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Weapons, Armor, and Helms

The Duel2 games began in the small nation of Mordant, and the use of Mordant weapons has continued traditionally to this time. The sovereign rulers of many nations have often used their considerable influence in the attempt to add weapons of their own nationalistic design, but thus far the Mordant Duelmasters have resisted any change.

A quick note on the distinctive weapons of the Mordant. Originally, they lived on horseback, fighting with lance, bow, and scimitar. As the result of a tribal war, the Mordant were driven north of their former grasslands. They settled in swampy, forested land, and over the generations became a people of woodland warriors, relying on hatchet, spear, and longbow. Many current Mordant weapons retain this "heritage" of earlier Mordant horse weapons.

One of the best pieces of advice for Duel2 is to consider well the advantages and disadvantages of various types of weapons and armor. While combining all the right qualities of individual warriors, fighting styles, and tactics can help decide which weapons to use, remember that many weapons are versatile and may be used by different styles and approaches equally well.

Still, weapons may be broken down according to their basic design and the uses to which they are put. Daggers, swords, and hatchets are bladed weapons and are among the most versatile. Sturdy bashing weapons are also effective for striking and other deliberate forms of attack and are occasionally bulky enough to parry effectively. The spears are most commonly associated with the lunging attack style, but are also employed by all three of the parry-attack styles. Then there are shields, which not only protect a warrior but can also be used to deliver a healthy blow.

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Published on: 2002-07-14 (1870 reads)

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