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Transferring Between A.D. Arenas

Warriors will be given the option to transfer arenas every six months, just before the second turn following each bi-annual Grand Tournament. This is the only time in which a warrior may transfer arenas, i.e., warriors may not transfer arenas at any time other than the second turn following each tournament. Warriors that graduate to A.D. may transfer to their regional arena, DM 100, or DM 106 until the next transfer time. With the exception of warriors who have been inducted into Primus, a warrior may choose to transfer to any of the A.D. arenas for which he is qualified, as shown on his current warrior overview. Those warriors inducted to Primus are automatically transferred to DM 102. All other warriors will have at least three A.D. arenas to choose from: DM 100 and DM 106, which are open to all A.D. warriors, and one of the national arenas (DM 103, DM 104, DM 105, or DM 107).

Many warriors will also qualify for the Home Guard arena and/or the Primus arena and may choose to transfer there rather than to a national arena. All warriors who have not been inducted into Primus may either transfer to Primus or not as desired.

THE ARENA SELECTION SHEET. Prior to each Grand Tourney you will receive an Arena Selection Sheet. This sheet will be due by the second turn following the Grand Tournament. Each warrior may make up to two selections. Each selection may be either an arena to transfer to or the ID number of another warrior to follow (we don't want enemies to escape too easily, do we?!). A warrior who does not qualify for his first choice will next attempt to qualify for his second choice. A warrior who doesn't qualify for his second choice will remain in his present arena. There is one exception: A warrior in the Home Guard arena or Primus arena who does not qualify for either selection and also no longer qualifies for the Home Guard/Primus arena will be transferred to Arena 100. In the case of a "follow" selection, the warrior will attempt to transfer to whichever arena the warrior being followed transfers to.

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU TRANSFER. A warrior who transfers A.D. arenas will fight his second turn after the Grand Tourney in the new arena. No challenges can be made on this turn. Each manager will have a separate team record for each of the A.D. arenas, so the first time you transfer a warrior to a particular arena you will start out with a fresh team record in that arena.

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Published on: 2002-07-14 (1825 reads)

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