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Zorpunt--Arena 24

Eight hundred years ago this city was claimed and settled by the Van, a civilization advanced beyond their contemporaries. They named it Mipunt, meaning "large bay." After the collapse of the Van Nation in the Chaos Wars, Mipunt was on its own. Five hundred years ago, five brothers, Aldrige, Elorcon, Istan, Odrige and Ubcon came down the Shadowbourn River from Fratsfa to Mipunt, thinking they had just traversed the legendary Bay of Itril (they had a very poor sense of direction). They convinced their followers that this was Alfhame, which actually was a few thousand miles away, and they dubbed it Zorafme (a mispronunciation of Alfhame). It wasn't until the city reestablished relations with Fratsfa fifty years later that they discovered their true location. Four hundred years ago the Frafrejan Empire ceded the land to the Aruaki Clanhold.

Of late, the current Earl, Yort of the Clan Desshian, has put his attentions toward gaining more power, specifically being named Clanlord of Clan Desshian. Fortunately, his cousin Lord Fren has kept the city in very good condition, despite Yort's neglect.

Zorpunt is a long, narrow city which sits in the middle of the Ivory Road. It is the third most populous city in the Aruaki Clanhold and the sixth largest city in the Andorian League.

The majority of people are Aruaki, mainly of the Desshian Clan, of which about a quarter are shapeshifters. There are few, if any, elves in Zorpunt due to the usual conflict elven and Aruaki populations have with each other. A tenth of the populace are giants of Shew. Five percent are of Fratfajan decent, and there are other races that make a whole of twelve percent of Zorpunt.

Zorpunt is cut into three sections; Northington, Middington, and Suthington. Northington is the largest, but the least populous part of Zorpunt. It consists of a five square miles of field and lush forest of tall whitewood pines and rotund mequoiyas. It is a hunting preserve, teaming with large and small game. The forest runs right up to the edge of Northington Cliff, which looks down upon Northington Bay, a popular spot for day sailors and yachtsmen.

Middington is the hub of the city. Almost all businesses in Zorpunt make their transactions in Middington. About eighty percent of the people live here. Middington Bay has the largest port of Aruak, and the sixth largest in Andoria. There are five dry-docks in Midding Bay; one small maintenance facility for private ships, three moderately sized shipwright stations for merchants, and one huge facility for military vessels.

Suthington is the best kept section of town. It is the home of the five Zorpuntan Houses: House d'Aldrige, House d'Elorcon, House d'Istan, House d'Odrige, and House d'Ubcon. House d'Aldrige is by far the richest of the five Noble Houses. Its income is derived from a sixty ship merchant fleet, a twenty ship fishing fleet, and many acres of prime farmland rented out to peasant farmers. House d'Ubcon is the poorest Noble House, run down by its current Patriarch, Jev d'Ubcon. Jev's claim as Patriarch is being challenged by his half-brother, Mot, first born of their father. Mot will not receive recognition as Patriarch because he is half-Aruaki. The Noble Houses, being of descent from Fratsfa, hold a strong racial prejudice against the Aruaki. Up until six years ago, few Aruaki lived in Suthington. At that point, Lord Fren Dellon bought twelve acres of land in Suthington under an assumed name. His intention was to bring the people of Zorpunt together by putting them on equal terms. As soon as Yort found out about this, he realized his chance to enforce a tax set upon the five houses. Fren sold Yort (in the name of the city) six acres, and Yort set up a constabulary station, putting Suthington under Zorpunt's legal authority. (Although by law it was already under the Earl's legal authority, in fact it had been mainly patrolled by the Noble Houses' private guards.) Fren sold the rest to several Aruaki individuals. Suthington Bay is privately owned (by the House D'Istan) and is only open to Noble House members.

Upon the consolidation of all Andorian militaries, Zorpunt was named as seat of the Andorian Admiralty. Consequently, a white iron, seven story high tower was built standing five nautical miles out of Middington Bay. The Needle, as it is referred by marine personnel stationed there is supported by black iron arms jutting out from three islands, placed sixty degrees and half-a-mile apart. The wide supports are used as ports for the warships anchored below. If the stabilizing magic which protect it from corrosion were to be dispersed, it would only take ten years for the Admiralty to rust enough to collapse. You can see the Needle clearly from Northington cliff.

Ruler: Earl Yort Desshian Torres of Clan Desshian. He is an ambitious, ruthless man in his mid-forties with dark, greying hair, amber eyes, thin-lipped, and a classically handsome, rather cruel face. Scheming to become the current head of Clan Desshian. He is married to Rialaren Enkir of Desshian; they have four living children. His family is large and close-knit; he has four brothers and two sisters, and several dozen aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews. A shapeshifter; can assume the form of a tiger.

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Published on: 2002-07-14 (1333 reads)

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