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Duel2 :: View topic - Wit is overpowered; balancing the stats
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Advanced Master Poster

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 31, 2010 5:32 am Reply with quoteBack to top

(mini-rant here ... I know this will never be changed)

After being back in the game a few months and getting my Duel II IQ hopefully a notch above "moron," I have concluded that Wit as a statistic is overpowered. To wit (couldn't resist, sorry):

* Wit is the prime stat that determines skill learning. My guess is that skill learning is at least 50% based on Wit, the other factors probably being fight length, FE differential, luck, and possibly Will.
* Wit has the greatest contribution to base skills of any stat.

Thus ... Wit is both the long-term AND short-term stat of choice. From a game design perspective this makes it overpowered.

I'll also make the well-known and obvious point that some stats are under-powered, notably Size and Speed. Size probably takes the cake ... a Duel II warrior is rewarded for being small. This explains why the top real world fighters are all 4'11", right ... right??

Size's contribution to hit points and damage output is significant, but in my opinion is totally outweighed by the skill penalties at higher Size levels and its non-contribution to all other factors of the game. I would either enhance Size's impact to the game (so that bigger is better) or simply remove Size from the 84-point calculation and balance out the benefits and costs of being big or small.

Speed is also underpowered from a design point of view, especially compared to Deftness. SP's contribution to skills is significantly less than DF's and that's even before we consider that DF helps with weapon usage too. And of course some would also argue that the skills that SP provides are less "important" than those provided by DF, particularly at the higher levels of play.

My current beliefs then, about the stats' relative power level:

ST: about right.
CN: could use some slight beefing up in the areas of hit points and endurance.
SZ: severely underpowered, needs to be enhanced or simply removed from 84 point calculation. Bigger is NOT significantly better and it penalizes big warriors unfairly in the 84 point calculation.
WT: overpowered; WT's contribution to base skills should be reduced, probably to be on par with WL.
WL: about right, though that's based on my belief that WL has a lot of quasi-mystical effects on warrior performance which may or may not be true.
SP: underpowered. SP needs to have a greater impact on base skills to be on par with DF
DF: overpowered a touch. Its contribution to base skills should be adjusted a bit.

Stay deadly, my friends.
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