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Caleam--Arena 26

Caleam is an odd city. Situated in the nation of Aruak, its roots lie in the Delarquan Federation. Two hundred years ago, the Silvered God, Karn, Lord of the Moonlit Sky, appeared in the council chambers of the city of Bonsur at high noon. The apparition informed the baffled council that the people of Bonsur must flee the city to escape the coming Time of Death. The god then disappeared.

Immediately argument and dissension broke out. Had this been a true divine manifestation, or an illusion cast by some demon in the thrall of Bonsur's enemies? The Queen of Bonsur, Ariannva (great-great-grandmother of the current Queen Gemra) ordered the council to consult the priests, scholars, magicians and diviners of the city to determine the truth or falsehood of the visitation.

Some say that men of learning are prohibited by guild rules from agreeing with more than two of their colleagues. If so, the priests and scholars honored their guilds well that day. Though the question appeared to be a simple yes-or-no divination, the priests delighted in coming up with new and ever more vague explanations for the day's events. Finally, in disgust, the Queen ordered three of the more obnoxious scholars boiled in oil to hurry the advisors along. Still the scholars remained divided, and do to this day. The council, upon analyzing the cost of relocating an entire city, presented to their Queen the opinion that it was a demon's trick.

However, some of the population were convinced that the god had spoken. These families packed their belongings, sold their lands, and left the city. After much wandering, they finally made their way north to Aruak, and settled there. They named their city Caleam, or Moon.

Inhabitants of Caleam today tend to be much darker than average for Aruaki. Perhaps because of a need to prove themselves completely severed from their past ties, the people of Caleam are today very militantly Andorian. Because of their physical resemblance to the natives of the southern Delarquan states, they are often employed as spies.

Caleam has very few of the shapeshifters so common in other Aruaki cities, and Demnat's temple runs a definite second to Karn's. Caleam is mainly a farming community, and its arena is rather small.

Ruler: Earl Terr Desshian of Clan Desshian. A big, bluff, hearty man, fond of hunting, dances and gambling. Not overly burdened with intelligence, but popular with the peasants and a fairly decent ruler. Is the current head of Clan Desshian, and completely oblivious to the political scheming of his cousin Yort. A shapeshifter; can assume the form of a tiger.

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Published on: 2002-07-14 (1316 reads)

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