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ANDOR--Arena 57

It was in the reign of Mickeal II that the capitol of the Andorian League was moved from Aruak to the small town of Andor, newly constructed at the junction of the River Talon and the Andor River, just south of Kati-Tei, on the border of three of the four Andorian kingdoms. A village of peaceful farmers and a center of religions for the combined kingdoms, it was considered an excellent location for Fahir Rieyal, the White Palace of the Kings of the Andorian League.

At present, Andor is a thriving, peaceful town bustling towards its prime. From the center of the town rises Fahir Rieyal--a gleaming white granite building with arms that stretch out as though to embrace the growing town. Andor is filling with artisans and religious men who are turning more and more from the larger, bustling cities of Andoria for the relative peace of the growing capitol.

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Published on: 2002-07-14 (1343 reads)

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