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The Andorian League: An Overview

The Andorian League is located in the northeastern corner of Alastari. Populated by humans, elves, giants, dwarves, and many other races, it is the most densely populated land in Alastari. The League is made up of the Frafrejan Empire, the Raltuman Nation, the Kingdom of Convincia, the Aruaki Clanhold, and the Barony of Ardivent. Within each kingdom are several large cities, as well as numerous small towns and villages.

Nearly seventy years ago these nations allied in order to defend their lands from the marauding bands of southerners, who had recently formed into the Delarquan Federation. The rulers of the various nations met in the largest city of that time--Aruak--to sign the Concordat of Honor and Defense. The then-current Clanlord of Aruak, Rylian I, was crowned High King over Andoria (the general term adopted for the League; an ancient Frafrejan word for honor), and given in marriage to the eldest daughter of the Frafrejan Emperor, Alloiani. The capital of the League was moved in the reign of their grandson, Mickeal II, from Aruak to a small village on the border of the Frafrejan Empire and Convincia. It was named Andor, and is today a central meeting place for the rulers of the nations.

The High King of the Andorian League from 491-507 was King Rylian IX, the second son of Mickeal II. The leaders of the nations of the League are collectively referred to as the Council of the Concordat. Rylian was an intelligent, introspective, far-sighted man, ever seeking ways to improve the lives of his people. Under the rule of his grandfather, Priam VIII, slavery was completely abolished in the League. Today, even serfdom is frowned on in the League. His eldest son, Mickeal III, was crowned in Andor in Leafturning 507 after the assassination of Rylian by a Karnhorn fanatic (against the wishes of the Karnhorn Satrap--it was a direct violation of the Karnhorn/Andorian Peace Treaty of 506).

The first gladiatorial arena in Andoria was built in the city of Arkers, to better compete with the Delarquan Federation, which by that time had arenas in seven cities. From there, the practice has spread across the League like a fever, reaching even the capital city of Andor itself and the far-off islands of the Raltumas nation. Although Rylian had less interest in the gladiatorial games than most Alastarian rulers, his elder brother Priam IX (who ruled before Rylian, and died childless) was a fervent follower of the games. His influence led to the erecting of Andorak, on Sheila Greywand's Isle of the Eye, for Andorian Lord Protectors. Mickeal III, like his uncle, is focused on the success of the Andorian Arenas, and personally interested in all the doings of the Andorian Lord Protectors. He was formerly the Spymaster of the Andorak arena (495-504).

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Published on: 2002-07-14 (1421 reads)

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