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Zensu--Arena 40

Zensu is a small, quiet city, famed for its wizards. It is located at the inner fork of the junction of the River Andor (Welgin-Tei, to the Murskans) and the River of Whispers, which drains the Lake of the Mists. It's surrounded by forest, a little hilly (with the south and east sides of the town rising up higher, directing the course of the river). Sight of Zensu from the hills gives the impression of red-tile roofs and white-washed walls; a small and homey sort of place. On the surface, it is strictly Fratsfan with all those connotations of honor and uprightness, etc. Zensu is at the junction of the Free Blades/Andorian border and is the stopping point of all ships navigating the River Andor to the Lake of the Mists and the Isle. Perhaps this location is the reason for the city's thriving underworld. Lord Protectors who come by ship to the Isle go through Zensu. As the nearest city to the Isle of the Eye, it is the major supplier for the small towns that have grown up around the Isle arenas. A charming city known famed for its arts, Zensu is frequently visited by Lord Protectors, and students from the Stronghold Academy of Magic, enjoying a holiday. Zensu is also well known for its skilled boatmen who ferry goods up and down the river from Kati-Tei to Murska.

There's a bustling tourist trade (which is why they want to keep that quaint exterior appearance) as well as a thriving smuggling trade. Zensu is likely the point where slaver caravans sneak kidnapped freemen out of Andoria into the Karnhorn Empire or south to Zukal. Outside of tourist trade and fishing, timber products from the local logging industry are the primary trade export of Zensu.

Ruler: Duke Farron Dellon. The family name dates back to an intermarriage with the Dellons of Aruak several generations ago, but Duke Farron has no trace of Demnat's gift, and is Frats to the core. He is a man of middle height and build, with grey eyes and light brown hair and a rather long, serious face. He has a wife (his second) and three children. Duke Farron of Zensu is a fairly typical member of Fratsfan Parliament, enjoys his "winter home" in Zensu and rules in a fairly lackadaisical manner, assuming that the appearance of Zensu is what it really is. Most of the actual governing in the city tends to fall on the City Guard and Duke Farron's oldest son, Arkon. The duke's home is on the far south point of the city, on a slight rise.

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Published on: 2002-07-14 (1360 reads)

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