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Though the Mordant Duelmasters won't budge on the weapon selection, armor has been given the opportunity to diversify in the Duel2 arenas. Thus, armor has broad groupings with many styles and types within each category. For example, the Mordant scalemail is made of small, overlapping bronze plates sewn onto a soft leather jerkin, while the Osksi scalemail is made of small oval overlapping pieces of iron riveted onto a hard leather jerkin.

Leather Armor (ALE): Leather armor ranges from a soft leather jerkin to cuir-bouill, leather which is boiled in oil, which then dries very rigidly. Some forms of cloth armor are also listed under Leather. Leather armor is surprisingly effective, but tends to reduce rather than stop damage.

Padded Leather Armor (APL): Padded leather ranges from very thick leather to leather padded with cloth, which will cushion smashing blows. While padded leather tends to have this cushioning effect, some weapons can readily chop through or puncture this thick yet pierceable armor.

Ringmail Armor (ARM): Ringmail is a suit of loose ring armor sewn into leather or linked together as a loose chainmail, usually over a leather jerkin. Ringmail may be the best overall armor in terms of its weight as compared to the overall amount of protection it affords. Ringmail absorbs most crushing blows very well, but is at a disadvantage versus long, thin bladed weapons.

Scalemail Armor (ASM): Scalemail has various types of overlapping plates riveted or sewn onto leather. It is designed to deflect blows, thus doing well versus slashing attacks and weapons. However, scalemail tends to be heavy in relation to its relative protection, and tends to have various small "chinks" in its armor which can be smashed or pierced.

Chainmail Armor (ACM): Chainmail has small, metal, interlocking rings fitted into a suit of armor. Chainmail is a remarkably good overall armor, but few can wear it and not lose mobility. Chainmail is in essence a more heavy (and well designed) ringmail, and to a greater or lesser degree has the same strengths and weaknesses as ringmail.

Platemail Armor (APM): Platemail is a combination of various pieces of steel plate connected by small sections of chainmail armor. Platemail armor is heavy, often as heavy as full plate armor. The special virtue of platemail is that it leaves very few portions of the body unprotected. Weapons and styles which rely on attacking unprotected spots and weak chinks in the armor fare slightly worse versus this type of armor. Only one weapon fares well against platemail, the same weapon that is also very effective against full plate armor.

Plate Armor (APA): Plate armor consists of large, concave, body fitting pieces of metal which may be worn over other armor, or fitted together as a solid unit. Plate armor is heavy, hot, and cumbersome. Only very strong, large, tough warriors should even TRY to use plate armor. Lighter weapons (and the Mordant longspear) tend to bounce off this metal shell. However, more than one knight has had their plate armor shell smashed and bent into odd looking shapes, with them still inside it!

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Published on: 2002-07-14 (2259 reads)

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