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Some General Information About Advanced Duel2

FEES. Advanced Duel2 is a separate game and as such has separate fees. We feel it is important to keep Advanced Duelmasters fees to a minimum. Advanced Duel2 is intended to be a rewarding enhancement to the gaming experience of our long term faithful customers and we don't want anything to detract from that intention. Accordingly, A.D. turn fees are less expensive than Basic Duel2 turn fees. The cost to play in each A.D. arena is US$3.00 for one warrior, and US$1.50 for each additional character after the first. Most players will initially have only one warrior in A.D. and thus will pay a flat US$3.00 per turn to participate in the combats and to receive the A.D. newsletter. We hope that this fee is reasonable and will not preclude anyone from enjoying Advanced Duelmasters who wishes to do so.

GENERAL INFORMATION. Each A.D. arena will have its own newsletter. Turn fees will be separate for each arena. If a warrior is due a free fight credit on the turn that he transfers, unfortunately, the credit will be lost. Likewise, a warrior with Tower Guardian status who transfers will lose his Tower Guardian status. (If the Tower Guardian transfers out of an arena, the warrior with the most recognition points on the turn following the transfer will be declared the new Tower Guardian of that arena).

WHY TRANSFER. No warriors except those inducted to Primus are required to transfer, so why transfer? The reason you may want to transfer is the same reason we created additional arenas. With seven arenas, there are seven Tower Guardian positions to fight for! This provides more "breathing room" for finding a good competitive forum for each of your warriors along with an arena atmosphere that you like. New warriors that do not transfer to their regional arena will always go to Talahya or Crysalis (depending on whether they graduate from a regular or slow arena) until the next transfer time. This will be the "introductory" or "central" area. Branching out from this are the national arenas which should boast somewhat stiffer competition as well as a rather different atmosphere. For somewhat Ferder going there is the Home Guard arena which should tend to be weighted with the "more brawn, less brain" warriors who have made it to A.D. by virtue of tremendous experience rather than a tremendous skill base. At the top of the heap is the Primus arena where "the unbeatable" go head to head against "the unbeatable." Few warriors save the bravest will transfer to Primus A.D. by choice.

* * * * *

We hope you will enjoy Advanced Duel2, and that you will take advantage of the different arenas available. As always, it is possible that we will make some modifications as time goes on. We may add an arena or two or eliminate an arena if circumstances warrant. As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions. Good luck! May victory be yours!

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Published on: 2002-07-14 (1965 reads)

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