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Seam--Arena 20

Seam gets its name from the great crack in the earth north of the city; Seam is located on a fault line. (Not a very large or active one, but the city does have minor earthquakes from time to time.) There are also a number of hot springs and geysers near the city, and Seam has resorts and bathing houses built around them. Seam is something of a tourist town, and attracts wealthy travelers from all across Alastari. The city also bottles mineral water for export.

Seam is the northernmost Aruaki city. Like all Aruaki cities, it has a temple to the Beast God, Demnat, and some of the inhabitants are shapeshifters, able to assume the form of large cats at will. Because they are so near the Convincian border (and Convincian farmers take a dim view of disappearing cattle), shapeshifters in Seam are subject to stricter laws controlling their activities than in the central cities.

The arena in Seam was built to attract more tourists, and is a large and impressive building.

Ruler: Lady Tahrenaa Vaill Desshian of Clan Desshian. The only child of the previous Lord of the city (which is not a separate Earldom), Lady Tahrenaa is ruler until her marriage, under the guardianship of the Temple. Tahrenaa is seventeen, rather spoiled, silly and romantic. Waiting for a White Knight to sweep her off her feet. Knows little and cares less about the day-to-day governance of the city. (Which is, by the way, done mostly by the Regent's Council, a body of a dozen local lords and priests.) A shapeshifter, she can assume the form of a tiger but is untrained in her talent and discouraged in its use by the Council.

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Published on: 2002-07-14 (1409 reads)

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