Date   : 10/02/2007    Duedate: 10/15/2007


DM-4    TURN-585

This Weeks Top Honors


F BALLS (523)
(4-6366) [6-0-1,105]

Chartered Recognition Leader   Unchartered Recognition Leader

FOOS BALL                      TELL ME A LIE
F BALLS (523)                  BAD PINOCCHIO (596)
(4-6366) [6-0-1,105]           (4-6360) [3-2-0,33]

Popularity Leader              This Weeks Favorite

HANNIBAL                       TELL ME A LIE
DOGS OF WAR (115)              BAD PINOCCHIO (596)
(4-5715) [18-34-1,89]          (4-6360) [3-2-0,33]



Team Name                  Point Gain  Chartered Team
1. F BALLS (523)               38
2. DOGS OF WAR (115)           19      THE WALL (367)
3. BAD PINOCCHIO (596)         13      Unchartered Team
4. HALF(LING) HEROES (597)      4
5. THE WALL (367)               2      BAD PINOCCHIO (596)

The Top Teams

Career Win-Loss Record           W   L  K    %  Win-Loss Record Last 3 Turns    W  L K
 1/ 2 THE WALL (367)            31  19  0 62.0   1/ 1 TANKS FOR NOTHIN' (171)  12  2 1
 2/ 3 TANKS FOR NOTHIN' (171)  133  83 12 61.6   2/ 2 F BALLS (523)             5  4 1
 3/ 5*BAD PINOCCHIO (596)        6   4  0 60.0   3/ 3 DOGS OF WAR (115)         5 10 0
 4/ 1*HALF(LING) HEROES (597)    4   3  0 57.1   4/ 5*HALF(LING) HEROES (597)   4  3 0
 5/ 4 F BALLS (523)            115  92  9 55.6   5/ 4 THE WALL (367)            4  5 0
 6/ 6 DOGS OF WAR (115)        456 671 26 40.5   6/ 7*BAD PINOCCHIO (596)       1  1 0
 7- 7*VISION QUEST (278)         9  17  0 34.6   7- 6*VISION QUEST (278)        0  3 0

    '*'   Unchartered team                       '-'  Team did not fight this turn
   (###)  Avoid teams by their Team Id          ##/## This turn's/Last turn's rank

                                    TEAM SPOTLIGHT

                + ]H[ + ---:--- + ]H[ Web of Death ]H[ + ---:--- + ]H[ +

     Challon, Challost, Challorn, it was all blurred in his mind.  He blinked at the
demon.  "I don't have any clear memories from the most recent days of life," he said.
Would Nestor Khan smite him for inadequacy?  He couldn't find it in himself to care
at this moment.
     The demonic Dark Champion huffed out a faintly smoky breath.  "Not surprising,"
he admitted finally.  "Two rebirths in so quick a succession can be disconcerting to
a mortal.  It isn't something you get used to quickly."
     "I'd rather not get used to it at all," Challorn said.  "Just be one thing or
the other and let it ride."
     "You'll get used to it," the demon said.  "Tell me what you do remember,
however unclear, from the last hours of your previous incarnation."
     Challorn shrugged, feeling more at home in this body with every minute that
passed.  "I was out in the hills north of town," he said.  "I had... I'm not sure why
I was there.  I think I had followed somebody.  Some other gladiator.  Not Foos Ball,
I know it wasn't him.  I think it wasn't him.  Well, I suppose it MIGHT have been
him, but I thought I was following one of the Tanks.  Merkava."  He frowned, trying
to sort out shadowy memories from the phantasms that assailed those who crossed the
boundaries of life and death too often.
     "There are rumors about Merkava," Nestor Khan murmured.  "Some say he dabbles
in dark cults--such as the Spider Cult which has so offended... certain powers.
Others claim he is involved with certain drugs...."
     "Could be both," Challorn said.  He shivered.  "I don't like spiders, you know.
They give me the creeps."
     "Then you will be earnest to find out about the cult as quickly as might be, so
that you can be done with it."

      * }%|[-----+O+-----]|%{ * }%|[-----+O+-----]|%{ * }%|[-----+O+-----]|%{ *

                         ---===DELARQUAN REGIONAL NEWS===---

 DM   1 MORDANT (turn 580): LARRY KING of DEATH'S DOOR (Otis the Drunk, mgr.)
 DM   2 NIANIA (turn 463): SCURVY LAD of SEA DOGS (One-Armed Bandit, mgr.)
 DM   3 OSKSI (turn 588): OTIS 3 of FRAT PARTY BLOWOUT (The Anarchist, mgr.)
 DM   4 JHELUM (turn 584): LEOPARD of TANKS FOR NOTHIN' (Master Beru, mgr.)
 DM   5 KALTOS (turn 583): BOMBETTE of PAPER MARIO (Luigi, mgr.)
 DM   6 TRANSEL (turn 587): JUGGERNAUT 31 of MACHINES OF WAR (Rosebud, mgr.)
 DM   7 BONSUR (turn 585): BABY JESUS of WASTELAND II (The Muffin Man, mgr.)
 DM  10 KOLACT (turn 579): QUIZNOS of QUBIT (Sultan, mgr.)
 DM  18 TALCAMA (turn 571): XYLICARE of BURN N' PILLAGE (Jolly, mgr.)
 DM  21 SUNSET (turn 570): DR. DREAM of NOMADIC TRIBE (Nomad, mgr.)
 DM  36 JHANS (turn 544): IRON MAN of ENGINES 'O' DEATH (?, mgr.)
 DM  38 CLIFFHOME (turn 534): RIQUETTIE of JINDA-BAN (Jorja, mgr.)
 DM  39 XOCHITHLAN (turn 238): SMIRK of CHEAP SHOTS (Cheap Shots Manager, mgr.)
 DM  42 RODEKI (turn 521): CELIE SHATTERSTONE of DELVERS (Jorja, mgr.)
 DM  51 TRICORUS (turn 470): BLADERUNNER of RAISING R'LYEH (Reaper, mgr.)
 DM  54 TROCAR (turn 225): GLUM of JANIX (KAT, mgr.)
 DM  59 ILLIS (turn 213): DERELICT of ALL-STAR NANA'S (The Mun, mgr.)
 DM  62 VALAMANTIS (turn 418): BALI DARRAS of MIDDLE WAY 10 (Jorja, mgr.)
 DM  72 DRAGONHEAD (turn 190): CRYBABY of OUTLAWS (Savant, mgr.)
ADM 104 DARKHOLM (turn 462): SUSHI SLINGER of SEA DOGS (One-Armed Bandit, mgr.)

                                      Top Teams
 DM   1 MORDANT (turn 580): SEA DOGS (One-Armed Bandit, mgr.)
 DM   2 NIANIA (turn 463): TEAM HAVOK (?, mgr.)
 DM   3 OSKSI (turn 588): FRAT PARTY BLOWOUT (The Anarchist, mgr.)
 DM   4 JHELUM (turn 584): TANKS FOR NOTHIN' (Master Beru, mgr.)
 DM   5 KALTOS (turn 583): THE MIDDLE WAY 5 (Jorja, mgr.)
 DM   6 TRANSEL (turn 587): MACHINES OF WAR (Rosebud, mgr.)
 DM   7 BONSUR (turn 585): SENTINELS (?, mgr.)
 DM  10 KOLACT (turn 579): SPRINGBORN (Still, mgr.)
 DM  18 TALCAMA (turn 571): BURN N' PILLAGE (Jolly, mgr.)
 DM  21 SUNSET (turn 569): SEA DOGS (One-Armed Bandit, mgr.)
 DM  36 JHANS (turn 544): ENGINES 'O' DEATH (?, mgr.)
 DM  38 CLIFFHOME (turn 534): JINDA-BAN (Jorja, mgr.)
 DM  39 XOCHITHLAN (turn 238): CHEAP SHOTS (Cheap Shots Manager, mgr.)
 DM  42 RODEKI (turn 521): COLOR ME SUAVE (Suave, mgr.)
 DM  51 TRICORUS (turn 470): RAISING R'LYEH (Reaper, mgr.)
 DM  54 TROCAR (turn 224): JANIX (KAT, mgr.)
 DM  59 ILLIS (turn 213): ISLANDERS (Jorja, mgr.)
 DM  72 DRAGONHEAD (turn 190): QUARTERFLASH (Brewmaster, mgr.)
ADM 104 DARKHOLM (turn 462) TWISTED SESAME (Doc Steele, mgr.)

                                   Recent Graduates
 DM   1 MORDANT (turn 580): HATCH BATTENER of SEA DOGS (One-Armed Bandit, mgr.)
                            SWEET STUFF of MANNEQUIN'S BEST (Mannequin, mgr.)
 DM   3 OSKSI (turn 587): BIG BROTHER of FRAT PARTY BLOWOUT (The Anarchist, mgr.)
 DM   4 JHELUM (turn 584): HOWARD of DOGS OF WAR (Jorja, mgr.)
 DM   5 KALTOS (turn 582): GRETZKY of SPORTS GREATS (Papa Bear, mgr.)
 DM  10 KOLACT (turn 579): QUIZNOS of QUBIT (Sultan, mgr.)
 DM  42 RODEKI (turn 520): QUICK DEAD HAMMER of KLK RANGE HAMMERZ (Hammer, mgr.)
 DM  62 VALAMANTIS (turn 417): BALI DARRAS of MIDDLE WAY 10 (Jorja, mgr.)

                                      SPY REPORT

     I can't believe the violence in JHELUM!  I still haven't told Mom I'm writing 
Spyreports.  She'd have a cow!  Well, here we go...  MVP award for FOOS BALL?  F 
BALLS' proud of him after beating HOWARD and getting 22 points.  Talk about yer major 
upsets!  MERKAVA's match with KUNG-FU MASTER cost him a loss of 18 points!  What a 
putz!  LEOPARD fights so hard to be Duelmaster, then quits fighting and loses the 
title.  No one said she was a genius...  And I was just getting used to the 
ex-Duelmaster's habit of...(!)  Oh well, welcome FOOS BALL.  Aren't F BALLS proud.  
(Oh, my.) I hear the top team insists all their warriors get nine hours sleep.  They 
want photogenic fighters for PR photos.   
     So just why would someone becomes a warrior anyway?  It can't be for these 
really neat Spyreports can it?  DOGS OF WAR was JHELUM's most avoided team.  Is there 
some award for that?  Is there some deep dark secret why HALF(LING) HEROES' been 
avoiding DOGS OF WAR so much?  Or is it just that they're too scared?  Can THE WALL's 
THE JUDGE be more popular than me?  He was challenged the most, but is that really 
the same?  For sure, I was holding my breath when I found out FLAT BALL challenged 
LEONIDAS.  After all, haven't F BALLS and DOGS OF WAR had a long standing duel in 
JHELUM?  It wasn't a spectacular fight, or anything, but LEONIDAS wants me to write 
about it since he beat FLAT BALL.  Satisfied?  BRIGEITIA must not be a good enough 
fighter to get in fair fights.  She challenged CHALLORN.  12 is a big difference.  
(Well, that's what they tell me.) I thought BRIGEITIA showed great skill and promise 
when she was beat by CHALLORN.  All right, so I slept through it!  Big deal!   
     Challenges, revenges, Bloodfeuds.  All JHELUM ever talks about is fighting!  Me, 
I'm more laid back.  Ooh!  The suspense is killing me!  THE WALL has like just one 
turn to Bloodfeud M1A1 of TANKS FOR NOTHIN'!  Will they do it???  Fight, fight, 
fight.  Is that all you guys can do?   
     I really didn't, you know, study when I was a kid.  Who would've guessed I'd be 
a famous Spyreporter?  I know how much you like reading this stuff, but I really 
should stop.  Remember you guys, ease up sometimes!  Chill out!  Later, Debby Tonte  

DUELMASTER                     W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 FOOS BALL 6366                6   0  1   105       F BALLS (523)

CHALLENGER CHAMPIONS           W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
-LEOPARD 6363                 16   3  0   119       TANKS FOR NOTHIN' (171)
 M1A1 2734                    19   9  2   102       TANKS FOR NOTHIN' (171)
 MIA2 3553                    17   6  2    99       TANKS FOR NOTHIN' (171)

CHALLENGER CHAMPIONS           W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 PANTHER 3554                 18   4  0    98       TANKS FOR NOTHIN' (171)

CHAMPIONS                      W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 HANNIBAL 5715                18  34  1    89       DOGS OF WAR (115)
 MERKAVA 1839                 15  19  2    78       TANKS FOR NOTHIN' (171)

CHALLENGER ADEPTS              W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 TEACHER 3940                 11   1  0    57       THE WALL (367)

ADEPTS                         W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 PETE MASTIFF 6387             6   2  0    50       DOGS OF WAR (115)
 THE PROSTITUTE 3938           3   9  0    36       THE WALL (367)

CHALLENGER INITIATES           W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 TELL ME A LIE 6360            3   2  0    33       BAD PINOCCHIO (596)
 LEONIDAS 6382                 6   6  0    31       DOGS OF WAR (115)
-WOODEN BOY 6358               2   2  0    31       BAD PINOCCHIO (596)
 REGIS 6371                    2   0  0    29       HALF(LING) HEROES (597)
 THE JUDGE 3939                7   5  0    26       THE WALL (367)

INITIATES                      W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 CHALLORN 6402                 1   1  0    14       DOGS OF WAR (115)
 FLAT BALL 6396                1   2  0     6       F BALLS (523)
-PHRUST 3045                   1   2  0     5       VISION QUEST (278)
-HALF-ASS 6357                 1   0  0     5       BAD PINOCCHIO (596)
 BRIGEITIA 6369                1   1  0     4       HALF(LING) HEROES (597)

'-' denotes a warrior who did not fight this turn.

THE DEAD               W  L K TEAM NAME             SLAIN BY             TURN Revenge?
CHALLOST 6394          2  1 1 DOGS OF WAR 115       FOOS BALL 6366        583         
FAKE BALL 6397         0  1 0 F BALLS 523           ARENAMASTER NARHM 603 585 NONE    
J.A. PINKERTON 6384    7  1 0 THE WALL 367          M1A1 2734             582         

                                     PERSONAL ADS

Foos Ball -- What are you up to, trying to kill us all off?  Don't answer that--if
the answer is "yes," I don't want to hear it. -- Hannibal
P.S.  But I sincerely hope that you have tourney fights hidden away somewhere,
because I'm not actually THAT bad at this gladiating.  Anything that can be done on
top of an elephant, I can do.

Flat Ball -- Punctured, ruptured, and squashed.  My kind of ball game. -- Leonidas

Leopard -- A salute, young lady, and fare you well here.  I believe I'll retire and
raise vegetable marrows. -- Howard
P.S.  And then throw them over walls into the road.  Nobody would EAT the darn
things, after all.

The Judge -- And who said you should sit in judgment, eh?  Better to practice a
little tolerance.  Not a lot, or people will take advantage, but a little. -- Pete

Tyranthaxus -- (blinking)  You're a dwarf, at five-foot-ten?  Well... I guess it
takes all kinds. -- Challorn
P.S.  And I'm hardly in a position to cast stones.

6 September 2007
                   *****                              *******
                   ***** STORMCROWE SLAUGHTERHOUSE 3  *******
                   *****                              *******

15 managers have announced for the Stormcrowe Slaughterhouse!!!!!!  There is still 
time to join and make a name for yourself in one of Alastari's fiercest contests!  I 
must correct a mistake in the previous announcement.  I incorrectly called it the 
Slaughterhouse 2, but in reality, this will be the third installment of the 


*Find a Partner

*Declare your intentions in the Stormcrowe newsletter to enter before the first turn 
of the contest.  You may also email or diplo Master Darque.

*Each manager entering the Stormcrowe Slaughterhouse must submit one (1) Team Roll-Up 
Certificate.  Only certificates will be accepted for entry.  All certificates 
submitted will be used during the course of the contest as prizes.

*RU certificates must be received on or before the first turn of the contest which is 
Stormcrowe Turn 263 (running approximately November 27, 2007).


Rules and Scoring information for the Slaughterhouse will be posted every turn in the 
Stormcrowe newsletter beginning with Turn 260 and in a final all arena ad in 


ENDURANCE AWARD:  One (1) +1 Bonus Potion will be given to every team that competes 
in 60 of the 65 contest fights.

KILL MASTER AWARD:  The individual manager with the most kills will receive a Limited 
Immortality Potion.  This potion may be applied to one (1) warrior.  He/she will be 
resurrected ONE-TIME if they are killed in Basic D2.

TOP TEAM AWARD:  Each manager on the winning team will receive the following prize 
pack for their Slaughterhouse Dominance:

*One (1) +1 Bonus Potion
*Favorites Knowledge for one (1) Warrior
*Undisclosed amount of Team RU Certificates

Special note from RSI on prizes:  All contest prizes must be used within three 
months.  All contest prizes may only be used on a living warrior on the participating 
contest team in DM 45.  The immortality potion may resurrect a warrior one time, 
after a death in DM 45 only, after which time the potion disappears.


Rules questions and clarifications may be directed to Master Darque the contest 
coordinator.  He may be reached by email at rebelnerfherder at yahoo dot com or by 
diplo in DM 45 (Darque Forces-428).

20 September 2007
Ok, ok, you can stop not-talking about TOGS VI already, it is coming, slowly but
surely, like a giant, over-fed, greased slug sliding down a gravely driveway.  We're
looking for new-comers, old-timers, in-betweeners, fence-sitters and Delarquans to
come on out and participate.  Just think, you could be the next Pinky & the Brain
pairing (a la Creepster & Manager), or maybe you'll be the team that crushes all in
its path on the way TO UTTER AND COMPLETE TOGS DOMINATION!!!!!!  [note:  insert
sinister cackle if it helps you complete the picture]

There will be a few minor changes, so let's recap the rules from top to bottom:

1.  Each TOGS team consists of two managers.  After the contest starts, there will be
no switching partners whatsoever, so choose your teammate wisely.  TOGS VI will last
for 13 turns, so pick a partner you can stand for 6 months or so.

2.  The TOGS entry fee is 2 team setups per manager.  This means 4 setups per TOGS
team.  This entry fee is required before the start of the tourney with no exceptions
being made.  This is to ensure that nobody gets screwed if a team or manager decides
to back out early.  To pay the entry fee either:
     a)  send $10 cash/check/money order/ or whatever to me personally at:
          Paul Jokelson
          115 Moss Ave. #201
          Oakland, CA 94611
     b)  get RSI to send me 2 team setup gift certificates.  Sorry, no credit cards
         and no old teams you have lying around will be accepted.

3. TOGS point system:


10 points for winning on your up-challenge against another TOGS warrior.
 7 points for winning on your even challenge of another TOGS warrior.
 7 points for winning on another TOGS warriors challenge.
 7 points for winning a random match-up against another TOGS warrior.
 4 points for winning on your down-challenge of another TOGS warrior.
 4 points for winning a random match-up against a non-TOGS warrior.

Changes this TOGS: 

** 10 points for any challenge by the DM, UP OR DOWN!!
** 4 points for winning a random match-up against your TOGS partner's warrior.
To state the obvious, there are 0 points if you challenge your partner.

** 4 points for winning a bloodfeud attempt against you by a non-TOGS warrior

You will not get any points if you challenge or get challenged by a non-TOGS team
(with the exception of the above-stated rule if you get bloodfeuded), so use your
avoids wisely if you think someone is out to get you.


5 points for every spotlight written by any team member.  1 per manager per turn.

The minimum length of a spotlight to receive points is 1/2 column in the newsletter
(that's 31 lines-each line 85 characters across) and we will be completely firm on
this.  In addition to the length criteria, spotlights will not be given points if
they are in any way plagiarized or if they are not Duelmasters or fantasy related.
We will be the sole judge of this.  If you're unsure if we will judge something to be
Duelmasters or fantasy related, then e-mail me before you write the spotlight and
ask.  We reserve the right to take points away from a spotlight after they are given
if we judge at later time that the spotlight has been plagiarized.

-5 points per manager per turn every time a manager does not at least write one
personal ad.

4.  TOGS VI will start in arena 60 shortly after the Winter Face-to-Face (turn due
Feb 21, Aradi turn 436) and as mentioned before will last for 13 turns.  There will
be multipliers in the later rounds, which means that all points accumulated by a team
on turns 10 and 11 will be multiplied by 1.5 and all points accumulated by each team
on turns 12 and 13 will be multiplied by 2.

5.  Soultaker and Nuln will be the sole arbiters of any dispute that may arise, with
props to Sentinel for doing the score-keeping as always.  Whine all you like, we will
be glad to provide comfortable chairs and the cheese of your choice.

And there be the rules.  If you look closely, you'll notice there were a few minor
changes and additions made from the TOGS V rules.  They are as follows:

-- The Snotman & Nuln rule:  Last TOGS Snotman and Nuln randomly matched up something
like 4-5 times, so we basically decided out of pity to now give a small amount of
points (4 in this case) for winning a random against a teammate, so that you're not
completely screwed by having 2 of your 10 warriors get 0 zero points automatically.

-- Scaling Down Points for the DM:  Previously a TOGS DM would get 10 points *in
addition* to whatever challenge points they got.  This was to keep the DM from being
penalized for being at the top and give people something to fight for.  However, it
was a bit too much of an award and we decided to scale it back and eliminate the
bonus, but give full upchallenge credit whenever the DM challenges.

-- Bloodfeuds from outside TOGS teams:  This incident came up last TOGS, and it was
felt that if a person killed a non-TOGS warrior in a random, they shouldn't have to
be potentially locked into 4 turns of getting 0 points.  So we've added an additional
rule which now gives 4 points if you win when bloodfeuded by a non-TOGS warrior, at
least giving you some way to get points if you're locked into a non-TOGS bloodfeud
instead of being basically removed from the contest for 4 turns.

And lastly...

-- Team Names:  This was not listed in the rules, but to make things more festive, at
the suggestion of Manager we have decided to have the added dimension of team names!
Yes, no more boring rankings with Team 4 edging out Team 7.  Just picture reading a
TOGS turn report now, with something along the lines of "Team Fiery Starfish
obliterated Team Superior TOGSlings," just as one example.

We hope to see you all there....

                                  LAST WEEK'S FIGHTS

FAKE BALL was butchered by ARENAMASTER NARHMIN in a 1 minute Dark Arena fight.
PANTHER devastated HANNIBAL in a dull 7 minute one-sided Challenge duel.
FOOS BALL demolished HOWARD in a 1 minute uneven Challenge Title fight.
TELL ME A LIE viciously subdued THE JUDGE in a popular 6 minute Challenge contest.
BRIGEITIA was subdued by CHALLORN in a 1 minute amateur's Challenge competition.
FLAT BALL was defeated by LEONIDAS in a 1 minute novice vs. master Challenge struggle.
MIA2 overcame VETERAN MERCENARY in a action packed 1 minute gruesome melee.
M1A1 vanquished KHALHUMS DWARF in a action packed 1 minute gory uneven fight.
MERKAVA was narrowly defeated by KUNG-FU MASTER in a 2 minute uneven match.
PETE MASTIFF was luckily beaten by TEACHER in a exciting 4 minute brutal fight.
THE PROSTITUTE slimly lost to AMBITIOUS GUARD in a crowd pleasing 1 minute conflict.
TYRANTHAXUS was murdered by EMBEZZLING SCRIBE in a 1 minute mismatched match.
REGIS overpowered EMBEZZLING SCRIBE in a 1 minute mismatched conflict.

                                    BATTLE REPORT

             MOST POPULAR                        RECORD DURING THE LAST 10 TURNS     
|FIGHTING STYLE               FIGHTS        FIGHTING STYLE     W -   L -  K   PERCENT|
|STRIKING ATTACK                  5         SLASHING ATTACK   14 -   3 -  1      82  |
|SLASHING ATTACK                  3         LUNGING ATTACK    20 -   6 -  1      77  |
|TOTAL PARRY                      3         WALL OF STEEL     14 -   8 -  2      64  |
|WALL OF STEEL                    2         STRIKING ATTACK   27 -  18 -  1      60  |
|PARRY-STRIKE                     2         TOTAL PARRY       20 -  14 -  0      59  |
|LUNGING ATTACK                   1         AIMED BLOW         2 -   4 -  0      33  |
|AIMED BLOW                       1         PARRY-LUNGE        3 -   7 -  0      30  |
|PARRY-LUNGE                      1         BASHING ATTACK     1 -   3 -  0      25  |
|PARRY-RIPOSTE                    1         PARRY-STRIKE       2 -   7 -  0      22  |
|BASHING ATTACK                   0         PARRY-RIPOSTE      2 -  11 -  1      15  |

Turn 585 was great if you     Not so great if you used      The fighting styles of the
used the fighting styles:     the fighting styles:          top eleven warriors are:

LUNGING ATTACK     1 -  0     AIMED BLOW         0 -  1         4  STRIKING ATTACK
SLASHING ATTACK    2 -  1     PARRY-LUNGE        0 -  1         2  WALL OF STEEL  
TOTAL PARRY        2 -  1     PARRY-STRIKE       0 -  2         2  TOTAL PARRY    
STRIKING ATTACK    3 -  2     PARRY-RIPOSTE      0 -  1         1  LUNGING ATTACK 
WALL OF STEEL      1 -  1     BASHING ATTACK     0 -  0         1  SLASHING ATTACK
                                                                1  PARRY-RIPOSTE  

                               TOP WARRIOR OF EACH STYLE

FIGHTING STYLE   WARRIOR                     W   L  K PNTS TEAM NAME                  
STRIKING ATTACK  FOOS BALL 6366              6   0  1  105 F BALLS (523)
WALL OF STEEL    M1A1 2734                  19   9  2  102 TANKS FOR NOTHIN' (171)
SLASHING ATTACK  MIA2 3553                  17   6  2   99 TANKS FOR NOTHIN' (171)
TOTAL PARRY      PANTHER 3554               18   4  0   98 TANKS FOR NOTHIN' (171)
Note: Warriors have a winning record and are an Adept or Above.

The overall popularity leader is HANNIBAL 5715.  The most popular warrior this turn 
was TELL ME A LIE 6360.  The ten other most popular fighters were PETE MASTIFF 6387, 
CHALLORN 6402, LEONIDAS 6382, FOOS BALL 6366, MIA2 3553, M1A1 2734, REGIS 6371, 

The least popular fighter this week was PANTHER 3554.  The other ten least popular 
fighters were TYRANTHAXUS 6368, FLAT BALL 6396, BRIGEITIA 6369, THE JUDGE 3939, FAKE 

The following warriors have traveled to AD after fighting this turn:

HOWARD (4-6289) DOGS OF WAR (115)