over time. The single most important attribute for an Aimed Blow artist is, however, Deftness.

The classic weapon of the Aimed Blow attack style is the quarterstaff. Aimed Blow warriors can use just about any weapon that can be used with great precision, for example, the epee or shortspear.

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Published on: 2002-07-14 (2086 reads)

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