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Duel2 :: View topic - Manager List Updated
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Grandmaster Poster

Joined: Sep 30, 2012
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 20, 2013 1:06 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Managers List
29 October 2012: I have cleaned up the list and added alphabet markings.

Reborn 25 October 2012: This list was originally started by Swinetiger. Since he is absent, and some other managers want to add their name to the list, I picked it up.
The following is an alphabetical listing of managers broken down by the following criteria:

- Manager Name:
- Active Teams/Arenas:
- Inactive Teams/Arenas:
- Playing history (i.e. years you've been active):
- Items of note (Whatever you care to include, e.g. # of TCs, graduates, alliances, etc.):

For inclusion, please PM me your information. ~ Longshot



Ancient One, the
aka Andruil the Ancient
Active Teams/Arenas: Amen!: DM-7 (Bonsur) , Wizardguard: DM-18 (Talcama), and House of Hearts: DM-81 (Shadowspire).
Playing History: 1991-1992, 2006 - present.
Items of Note: Unaffiliated, but started playing with the majority of the IT alliance. Ironically, started back up when BWD and Jolly went inactive. Primarily a casual manager in basic arenas. Has earned two Tourney Victors. One of them was in the Dead Tourney. Has graduated three warriors to the Isle of the Eye.

Active Teams/Arenas: The Upstarts II: DM-11(Aruak City), Crystal Cages: DM-12 (Riztab), Troubled Waters: DM-19 (Zuwayza), The Upstarts III and TPW Forever: DM-60 (Aradi).
Inactive Teams: An unknown amount of teams that have sporadic activity. Several of them are in DM-82 (Dwes Eg).
Playing History: Sporadically since 1992.
Items of note: Member of Fonz non-alliance. Anti is better known for writing funny stories than any actual managing ability. Has one Tourney Champion.

Active Teams/Arenas: Philanthropists: DM-11 (Aruak City) , DM-43 (Veastian), DM-81 (Shadowspire), DM-82(Dwes Eg), and DM-84 (Blackstone).
Inactive Teams/Arenas: Have Philanthropists in every Free Blades arena. Aragorn started off with team names like: Lords of Doom, Creeping Death, and Sacred Dawning. He blames a short heavy metal phase in adolescence for that. All of the teams became Philanthropists in 1999.
Playing History: Started twenty years ago, and has had a sporadic career ever since: 1989-1995, 1999-2002, 2004-Present.
Items of note: Aragorn, who named himself at the age of 15, is an arena manager who has earned over one thousand wins during his career. He has one Tourney Champion despite not taking tournaments serious. He has graduated 34 warriors to the Isle of the Eye. This number includes at least two of the ten fighting styles. One of them being a DYO (Design Your Own) warrior. His first arenas were DM-20 (Seam) and DM-35 (Murska) back in the early days.
Aragorn tends to retire warriors when they reach Primus. In regular arenas, he will run just about any roll-up unless it has single digits in both WT/WL. Aragorn will not have an alliance with any non-Philanthropists.

aka Assur
Active Teams: Fruits – DM-51 (Tricorus), Bashaholics Anon – DM-59 (Illis), Bash Bros Housemate – DM-19 (Zuwayza).
Inactive Teams: Shepherds- DM-18 (Talcama-home arena), Next Generation- DM-18 (Talcama- tourney team), and Bash Bros.- various arenas.
Playing History: Played since the mid 1980's with two hiatus.
Items of note: Member of the LBA. Runs way too many bashers. An arena manager who mostly dabbles in the tourney game.


Active Teams/Arenas: On the Rocks: DM-35(Murska) & DM-103 (Freeblades), Gorgeous Goblins: DM-102 (Primus) , and Jungleland: DM-81 (Shadowspire).
Inactive Teams/Arenas: On the Rocks: DM-56 (Rocanis) and Split II: DM-84 (Blackstone).
Playing History: 1991-1994, 1997-1998, 2009-Present.
-Items of note: Bartender has managed two Tourney Victors and has seven graduates on the Isle of the Eye.

Bill the Bard
Active Teams/Arenas: The Red Blades: DM-81 (Shadowspire).
Inactive Teams/Arenas: The Players: DM-14 (Tobir) and the Red Blades: DM-25 (Lyratilan).
Playing history: Started playing in 1989 through mid-1990s, 1999 to 2001, a brief run in 2007, and 2009. Bill the Bard is currently active.
Items of note: Has played on a few multimanager teams.

aka High Lord Bosk
Active Teams/Arenas: Stormbringers and Lords of Valhalla: DM-31 (Chimlevtal).
Inactive Teams/Arenas: Too many to list now.
Playing history: Started in 1993 to present.
Items of note: Has never missed a turn. Is a member of the Council of Lords. Has graduated nine of the ten fighting styles to the Isle of the Eye from 31 (Chimlevtal).

Bubba Ganoosh
Active Teams/Arenas: B.O.S.S.: DM-29 (Lapur), Death By Design: DM-32 (Arvat), Divine Heritage: DM-33 (Niytyole Island), Spies R Us and D.O.A.: DM-102 (Primus). Occasionally runs Krank in DM-18 (Talcama) and an unknown team in DM-84 (Blackstone).
Inactive Teams/Arenas: Operation:Sandman – DM-17 (Aljafir), Death by Design – DM-32 (Arvat) , Wise Guys- DM-62 (Valamantis), Mic's Outhouse. D.O.A. and Who? – DM-70 (Arena name unknown), and a couple of teams in DM-102 (Primus) and DM-103 (Freeblades).
Playing history: Began in 1991 and played sporadically until 1996
Items of note: Bubba Ganoosh has two Tourney Champions; one in the apprentices class of the Dead Tourney and another in the freshman class. He has used various aliases in the past.

Active Teams/Arenas: The Funny Farm DM-2 (Niania), DM-100 (Talahya), and DM-104 (Darkholm). Aesir: DM-3 (Osksi), DM-100(Talahya), DM-102 (Primus), and DM-104 (Darkholm). Tackle Box: DM-102 (Primus) and DM-104 (Darkholm). The Club: DM-10 (Kolact). The Blues: DM-21 (Sunset).Shredders: DM-42 (Rodeki) and DM-104(Darkholm). Venture Bros: DM-51 (Tricorus) and DM-104 (Darkholm). Various projects in DM-84 (Blackstone).
Inactive Teams/Arenas: Various inactive teams. Most notably; Swords of Sergio in DM-4 (Jhelum), S.O.S.: DM-59 (Illis), One-Hit Wonders: DM-1 (Mordant), and Amber: DM-37 (Unknown).
Playing history: Began in 1988-2000. Resumed play in 2010 and is currently active.
Items of note: Has five Tourney Champions, several Tourney Victors, and many graduates to the Isle of the Eye. Founding member of G.A.P.P.D.A. (Disbanded). Maxed skills on a fighter in a grudge match. Graduated a 12-12-12-12-12-12-12 fighter with a winning record (14-10-3). Winner of the first-ever Crapmaster contest.


Active Teams/Arenas: Praetorian Guard: DM-15 (Malcorn), Fields of Elysium and Gladiators: DM- 17 (Aljafir), Ides of March: DM-19 (Zuwayza), Caesar's Pool Hall: DM-31 (Chimlevtal), Roman Heroes – DM-32 (Arvat). Graduates from these and inactive teams are in 102 (Primus) and 103 (Freeblade).
Inactive Teams/Arenas: Evil Empire: DM-9 (Zukal), Furies: DM-12 (Riztab), I, Claudius: DM-13 (Dullen), The Imperium: DM-15 (Malcorn), Legend of Rome: DM-16 (Willaf), Caesar's Thugs and The Republic: DM-32 (Arvat), Temple of Caesar: DM-33 (Niytyole Island), The Gods are Angry: DM-35 (Murska), Alea Iacta Est: DM-43 (Veastian), Roman Heroes II: DM-45 (Stormcrowe), Soldiers of Rome: DM-47 (North Fork), Exiled Gladiators: DM-56 (Rocanis), and Lost Legion: DM-61 (Jurine).
Playing history: Started in 1986 and only has had two or three inactive periods.
Items of note: Was a member of the Brotherhood of the Blade Alliance

Active Teams/Arenas: F Words – Dm-14 (Tobir)
Playing history: Played in the early 1990s (around 91 or 92) as part of the Merced Mafia in DM 20 (Seam). The original Merced Mafia was a coalition of five managers, each running one warrior. A year or so after that start, most of us from the Merced Mafia took up our own stables and ran 2-3 teams regularly. He retired for several years and gave all my warriors to the Mun for adoption. Centauri came out of retirement on 15 February 2010.
Items of note: Centauri does not have any Tourney Champions but he does have a few Tourney Champions. The highlight of his career is the getting an undefeated (20-0-0) Total parry to the Isle of the Eye.

Active Teams/Arenas: Pipeline 115: DM-18 (Talcama. Needs Validation)
Playing history: Champion is only active in DM-18 (Talcama). He has had several teams in various arenas. Most of them were in DM- 84. Champion has been playing sporadically since 1990.

Consortium, the
aka Fandil The Wise, Pretty Pandora, The Creepster, Kennelworth, Lenpro, Lady Fern, Oz, Mino, Curator, Senator Bob Dole, Mr. T, Sweety-Pie, and many, many more.
Active Teams/Arenas: Currently active in 15-20 arenas with the key ones being Paper Marios : DM-5 (Kaltos), Z Gladiatorz: DM-8 (Arkers) , Bulldogs, Animal Farm, Colorific: DM-11 (Aruak City), Golden Gladiators: DM –16 (Willaf) , Metal Mincers: DM –29 (Lapur), Lenpros: DM-30 (Iaye), Fandils: DM–46 (Ardivent) , Land Of Oz: DM–47 (North Fork), Smithsonian, Flower Girls: DM-52 (Fratsfa), Crazy Creeps: DM–60 (Aradi) , Capital Cartel: DM – 81 (Shadowspire), Oldies: DM- 83 (Telorinthe), DM-106 (Crysalis), and DM-102 (Primus)
Inactive Teams/Arenas: Too many to mention
Playing history: Began in 1984. At one point the Consortium consisted of over forty individual managers in forty different arenas.
Items of note: The Consortium has over 825 Graduates in advance, 3 Teams with over 1000 wins (nearly 4), Nearly 58,000 fights with 36,000+ wins. Known for running all roll ups and very, very seldom sending them to the Dark Arena. His favorite style is the Consortium Waste.
Favorite Feat: helping many, many newbies enjoy the game. The Consortium refuses alliances and has always been independent. The Consortium is an alliance within itself.

aka Haunt
Active Teams/Arenas: Nostalgia: DM– 45 (Stormcrowe) and Training Wheels: DM- 33 (Niytyole Island). Other team activity fluctuates.
Inactive Teams: Scattered about most arenas. Most teams are called Deep 13, though he does run others.
Playing History: Started playing in 1988 and retired in the mid-1990s. Crow came out of retirement in 2006 and is currently active.
Items of Note: Once ran a team in DM-33 (Niytyole Island) and posted every fight on the internet in hopes of helping new players. Not affiliated with an alliance. Most of Crow’s activity is in the regular arenas and tourneys. Crow tends not to compete at the Isle.


aka Nameless
Active Teams/Arenas: The Unholy Ones: DM-21 (Sunset), More Destroyers: DM-31 (formally of DM-44). Lyratilan and unknown respectfully), Dragon Riders: DM -32 (Arvat), and DM-106 (Crysalis)
Inactive Teams/Arenas: The Unholy Ones: DM-53 (his first team. City unknown), Powers of Pain: DM-57 (City Unknown).
Playing history: Began play in the mid-1980s. Retirement date unknown. Returned from retirement in 2012. Daikkan is currently active.

Active Teams/Arenas: Cassey's Crew: DM-5 (Kaltos), Immortals: DM-11 (Aruak City), and Laconians: DM-18 (Talcama).
Inactive Teams/Arenas: The Shultz Gang: DM-9 (Zukal), the Living Dead: DM–11 (Aruak City), and Wee Bee Bad: DM-25 (Lyratilan).
Playing history: 1986-Present
Items of note: Has almost one thousand wins and eighty kills with Immortals team. Dartor has graduated every style to the Isle of the Eye except parry-lunge.

Death Jester
Active Teams: The Undead: DM-12 (Riztab), Creature Feature: DM-29 (Lapur), Dead Gawds: DM-47 (North Fork. Maybe going inactive), The Undead II: DM-52 (Fratsfa), and Mercenary Inc: DM-81 (Shadowspire).
Playing History: Start in the late 1980s. Has a sporadic career.

Deep Thought
Active Teams/Arenas: Cunning Runts: DM–19 (Zuwayza), Numbskulls: DM–20 (Seam. Closed), Ultra-Violent: DM–26 (Caleam), Trekkers: DM- 2 and DM-9 (Niania and Zukal respectively), and Monster Manual: DM–81 (Shadowspire).
Inactive Teams/Arenas: Redlegs: DM–4 (Jhelum) and Middle Earth: DM–45 (Stormcrowe). Rumored to have competed in DM-40 (Zensu) and DM-43 (Vestian) long ago. All records have been lost.
Playing History: Started in 1987 and played until 1989. Returned out of retirement with the Fellowship in 1992 and the Hitchhikers in 1993 for over a year. Came out of retirement in 2007. Is currently active.

Doc LeGrand
aka Deke
Active Teams/Arenas: DM- 21, DM- 81, and DM-102
Inactive Teams/Arenas: Unknown
Playing history:Started his career in 1984
Items of note: Doc LeGrand is famous for the LeGrand Striker. He has several top end tournament champions. He is the driving force behind the Face-to-Face tournaments and the Face-to-Face tournaments. He is a member of the Ruling Council.

Active Teams/Arenas: Infernal Lords: DM-46 (Ardivent) and Cult of Bacchus: DM-81 (Shadowspire).
Inactive Teams/Arenas: Blood of the Spider: DM-1 (Mordant), Glory Bound Trolls: DM- 2 (Niania), the Strikers: DM-4 (Jhelum), Thrillz & Killz: DM-7 (Bonsur), Celestial Knights: DM-8 (Arkers), Dwarven Hammer DM- 12 (Riztab), Shao-Lin Heroes: DM-14 (Tobir), Deities & Demigods: DM-17 (Aljafir), Hellbourne: DM-18 (Talcama), Dark Force: DM- 19 (Zuwayza), Batiki Headhunters: DM-21 (Sunset), Barge of the Dead: DM-31 (Chimlevtal), Worldwide Panic: DM-36 (Jhanis), Crimson Enforcers: DM- 38 (Cliffhome), Shadowland: DM-59 (Illis), and Fa Ching: DM-60 (Aradi).
Playing history: Began on Turn #3 of DM-4 (Jhelum) in September of 1984. DeGotti had a sporadic career in the beginning but has been a steady opponent since the mid-1990s.
Items of note: DeGotti has over thirty graduates on the Isle of the Eye. Has tourney Victors numbering in the double digits. Has managed three warriors to the final four and 1 was a runner up. Degotti has placed first in TOGS II and 3rd in TOGS IV. He has two Blood Games Graduates. He had a warrior place 3rd in the last Battle Royal in DM-18 (Talcama) and 2nd in the Last Scumfest. Toofless of Glory Bound Trolls (DM- 2, Niania) held the throne for 23 Consecutive turns!

Detective Kellumbo
Active Teams/Arenas: Kellumbo's Kids: DM-22 (Solven), DM-45 (Stormcrowe), DM-81 (Shadowspire), Dm-102 (Primus), and DM-105 (Andorak).
Inactive Teams/Arenas: Headbangers: DM-12 (Riztab) and DM-26 (Caleam) in the early 1980s.
Playing history: Started playing back when the game started in the early 1980s. Retired to pursue his college diploma. Came out of retirement in earl 2000s.
Item of note: Detective Kellumbo has a 3 digit account number.

Director, the
Active Teams/Arenas: Cereal Killers: DM- 47 (North Fork) and Aggression Inc.: DM-81 (Shadowspire).
Inactive Teams/Arenas: Bad Feelings (Arena unknown), Killer Chords: Snowbound: Possibly DM- 50 (Snowbound)
Playing history: Began in 1998. Sporadic managing career.


Inactive Teams/Arenas: American Muscle: DM- 81 (Shadowspire)


Active teams: Originally named Flagg 16: DM-42 (Rodeki) are now called Flagg's Five: DM-42 (Rodeki), DM-100 (Talahya), DM-102 (Primus), and DM-104 (Darkholm).
-Semi active teams: Flagg's Fist: DM 5 (Kaltos), Flagg's Five: DM-41 (Kati Tei), Flagg's Devastators: DM 62 (Valamantis), and any other Flagg branded team you may cross.
Playing History: A sporadic career that started in 1988.
Items of note: One Tourney Victor! Loves the parry lunge style.


aka Bishop DM-14 (Tobir) and Centarian DM-36 (Jhans)
-Active Teams/Arenas: Ben's Bazaar: DM-21 (Sunset), Caress of Steel: DM-28 (Morya) and Secret Squirrels- DM-32 (Arvat).
-Inactive Teams/Arenas: The Bishop's Law: DM-14 (Tobir), Pawn of Profecy: DM-25 (Lyratilan), Tyme Stallyns DM-36 (Jhans), O'holy Knights: Dm-81 (Shadowspire), and Unholy Knights – 84 (Blackstone).
-Playing history: 1987-1992. Returned from retirement in 2008. Is currently active.

Active Teams/Arenas: Mostly DM-100 (Talahya) and DM-102 (Primus). Sporadically competes in DM-84 (Blackstone) and DM-82 (Dwes Eg). Team names are unknown.
-Playing history: Active from 1990-present with a brief hiatus a few years back.
Item of note: Has over 40 Tourney Champions and eight Blood Games graduates; the Icelord, 1st Mage, the Council of Lords, and the Knight Protector of Chimlevtal (DM-31) aka KnightHospitaller just to name a few.
Inactive Teams/Arenas: The Stormguards and Overlords: DM–31 (Chimlevtal) and the Stormlords: DM-32 (Arvat).
Playing history: 1985-present. The Icelord started as an independent manager in Dm-20 (Seam) on turn #2 in August 1985 with his team the Overlords. He launched the Stormguards, on turn #20 in DM-31 (Chimlevtal) in June 1987. When DM-20 (Seam) closed, he moved Overlords to DM-31 (Chimlevtal) in May 2002.
Items of note: As of February 2009, the Stormguards have 721 wins, which is believed to be the record for most wins in a slow arena. The Icelord formed an alliance with High Lord Bosk around 1994 and became The Council of Lords. The COL consists of The Icelord, High Lord Bosk and Raoul the Rude. Other members have been Polar Bear, Professor Miracle-gro and Jaguar. The COL has defeated every enemy alliance or manager who has gone against them in Chimlevtal (DM-31). He has also been active on the Isle of the Eye, Primus (DM-102) and Gateway (DM-?). His Lord Protectors have held the title in Homeguard (DM-101), Crysalis (DM-106) and Lirin Kiv (DM-?). Though he dislikes the tournaments that dominate the games these days and rarely sends his gladiators, he has won six Tourney Victors. Loyal to his friends and relentless to his enemies, this enigmatic Wizard has been a force in Duelmasters for over two decades.

Active Teams/Arenas: Broken Spirits of Arkers(DM-Cool.The Animaniancs of Morya (DM-2Cool.
Inactive Teams/Arenas: The Outlaws of Monuntial (DM-34)
Playing history: A sporadic managing career that started in 1986.
Items of note: Has never gained a tourney champion or tourney victor. Has one graduate on the Isle. The Gunsmith prefers bashers.


Active Teams/Arenas: Machines of War of Transel (DM 6), Posse of Dal Shang (DM 65), Bloodsworn of Malcorn (DM 15), Vow to Destroy of Jhans (DM 36), and Death Penalty of Niytyole Island (DM 33).

Playing history: A sporadic managing career spanning 17 years.

Item of note: Hollowshade hasn't had a tourney champion, but he had 10 tourney victors. Hollowshade has 20 graduates on the Isle and most of them are retired. Hollowshade is not part of any alliance.

Inactive Teams/Arenas: Too many to count.


Ichabod Frothingslosh
Active Teams/Arenas: Menagerie: DM- 26 (Caleam) and Dm-84 (Blackstone), Goonswarm: DM-81 (Shadowspire), and various in DM-100 (Talahya) and DM-102 (Primus).
Inactive Teams/Arenas: Call to Thunder: Dm-7 (Bonsur), Night's Guardians: DM–11 (Aruak City) (previously 4Cool and Patronas Veritas: DM-11 (Aruak City) , Silmarilliad: DM–12 (Riztab) (previously DM-13, Dullens), Oxymorons: DM-16 (Willaf), Patronas Veritas II: DM- 18 (Talcama), Germ Warfare: DM-21 (Sunset), Clean and Sober: DM-22 (Solven), The Illuminati: DM-25 (Lyratilan), Sabbath Knights: DM-37 (Unknown), Caer Sidhe: DM-41 (Kati Tei), Nihilistic Endeavor: DM- 60 (Aradi), and Citizens: DM-84 (Blackstone).
Playing history: 1988-1992, 2002-2003, 2008-Present
-Item of note: Member of the Iron Council. He has one Tourney Champion and twenty-seven Tourney Victors. Has a goal to graduate an aimed blow and a basher to the Isle of the Eye. He also is trying to win a Tourney Victor with a basher and a slasher.


-Active Teams/Arenas: Ragged Edge: DM-30 (Iaye) and Daggers Deep: DM-81 (Shadowspire)
Inactive Teams/Arenas: Barjin's Best: DM-12 (Riztab), From Beyond: DM-51 (Tricorus), and some unknown teams. Record are lost.
Playing history: Started in 1985. Has had a sporadic career. Has been playing consistently since 2009.
Items of note: Was at Iaye’s opening day (Turn1 DM-30, Iaye). Never had a Duelmaster because of lack of knowledge and constant hiatus.

Kid Arcane
-Active Teams: Astral Kin: DM–3 (Osksi) and Archaic Chaos: DM-81 (Shadowspire)
Inactive Teams: Unknown team in DM-4 (Jhelum) and two unknown slow arenas.
-Playing History: Started the 'Golden Age in the early 1990s. The arena is unknown. Returned in 2002 for six months. Resumed career in 2010
-Items of Note: Kid Arcane prefers to focus on arena play vs. tournament fighter. He tends to enjoy reading and writing spotlights and personal ads. Though he is not tourney-oriented, he still has the goal of attending at least one FTF before he (or this game) dies.

aka Aranthar, The Bartender, Silver Bullet
Active Teams/Arenas: Til Death Do Us Part: DM-65 (Dal Shang) and Knights of Kekoral: DM-81 (Shadowspire).
Inactive Teams/Arenas: Stinken' Drunk: DM-33 (Niytyole Island) and Stumblin' Drunk: DM- 65 (Dal Shang).
Playing history: Started playing in 1992. Active for seven years.

aka Youngblood
Active Teams/Arenas: Teams in many arenas, mostly being named Wensinwasin, some called Puddle of Blood, and recently have started naming them Khor's Praetorian's.
Inactive Teams/Arenas: Team names unknown DM-21(Sunset) and DM-100 (Talahya). Started DM-19 and DM-74. Also unknown.
- Playing history: Started playing in 2002. Retired in 2005. Resume managing in 2012.
Items of note: Started out as Youngblood. Chose the name Khorvinus after coming out of retirement. Khorvinus does not have any Tourney Champions but he does have twelve Tourney Victors with slashers, two lungers, and a wall of steel.
He only has seven warriors graduated to the Isle of the Eye; two slashers, two bashers, a total parry, a lunger, and an aimed blow.


Le Pentarque
Active Teams/Arenas: DM-28 (Morya), DM-52 (Fratsfa), DM-81 (Shadowspire), and DM-100 (Talahya). The teams’ names are unknown.
Inactive Teams/Arenas: DM-8 (Arkers), DM-18 (Talcama), DM-60 (Aradi), Dm-82 (Dwes Eg), and DM-102 (Primus). The teams’ names are unknown.
Playing history: French Duelmaster (Duel II) until it disbanded. He continued in the US Duelmasters (Duel II) until present.
Items of note: Has two Tourney Champions and thirty graduates to the Isle of the Eye. There have many correspondents, but no formal alliances.

Active Teams/Arenas: Lord of Discipline: DM-28 (Morya) formally of Monuntial.
Inactive Teams/Arenas: Broken Bones DM-6 (Transel), the Chosen: DM-20 (Seam, Closed), War Juggernaut: DM-23 (?, Closed), Lord of Discipline: DM-34 (Monuntial, Closed), Ragnarok N Roll: DM-44 (Krill?, Closed), the Hunger Dogs: DM-50 (Snowbound), Legacy of Pain: DM-71 (Kyr'Terr), the Incarnates: DM-71 (Kyr'Terr), the Orcslayers: DM-71 (Kyr'Terr), Shadow Cast: DM-71 (Kyr'Terr), Lord of Discipline: DM-100 (Talahya), and the Chosen: DM-105 (Andorak).
Playing history: Started playing in 1986 in DM-34 (Monuntial) when he was recruited by Lord Paradox. He co-managed the Celestial very briefly. The name of his warriors were Jon Bon Jovi (basher) and Stryper 777 (wall of steel). He did it as a joke. Four turns later he was managing his own team, Lord of Discipline. Longshot retired in 1993. He came out of retirement in 2012.
Items of note: Longshot has eight Lord Protectors. Five in Talahya and three in Andorak. He has never earned a Tourney Champion title and only has two tourney victor titles. He earned his two TV titles with a warrior named Par the Sliver. The warrior's name was Par-Salien back in he old days. He came close in 1991 with Morality's Wardog (formally Baphomet) and Port-A-Fortress who both had 7-3-0. Longshot has lied to a member of his alliance about his challenges because he suspected the person was telling the stable he was warring with his every move. Every time Longshot did this, Lord of Discipline was the most avoided team and the warring team was the the team that most avoided him. Chose the name Longshot as a taunt to a rival stable. The rival manager bragged that it was a long shot that he would beat any of his warriors. Longshot did it three times. Later, much to his chagrin, he learned that Marvel comics introduced a character named Longshot.

Lord Paradox
Active teams: none
Inactive teams: Raiders DM-14 (Tobir), The Celestials DM-34 (Monuntial), Lost Genesis DM-34 (Monuntial), Twilight Order DM-60 (Aradi), The Hellspawn DM-17 (Aljafir).
Playing history: Lord Paradox has managed teams off and on since 1986. His first team was teh Hellspawn in DM-14 (Tobir).
Items of note: Lord Paradox has managed two Duel Masters. He has three graduates on the Isle of the Eye. He has not gained a tourney Champion title but he has several tourney Victors. One was named Zippo the Sloth who earned a tourney victor title in the Champion Class of the 92’ mail in tourney. Lord Paradox has attended two Face to Face Tournaments.


Mad Max
- Active Teams/Arenas: DM-32 (Arvat), DM-35 (Murska), DM-47 (North Fork), and DM-103 (Free Blades). Team names are unknown.
- Inactive Teams/Arenas: Inactive in almost every arena. Team names are unknown.
- Playing history: 1989-Present with three different year long hiatus stints.

Active Teams/Arenas: Dm-82 (Dwes Eg), DM-84 (Blackstone), DM-105 (Andorak) and among others; many called Superior Forces.
Inactive Teams/Arenas: Have teams in almost every arena. Team names are unknown.
Playing history: 1993 - Present
Items of note: Has over 25 Tourney Champions. The First TOGS Champ, Former Killathon, Battle Royale, Turf War, Regional Royal Rumble, Three and Out, and Civil War Champion.

Active Arenas/Teams: Sweordmasters, Lab Experiments & Mannequin's Best: DM-1 (Mordant), Consanguineous: DM-8 (Arkers), War: DM-31 (Chimlevtal), Second Bananas: DM- 47 (North Fork), DM- 100 (Talahya), DM-101 (Home Guard), DM-102 (Primus).
Inactive Teams/Arenas: Bathtub Armada: DM-20 (Seam), Fighting Men of Mars: DM-26 (Caleam), Murderous Crows: DM-27 (Name unknown), Living Shadows: DM-34 (Monuntial), Friend or Foe: DM-36 (Jhan), The Inanimates: DM-38 (Cliffhome), Clever Lingo: DM- 46 (Ardivent).
Playing History: 1988-1996, 2002-present
Items of Note: Is fiercely independent. He has never been in an alliance. His current goals are to have Tourney Champions with every style. He still needs an aimed blow, basher, and a wall of steel to complete the goal. He is also trying to have a Tourney Champions in every tourney class. He is also attempting to earn a Tourney Victor in Primus.

Marma Duke
Active Teams/Arenas: State of Mind: DM–3 (Osksi), Da Dog Powndaz: DM–41 (Kati Tei), Deviation: DM–47 (North Fork), Pyromania: DM– 52 (Fratsfa), Deviation: DM–102 (Primus), State of Mind/Da Dog Powndaz/Deviation/Pyromania: DM-105 (Andorak).
Inactive Teams/Arenas: Rap Attacks, Total Chaos: DM-71 (Kyr’Terr)
Playing history: Started playing in 1989 and played until 1994. Came out of retirement in 2009. Is currently active.
Items of note: Marma Duke has earned tourney champion and tourney victor in both Face to Face and Mail-In tourneys. DM41 (Kati Tei) was his original arena where he was a part of the Wrecking Crew alliance. Reaper, who also retired and returned to compete, was a part of that alliance. Marma Duke attends all east coast Face to Face Tourneys and some in tempe.

Master Darque
Active Teams/Arenas: Darque Forces: DM-47 (North Fork)
Inactive Teams/Arenas: DM-45 (Storm Crowe), DM-81 (Shadowspire), and many others. No other names were given.
Playing History: Started in DM#31 in 1996. Didn't play much in college, but started full force in October 2000 and only recently slowed down due to "economic misfortune" and what not.
Items of note: Has graduated over 50 warriors to the Isle of the Eye. Is a member of DJI.

AKA NBK AKA Natural Born Killer
Active Teams/Arenas: Some Kinda Hate: DM-81 (Shadowspire).
Inactive Teams/Arenas: Has inactive teams in just about every arena. Some of note; Sonic Death: possibly competed in DM 23 (Arena name unknown) or DM-26 (Caleam). Mordraith’s main arenas were DM-36 (Jhans), DM-21 (Sunset), DM-18 (Talcama), and DM-1 (Mordant). The team in Mordant moved to DM-65 (Dal Shang). None the team names are known.
Playing history: Mordraith’s first team was created in 1988 but never competed with them. Returned from retirement with a new team in 1992 for only two turns. Returned from retirement again in 1996 before becoming serious about managing teams.
Was a member of the Delarquan Rebel Confederation. He planned primarily in DM- 1 (Mordant), DM- 36 (Jhans), and DM-66 (Tarrgir) before becoming a founding member of DOOMcorps. Mordraith retired in 2002.
Items of note: Mordraith earned 1 Tourney Champion in het Adepts Class of the 1998 Mail-In tourney. Mordraith graduated nine of the ten styles to the Isle of the Eye. He has never graduated a parry-riposte.

Muffin Man, the
aka TMM
Active Teams/Arenas: 071406AD DM-6 (Tansel), 040908D, etc: DM-82 (Dwes Eg), 101308L, etc: DM-84 (Blackstone), and Wasteland DM-102 (Primus) and DM-104 (Darkholm).
Inactive Teams/Arenas: Wasteland II: DM-7 (Bonsur) , Wasteland DM-18 (This is his first arena, Talacama), and several tourney teams.
Playing history: Began in February of 1991 with a team called Motley Crew (pretty sure it was spelled like that) in DM-18 (Talacama). The Muffin Man went 0-5 on my first turn and it's been all downhill for my checkbook from there.
Items of note: I'm the last fully active member of the IT alliance. The Muffin Man has graduated one hundred warriors on the Isle of the Eye. The Muffin man has earned Tourney Champions every class except for Primus (DM-102).


Teams/Arenas: Sentinels: DM–7 (Bonsur), Nomadic Tribe: DM– 21 (Sunset), Phantom Regiment: DM–45 (Storm Crowe), Dragonbane Guild DM–81 (Shadowspire), and warriors on DM—106 (Crysalis). Rarely competes on Crysalis. Has a few tournament teams around with mostly named Hilltop Gurus or Battleaxe Stampede.
Inactive Teams/Arenas: Vikings DM–10 (Kolact). Vikings stable was Nomad’s first team. Was in Kolact on turn one but did not compete until turn three.
Playing History: 1985-1991. Retired because of lack of funds. Returned from retirement in 2006. Nomad is currently active.
Items of note: Nomad considers himself a basic manager. He has enjoyed active arenas and always writes ads and columns. He has twenty-nine graduates on the Isle of the Eye. He also has a graduate out of the second Bloodgames. The warrior also happened to be his first striker. The warrior's’ name is unknown. No formal alliances, but I do have managers I consider strong friends.

aka VOL
Teams/Arenas: Lost Cause: DM-35 (Murska)
Playing History: Sporadically competes since 1995.
Items of note: Nuclear1 has run teams in other arenas but no names are known. Nuclear1 has graduated 25 warriors to the Isle of the Eye.

aka Uncle Nurgle
Active Teams/Arenas: Chaos Carnival DM-11 (Aruak City)
Playing history: Started in 1989 and competed until 1992. Returned from retirement in early 2012 with a new team.
Items of note: Graduated one warrior to the Isle of the Eye from DM-49 (Vithicar) earlier in his career( twenty years ago). Recently had a graduate from Sunset (DM 21) after a couple of turns running him.


Active Teams: Far Travelers DM- 16 (Willaf) and DM-81 (Shadowspire), Valley of Kings: DM- 100 (Talahya).
Inactive Teams: Valley of Kings: DM–3 (Osksi), Bunion Squad: DM–7 (Bonsur), and Reptile Rampage: DM-21 (Sunset).
Playing history: Unknown
Items of note: Unknown

One Armed Bandit
Active Teams: Sea Dogs, Dungeon Cell, Shewish Buffet (Arena unknown).
Inactive Teams: Information unknown.
Playing History: 1991-1994, 2004-present.
Items of note: Member of the LBA.

Active Teams/Arenas: Orcae Ita: DM-81 (Shadowspire) and Idiot Committee: DM-47 (North Fork
Playing history: Limited Play in the early 90's and then returned in late 2008
Playing history: Unknown.
Items of note: Unknown.

Otis the Drunk
Active Teams/Arenas: U.A.K.: DM-38 (Cliffhome), Cheers: DM-47 (North Fork), and The Mongoloids II: DM-81 (Shadowspire).
Inactive Teams/Arenas: Deaths Door and Roman Empire (Formerly of DM-37 Arena name unknown) DM-1 (Mordant), Words That End in O: DM-7 (Bonsur), The Mongoloids: DM- 9 (Zukal, Home Arena), Blacked Out On...: DM-12 (Riztab), Hell's Heroes: DM-32 (Arvat), Old School Toons: DM-36 (Jhan), Classic Games: DM-43 (Veastian), Words That End in X: DM-60 (Aradi), Killer Tunes: DM-65 (dal Shang), and many others that have only fought in Tourneys or that have short regular arenas careers.
Playing history: 1986 to present. He has had numerous playing breaks but always in contact with the game.
Items of note: Member of The Iron Council. Otis has had over 50 graduates on the Isle of the Eye. None of them fought long enough to be promoted past ADM (Advance Duelmasters). Otis holds a 0-5 record in DM-102 (Primus).

Otto X. Frothingslosh
aka Otto X
Active Teams: Technology: DM-5 (Kaltos), Homestar & Co.: DM-9 (Zukal), and Otto's Diner: DM- 81 (Shadowspire).
Inactive Teams: Undead Artists: DM-7 (Bonsur), The Zoo: DM-16 (Willaf), Bad Bread: DM- 33 (Niytyole Island), Old School: DM-41 (Kati Tei), Aradi's Dead: DM- 60 (Aradi), and many others.
Playing history: Played consistently from 1987 to 2006. Returned from retirement in 2009.
Item of note: First graduate to the Isle of the Eye was a striker whose favorite weapon was "Kick".

Active Teams/Arenas: DM-29 (Lapur) and hopefully DM-81 (Shadowspire)
Inactive Teams/Arenas: DM-43 (Veastian)
Playing history: About five altogether. Began playing around 1986 or 1987. Ran three teams. Arenas are unknown. Team names are unknown. All records destroyed. Came out of retirement in 2008.
Items of note: Owsly is opinionated and will help others when he can.


Active teams/arenas: Blitzkrieg DM-36 (Jhans).
Inactive teams/arenas: The Craft and Argonauts: DM- 36 (Jhans). Has unknown teams in almost every other arena.
Player History: Started playing in 1993.
Items of note: Polarius is a Warlord of the alliance DOOMcorps. He has one Tourney Champion, several Tourney Victors, and several graduates to the Isle of the Eye.

Purple Sage
Active team/arena: Black Kelts DM-29 (Lapur)
Select Inactive teams/arenas: We Big Wohpum: DM-3 (Osksi), Yama Bushi: DM-30 (Iaye), Aquarian Tarot: DM-40 (Zensu), Rainbow Council: DM-53 (Arena name unknown), and Weather: DM-65 (Dal Shang).
Tourney Arenas: DM-1 (Mordant), DM-2 (Niania), DM-6 (Transel), DM-10 (Kolact), DM-14 (Tobir), DM-19 (Zuwayza), DM-20 (Seam), DM-41 (Kati Tei), DM-43 (Veastian), DM-58 (Arena Unknown), DM-60 (Aradi), DM-61 (Jurine), DM-63 (Amen-Tei), DM-65 (Different Team, Team name unknown, Dal Shang), DM-66 (Tarrgir), and three teams in DM-69 (Arena name unknown team names unknown).
Playing history: Started in1985 on co-managed team. Team name and arena unknown. Managed his own team 1986-1987, 1992-1997, and 2009-present
Items of note: 1 TC and 19 TV's Eligibles thru Rookies but still need ADM, Challengers and Champs. 15 warriors in ADM (2 of which are in 102). Goal is to get a Parry Rip to ADM.

Active team/arena: Street Walkers DM- 29 (Lapur) and Street Walkers: DM-103 (Free Blades). Coming soon to DM-81 (Shadowspire).
Select Inactive teams/arenas: Several. Arena and team names unknown.
Playing History: Started the late 80's. Took a seven year hiatus. Came out of retirement in 2002. Roadkill is currently active.
Items of note: No alliances, Independent. Not a heavy tourney player, but has several Tourney Victors. No TC's. Has a personal goal of attending a Face to Face.


Active Teams/Arenas: DM-18 (Talacama), DM-100 (Talahya), and DM-102 (Primus). The team names are unknown.
Inactive Teams/Arenas: Most Arenas. Arenas and team names unknown.
Playing history: Starting playing in 1986. Retired in 2000. Came out of retirement February
Items of note:

Active Teams/Arenas: Grim Fandango DM- 21 (Sunset)
Inactive Teams/Arenas: Video Rangers DM-1 (Mordant), Black Moon Rising DM-19 (Zuwayza), The Bloodbanes DM- 21 (Sunset), Fist of Five DM- 41 (Kati tei), and assorted teams in DM-100 9talahya) and DM-102 (Primus).
Playing history: Began playing in 1985 in DM-21 and later in DM-19. Retired in 1990 to pursue their education in 1990. Came out of retirement in 1999. Is still active.
Items of note: Stik has over 700 with Grim Fandango in DM-21 (Sunset). He has had several Tourney Victors. Has yet to win a Tourney Champion.

AKA- Dominator, TC
Active Teams/Arenas: The Taken DM-29(Lapur ), Runeblades DM- 75(Jade Mountain), and Warriors on the Idle of the eye; DM-100 ( Talahya), DM-101 (Home Guard), and DM-102 (Primus)
{b} Inactive Teams/Arenas:[/b] Red Fury DM9-(Zukal), Wheel of Time DM-25 (Lyratilan), Neverborn DM-30 (Iaye), Hero Alliance DM-35 (Murska), Soul Warriors DM-38 (Cliffhome). There are 6-10 others that were sporadically played.
Playing history : Started a ten year career in March 1990 and went on hiatus in 2000. Stillgard came out of hiatus briefly in 2003. Returned out of retirement in January 2013.
Items of note: Stillgard has 42 warriors on the Isle of the Eye. Stillgard has had numerous TV's, and one TC.

Active Teams/Arenas: Center For Olds DM- 18 (Talacama) and DM-100 (Talahya) and Color Me Suave DM-42 (Rodeki) and DM-100 (Talahya).
Inactive Arenas: DM-53 (Arena name unknown), DM-59 (Illis), and DM-28 (Morya).
Playing History: Started in 1986 on turn 32 in DM-18 (Talcama). Had a three year hiatus in the 1990s.
Items of Note: Suave does not play in tourneys. He hasn’t played in a tourney in ten years. Suave has graduated two round robins from DM-18 (Talacama) and another from 42 to the Isle of the Eye. Part of the LBA. Suave was recruited by Doc Steele and Suave recruited TUM.

Active Teams/Arenas: Maul Rats DM-20 (Seam, Closed) and Rodent Clan DM-81 (Shadowspire).
Inactive Teams/Arenas: She's Crafty DM-1 (Mordant), Dead for Hire DM-8 (Arkers), Dire Fate DM-11 (Aruak City), Fantasia Isle DM-25 (Lyratilan), Voodoo Zoo Etc.: DM-31 (Chimlevtal), House of Rats DM-36 (Jhans), and House of Grain DM-60 (Aradi).
Playing history: Started in1985-86. Came out of retirement in 2006. Is currently active.
Items of note: Killed the first SpyMaster in 1985 with Reignbo Warrior. Reignbo Warrior was a parry striker running 10-10-10 the entire fight. Launched The Stomping Grounds all-basher arena in DM-20 (Seam).


Active Teams/Arenas: Deathtongue DM-46 (Ardivent) and Techno 8 DM-11 (Aruak City).
Inactive Teams/Arenas: Several. Names and arenas are unknown.
Playing history: 1984-2007. Went on hiatus for one year. Came out of retirement in 2008. Technogeek is currently active.
Items of note: Technogeek has a lot of graduates on the Isle of the He prefers to focus on to get warriors to graduate.

Active Teams/Arenas: Desolate Temple DM- 1 (Mordant), Warrior Poets DM- 8 (Arkers), Vincere Aut Mori DM- 18 (Talcama) DM-104 (Darkholm), Equtis Virtus DM- 21 (Sunset), the Huntsmen Dm- 31 (Chemlevtal) , Smoked Out!!! DM-47 (North Fork), Silver Knights DM-52 (Fratsfa), Vincere Aut Mori 3 DM-81 (Shadowspire).
Inactive Teams/Arenas: Vincere Aut Mori DM- 59 (Illis)

Active Teams/Arenas: Sound Stable DM-35(Murska)
Inactive Teams/Arenas:Roma Stable DM-11 (Aruak City)
Ariga DM-46 (Ardivent), Praetorian Guard DM-52 (Fratsfa).
Playing History: Was active for two years in the 1980's and early 1990's.
Items of note: Trim prefers to crunch numbers on the roll up. Now he is more into crunching strategies and achieve a duel master title.

Active Teams/Arenas: Of Wolf and Man DM-47 (North Fork) and DM-81 (Shadowspire)
Inactive Teams/Arenas: Many, many. All Of Wolf and Man, Bushmasters Dm-31 (Chimlevtal), Master Blasters DM- 50 (Snowbound), Monster Mash DM- 82 (Dwes Eg), Damage Inc DM- 59 (Illis), and a few Gemstone teams.
Playing history: 1985 till present (took a hiatus in 93 or so).
Items of note: Member of The Iron Council, Graduated all Styles, TV'd with all except PR, PS.


AKA Terminator in the forums
Active Teams/Arenas: Warmasters – 81 (Shadowspire)
Inactive Teams/Arenas: Warmasters DM-21 (Sunset), Renegades DM-40 (Zensu).
Playing history: 1987-'89, 2006 – present.
Active Teams/Arenas: Dead Poets DM- 17 (Aljafir), Dark Forces DM- 25 (Lyratilan), Apocalypse DM- 32 (Arvat), and Dances with Meat DM- 38 (Cliffhome).
[/b]Playing history:[/b] Started in '90, played off and on since then.

Active Teams/Arenas: Who Da Man? - 12, D.R.I - 21, Fear Factory - 61, Ragnarok's Wolves - 81, Chapel Of The Ghouls - 83, D.R.I. - 101, Fear Factory, etc - 106
Playing history: Started in 94, on and off since then.

Active Teams/Arenas: Mid Earth: DM-29 (Lapur) and DM-107 (Storm Rock). Clan Longbeard: DM-81 (Shadowspire) and DM-107 (Storm Rock
Inactive Teams/Arenas: Sorcery Covenant DM-3 (Osksi)
Playing history: Started playing in early 1986 with Purple Sage when DM-30 (Iaye) opened. Active 1986-1997, 2005-present.
Items of note: Has earned two Tourney Champions. Has had Tourney Victors in every style except parry-lungers. He has over 40 graduates on the Isle of the Eye. Visionist is also one style away from graduating all ten fighting styles from one team. Visionist was a member of GAPPDA during the mid-1990s. The Visionist is currently Independent.

Active Teams/Arenas: X-Men: DM-29 (Lapur).
Inactive Teams/Arenas: Doomstalkers: DM-23 (name unknown).
Playing History: Played sporadically from 1985-90. Returned in 2008 as a result of renewing an old friendship.


Walkin' Dude, the
Active Teams/Arenas: Dead Poets DM- 17 (Aljafir), Dark Forces DM- 25 (Lyratilan), Apocalypse DM- 32 (Arvat), and Dances with Meat DM- 38 (Cliffhome).
Playing history: Started in '90, played off and on since then.

Active Teams/Arenas: Team names unknown: DM-21(Sunset), DM-65 (Dal Shang), DM-81 (Shadowspire).
Inactive Teams/Arenas: Many which have been forgotten.
Playing history: 1993-1997, 2004-present.

Active Teams/Arenas: Strange Brew: DM-47 (North Fork), Tongue N Cheek/Arctic Wastes/Blood Rites: DM-106 (Crysalis).
Inactive Teams/Arenas: Blood Rites Dm- 8 (Aruak City) , Arctic Wastes DM- 45 (Stormcrowe), and the Ascendants DM- 83 (Telorinthe).
Playing history: Started in 1989. Active 2007-present.
Items of note: Member of Order of Lost Souls.

Zalgor Prigg
Active Teams: Positive Alternative, Christian Rock, Victorious II, Reigning Doom, Little Earthquakes, I'm History, Hexacon 1999, Hexacon 2000, Hexacon 2001, Battering Rams, House of Cards, I'm Fantasy, City-State RI, City-State CT, Fun with BOB, Screaming Evils, Doomsday for Doomcorps, Alanis, Armor & Weapons
Active Arenas: DM-2 (Niania), DM-32(Arvat), DM- 43(Veastian), DM- 60 (Aradi), DM-61 (Jurine), DM-65 (Dal Shang), DM- 66 (Tarrgir), DM- 71 (Kyr’Terr), DM- 74 (Daiyla Kiv), DM-75 (Jade Mountain), DM- 78 (Lin Tirian) , DM-82 (Dwes Eg), DM-102 (Primus), and DM-103 (Free Blades)
Inactive Teams: Blackjack (Arena Unknown)
Playing History: Zalgor Prigg started playing at Hexacon in July of 1995. Zalgor Played his first turn in January 1996 and his first tourney was at the Tempe Face in March of 1996. Zalgor Prigg played regularly until April 2006 mailer. He came out of retirement and is currently still active.
Items of note: Zalgor Prigg is 1-9 in Tourney Champion fights and 0-6 in proxy Tourney Champion fights. Zalgor was 0-8/0-6 when he earned his only TC in the freshmen tourney with a slasher named Tamrissa. Tamrissa’s only loss was to Crack is Cheap. She went on to beat Crack is Cheap for the Tourney Champion title. Tamrissa later earned the runner-up title in the advanced class during the 2006 April Mail In. Zalgor Prigg has run several in arena contests. The first was in DM-33 (Niytyole Island) with Hammer. This was followed by ZalCon and then ZalCon 2 in DM-74 (Daiyla Kiv). Zalgor Prigg has graduated over fifty warriors to the Isle of the Eye. His successes include graduating three of each style at least once. He has four graduates of each style in the aimed blow, parry-lunge, parry riposte, and parry strike. He also has five warriors of the basher and slasher style. Zalgor Prigg has been a member of Brotherhood of the Blade (BoB) since 2002.
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