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Point--Arena 27

Point is mainly a quiet town of fisherfolk. The city of Point runs a ferry to the island town of Iaye, and there is a great deal of intermarriage and business between the two cities. Hundreds of years ago, the Point Peninsula and the island of Iaye were connected, and the cities of Point and Iaye were merely outlying suburbs of the great city of Krael. Legend states that the lord of Krael was a great tyrant, who was eventually overthrown by a group of rebels; the sorcerous battle sunk the main part of the city and separated Iaye and Point forever. The fishermen of Point consider the waters over the sunken towers of Krael to be cursed, and there are rumors that the evil lord did not entirely die, but exists still in the dark ocean depths, transformed into a terrible water-wraith. Bold divers report that the crumbling buildings of Krael can still be seen, and great treasure awaits him who can devise a method of diving deep enough to retrieve them.

For a complete rundown of the history of Point prior to the destruction of the peninsula, reference the history of Iaye.

Ruler: Earl Draggorian Vaill of Clan Vaill. A scholarly, quiet sort who prefers to remain outside the tangle of Aruaki politics; his library is one of the largest private ones in Andoria and he has published several books of philosophy and natural history himself. He is liked by the people of Point; his rule is conscientious and quiet. The only fault one might find with him is his lack of flamboyance and charisma. Earl Draggorian is in his fifties; he has a wife and an undetermined number of children.

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Published on: 2002-07-14 (1355 reads)

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