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Caer--Arena 48

Founded at the base of the foothills of the Daggerspine Mountains, Caer was originally a combination logging camp and mining town. As with all such rough beginnings, civilization came slowly. As the loggers and miners brought their families, the city built schools, stores and shrines, clustering around the sleek rock formation that rose in the center of town. This needle-like fountain of rock was named the Caer Allianinna Needle, and it was from this the town took its name. In recent years the Needle is called only the Allianinna Needle, and most people have forgotten where the name came from at all. Some logger's families said their great-great grandfathers knew it was dwarvish, while the miners' ancestors were certain it was elvish.

Caer was, for a long time, a fiercely independent community, formed by hard, proud men and stern, efficient women who cared passionately for their home and fought off the outsiders with all their strength. However, this became increasingly difficult as the Mordanti continued their aggressions against the town from the south, determined to make Caer a part of the Mordanti Confederation. Finally, in desperation, Caer turned to the expanding borders of the western Ardiventi Barony and pleaded for assistance.

The Barony welcomed Caer into its sphere of influence and immediately sent out armies to assist in protecting the small town from the advancing Mordanti, but the town was overtaken. For some twenty years the Mordanti and the Ardiventi armies (with some assistance from the Frafrejans and the Aruaki, who were also worried about Mordant at the time) fought over the tiny town, and in the end the Ardiventi prevailed.

In the next two hundred years Caer was fortified into a city and given armies and a governor of their own who answered to the Baron of Ardivent. As the gateway to the north, it has been the constant site of raids and skirmishes, and was recently the victim of another attempt at conquest by Mordant. Caer has remained, however, a very independent and free-wheeling community. There are often clashes between cultures there, and naturally the Mordanti have never forgotten that this small city was once briefly theirs, and have every intention of taking it again. Caer has stood fast against them for years, and vows it will forever.

Ruler: VRIIL REHINDA, LORD GENERAL, GOVERNOR OF CAER. Commander of the Ardiventi Combined Infantry and Cavalry, named Governor of Caer after the Mordanti Invasion. Entered the army just before the first War of Caer and earned his first command in that battle. Rose swiftly through the ranks to take command of the entire combined armies at the unheard-of age of 39. Is tall (5'8") for his family, commanding, stern-featured and definitely military. Not likely to ever be `relaxed' in public; a VERY serious man. His hair is jet-black and his eyes sapphire blue; he definitely shows the elven blood in his face--his ears are pointed and his eyes are large and slanted. He has been happily married to Reiann for twenty years, and they have five children, W'yrinn, Thy'llia, Kryaal, Yorria, and Niejii.

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Published on: 2002-07-14 (1276 reads)

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