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Duel2 :: View topic - Before I knew about skill charts
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ArchMaster Poster

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 20, 2013 3:14 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Another thread, from Shadowspire, brought me to thinking about what my designs used to look like before I ever saw a skill chart. It happened in a roundabout way but nonetheless it made me realize how little I really knew about the game when I first played it! In fact my home arena team had a 97-132-10 .424 record.

When I returned, after around a 15 year layoff, I decided to run the team as it stood as I was still trying to figure out what a good warrior looked like. As well as how to incorporate the charts into designing a new warrior. I managed to graduate 4 of the 5 warriors that I returned with, with the final warrior having been killed, and I hope to get him rezzed somehow and graduate him as well.

I guess it would not be a "real" instance of graduating all 5 warriors from the initial RU sheet but in a way it kind of would be.

Anyways to start to wrap it up, since my return the team has managed a 676-434-34 .609 record to bring it up to a 773-566-44 .577 record! So in conclusion knowing the charts and where skills are has meant a great deal in increasing my success in this game. And let me not discount advice from other managers, and especially my time in the VC (Vendetta Cartel) as a member of the Griswold Family, on how to run warriors is another great part of my success!!!

I had but 1 graduate in the "old days". I have since graduated the above mentioned warriors, and many others, since then bringing my total to 53. Watch out Consortium Cool ! Laughing

My how the game has changed since the discovery of the Bagman II and Terrablood charts! All I knew back then was the weapon requirements so I designed warriors so they could use weapons suited to their style; as far as I knew about weapon suitability for style.

So without further adieu I present the garbage that I designed around 1986:

17(2)-20(1)-12-12(1)-11-9(1)-9 BA
graduated 20-19-1

13(2)-19(2)-10-11(2)-18(2)-12(1)-11(1) WS
graduated 20-20-2

16(1)-15(1)-10-13(1)-11(1)-12-11 TP
graduated 27-13-0

11-11(1)-18-13-12-11(1)-11(1) ST
graduated 23-15-3, at one point held the Tobir record for 7 consecutive turns as DM

16(2)-17(1)-7-14(1)-10(1)-13-13(1) LU
died at 17-19-4, I have no idea how many PP's he has

As you can see the knowledge I gained on my own, and through Diplomatic notes with others I befriended at the time, I generally went heavy on ST, CN, and SP which is pretty much the opposite of what we do today!

We clearly had no idea about "burning" or how valuable learning skills, rather than training stats, really can be. I wonder how many turns I spent trying to raise stats, and probably failed numerous times, rather than learning skills back then, and how many wins that must have cost me! I always figured if I had a lot of CN my warrior could withstand an attack by his opponent and then just take over and go off with all that ST he had and pummel his opponent to victory with massive attacks, or maybe get the coveted KILL! I had no idea how often when 2 offensive warriors faced off the one that got the jump would just pummel the other until the fight was over. The few instances I witnessed that happening with my team must have made me think I was on to something and continue to push that horrible strategy of design! Laughing

Please feel free to add to this your own designs that were made before you gained the knowledge that the charts hold! This may also apply to newer managers who made the same mistakes not knowing the key to unlocking a well designed warrior. All garbage is welcomed and fear not being embarrassed I think all of us who played back then made very similar mistakes, and new managers probably have as well! Cool

If the interest is there in this topic, and others share, I have 4 or 5 more teams worth of garbage I can add. I simply limited it to my home team, which is the team I ran upon my return and I hope to someday complete the 5 of 5 task which I referred to earlier! I also ran a new team, from a RU I ordered upon my return, in Aruak City which I had to replace with another after someone pointed me to the Terrablood site, and I realized I had made another team of garbage! Embarassed

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