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Khalhums--Arena 53

Khalhums is a dwarven word meaning (in its politest translation) mine tailings. The human city is founded over what was the best-known entryway into the underground kingdom of the dwarves, which extends beneath the Daggerspine Mountains all the way down to Rodeki. Khalhums is a city of traders and miners, rowdy and irreverent, full of "misfits" who, for one reason or another, have made the rest of Andoria too hot to hold them. On the very border of Andorian-held territory, it is known as the best way to get something into the League which shouldn't be got--technological items, banned magical tomes, slaves, you name it. Respectable on the surface, Khalhums possessed an underside which could be dangerous for the uninitiated; in the year 504 into 505, during the Great Rirorni War, the High King of Andoria, Rylian, tightened his grasp on Khalhums and enforced a closer inspection of incoming caravans. As the main pass through the mountains and therefore to the Isle of the Eye, trade is allowed through Khalhums that is not allowed in other places in Andoria--however, caravans containing merchandise illegal in the League are granted only a one fortnight visa, and must be out of the League at the end of two weeks.

Dwarves were a common sight in Khalhums and the city was the major point of contact for their dealings with the upper world until the closing of the gates in 504. Both the Delarquans and assorted independent nations keep legates in Khalhums, ostensibly to deal with the Dwarf-king. However, this all changed in 504 when several human problems led to the dwarves simply getting fed up with the people. The Dwarf-king closed the gates leading to the surface and Khalhums became almost exclusively a human city.

The change led to a purging of the "underworld," for the most part. Khalhums became pretty much clear through what it appears to be--a pleasant mountain town. However, the rocks and gorge and other landmarks of Khalhums have attracted into them "spirits," which are looking for deification; these spirits are mischievous, but friendly, and accept any accolades that the people of Khalhums might give them, including names, gifts, or mild worship (one of these was named "Fajitor" by some of the warriors of Khalhums; Fajitor fancies itself a true god, but it has not yet reached that level of power).

Ruler: Lord Governor Rhynden Whellor, a friendly, warm, open man; large bodied (not PRECISELY fat, but looks like a moving mountain) with a wide face, large brown eyes, close-cut sandy hair, and a wide mouth. Clever and competent, he's in no way outstanding, but he enjoys his job and the people of Khalhums, and was overjoyed to have gotten the position of Lord Governor of that city. Has a certain amount of the "weirdness" required to operate a city like Khalhums.

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Published on: 2002-07-14 (1342 reads)

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