Date   : 06/03/2003    Duedate: 06/16/2003


DM-9    TURN-467

This Weeks Top Honors


(9-4915) [18-0-0,230]

Chartered Recognition Leader   Unchartered Recognition Leader

TREMERE                        POSITION IS EMPTY
DARK TOADS (451)               
(9-4915) [18-0-0,230]          

Popularity Leader              This Weeks Favorite

INDIGO                         TREMERE
BLUE MOON (381)                DARK TOADS (451)
(9-4775) [24-15-0,103]         (9-4915) [18-0-0,230]



Team Name                  Point Gain  Chartered Team
1. DARK TOADS (451)            49
2. BLUE MOON (381)              9      DARK TOADS (451)
3. LETTER BOMBS (436)           2      Unchartered Team
4. DSM4 (239)                   0
                                       BLOOD & IRON (366)

The Top Teams

Career Win-Loss Record           W   L  K    %  Win-Loss Record Last 3 Turns    W  L K
 1- 1 DSM4 (239)               343 273 23 55.7   1/ 1 BLUE MOON (381)           8  7 0
 2/ 3 DARK TOADS (451)          35  34  1 50.7   2/ 2 DARK TOADS (451)          7  7 0
 3/ 2 LETTER BOMBS (436)        53  53  1 50.0   3- 3 DSM4 (239)                3  3 0
 4/ 4 BLUE MOON (381)          261 367  9 41.6   4/ 4 LETTER BOMBS (436)        1  5 0

    '*'   Unchartered team                       '-'  Team did not fight this turn
   (###)  Avoid teams by their Team Id          ##/## This turn's/Last turn's rank

                                    TEAM SPOTLIGHT

     >)]H[(< + -----:----- + >)] The Free Cities #61 [(< + -----:----- + >)]H[(<

Ibizond, Korga, and in between:

     Aghtamar and Zilla had argued with Fist of Kjarran, but not for long.  After
all, someone to play bait WAS needed, and he WAS a Lord Protector and therefore had
guaranteed resurrection....  The Murskan, Cadal, suggested that they all get a good
night's sleep here in Ibizond, look over the area where they wanted to set their trap
tomorrow by daylight, and then run the bait tomorrow night.  This seemed such a
sensible suggestion that Aghtamar hesitated to accept it; there was sure to be an
unpleasant catch in it somewhere.  But Zilla was for it, and even Fist, not one to
wallow in luxuries, agreed, so she shrugged and nodded.
     They stayed at the inn where they'd eaten, the Red Cow, and it seemed to
Aghtamar that the night was endless.  She dozed and woke and dozed and woke and it
was still dark.  Maybe the sun had forgotten to rise.  Maybe she was caught in some
magical time loop.  Maybe she was worrying too much.  Maybe she had insomnia.  She
rolled over and thumped her pillow and tried to go to sleep again.  Really asleep
this time.  But there were so many things that could go wrong....
     By the time morning came--reluctantly, with lots of clouds and a cold, damp
wind--Aghtamar was a rag.  Squinting at the imperfect mirror in the small bedroom,
she amended that to a depressed, grumpy rag.  Or hag.  The kind of rag or hag that no
right-thinking gladiator would want as a companion on an adventure.  She was going to
be as second-rate at adventuring as she had been in the arena.  She was just working
up a really good depression when Zilla pounded on the door.
     "Come on," Zilla urged, bouncing on her toes once the door was opened.  "The
guys are waiting."
     "Maybe it would be better if I didn't--"
     "They're WAITING for us, Aghtamar.  Come ON."  Zilla grabbed her arm and dragged
her out into the inn's tiny hallway.  "I kind of LIKE having a couple of men waiting
for us," she confided.  "Even though Cadal is OLD, he must be forty or even FIFTY,
he's a very HOT-looking old man...."
     At that, Aghtamar laughed.  "I didn't know you had a thing for older men,
     "Well, he's a Lord Protector, so he won't get any older than he IS, after all,
and I bet he knows lots of INTERESTING things."  She glanced sideways at her friend.
"I bet he knows some men he could introduce to you."
     "Uh...Zilla, I'm not really looking for--"
     "You should be.  It's great exercise!"
     "Jack told me to watch out for you," Zilla said.  "He likes you.  I like you.
Lots of people like you.  He was, we were all worried you might get depressed again.
You take things too seriously, Aghty."
     "What kind of nickname would YOU suggest I make out of Aghtamar?  Why you ever
let your folks--or Jack if it was him--saddle you with such a mouthful of a name...."
Zilla squinted at her thoughtfully.  "Maybe I'll call you 'Sunshine'.  Would that be
     By this time, they had arrived at the ground floor, where Fist of Kjarran and
Cadal were, indeed, waiting.  "I've got horses for us all," Cadal said the moment
they appeared, "and lunches packed.  Let's go, we're burning daylight here."
                       ***     *****     ***     *****     ***
     Basically, the part of the Traders' Road that ran between Ibizond and Korga was
just like the parts between Korgan and Malcorn and between Ibizond and Murska.
Unpaved, rutted, hilly, muddy in the low spots, with trees crowding close on both
sides most of the way.  Many of the steepest hills had been cut down to make the
grade easier, with the road passing through dirt-walled notches--great places for an
ambush, as Fist of Kjarran observed cheerfully.
     Cadal nodded, but he looked gloomy.  "Great places," he agreed, "but our killer
doesn't use 'em, mostly.  Out of the dozen we think are victims of the same killer,
only two were attacked at a road cut like this."  He looked up at the steep, muddy
banks with their shaggy topping of brush and sighed.  "One in six isn't significant.
That would be too easy.  Our killer doesn't seem to need ambuscades."
     "But we do," Zilla said.  "So, which ones do you favor, and how do you expect us
to get the killer to attack Fist where we're watching?"
     "There is no way," Aghtamar muttered.
     "Sure there is.  Fist sets out in a group--say four people--from Ibizond about
sunset.  As he approaches the spot we've picked as best for our purposes, the other
three turn back, leaving him to enter the target zone alone.  So far, the killer has
never attacked a group as big as four, and besides, we can probably get enough out-
of-work gladiators from Murska, gods know there are plenty of them, to do the escort.
But my figuring is that he won't be attacked till he's alone.  And if he gets beyond
the optimum area without an attack, he turns and comes back, and if he gets all the
way back through it without being attacked, we join him and call it a night and go
back to Ibizond."
     "I wouldn't like to go back to the inn and leave a job undone," Fist of Kjarran
     "But doing the job needs the cooperation of our killer, so we're not totally in
control of that," Zilla pointed out.  "This sounds like a decent bet.  Let's do it."

      * }%|[-----+O+-----]|%{ * }%|[-----+O+-----]|%{ * }%|[-----+O+-----]|%{ *

                        ---===FREE BLADES REGIONAL NEWS===---

 DM   9 ZUKAL (turn 466): TREMERE of DARK TOADS (TigToad, mgr.)
 DM  12 RIZTAB (turn 464): TONY THE TIGER of ARENA FELINES II (Garfield, mgr.)
 DM  15 MALCORN (turn 460): DIRT KNAP of UNKNOWNS XX (Dark Spirit, mgr.)
 DM  16 WILLAF (turn 460): BUBU of GEN KHAN (Technogeek, mgr.)
 DM  19 ZUWAYZA (turn 457): NUTT BRITTLE of CARNIVAL (Carny, mgr.)
 DM  28 MORYA (turn 228): NIGHTSHADE of CRYPT KNIGHTS (?, mgr.)
 DM  29 LAPUR (turn 449): MR. YUCK of THE TAKEN (Stillgard, mgr.)
 DM  32 ARVAT (turn 446): LIGHTNING of HARBINGERS (High Lord Bosk, mgr.)
 DM  33 ANASAZI (turn 444): RYANATOR of OBSIDIAN HALL (Dameon Darkheart, mgr.)
 DM  35 MURSKA (turn 437): KING BEAR of THE BEARS (Papa Bear, mgr.)
 DM  43 VEASTIAN (turn 400): FLYING MARMOSET of KORGAN CRUSADE (Jack Wolfspider)
 DM  45 STORMCROWE (turn 203): DEBBIE DAHMER of MORDRED'S MADMEN (Abraxis, mgr.)
 DM  47 NORTH FORK (turn 198): RING D'BELL of CARNIVAL (Carny, mgr.)
 DM  50 SNOWBOUND (turn 185): DR. NO-NOOKIE of MASTER BLASTERS (Tripwire, mgr.)
 DM  56 ROCANIS (turn 325): NESSUS of ACT OF MALICE (Carnage, mgr.)
 DM  61 JURINE (turn 305): VLADIMIR TALTOS of BLACK PEARL (Dr. Guts, mgr.)
 DM  73 ERINIKA (turn 133): PUNCH DRUNK of WAY TO GO! II (Spawn, mgr.)
                                (Rillion, mgr.)

                                      Top Teams
 DM   9 ZUKAL (turn 466): BLUE MOON (Jorja, mgr.)
 DM  12 RIZTAB (turn 464): ARENA FELINES II (Garfield, mgr.)
 DM  15 MALCORN (turn 460): UNKNOWNS XX (Dark Spirit, mgr.)
 DM  16 WILLAF (turn 460): SILK AND STEEL (?, mgr.)
 DM  17 ALJAFIR (turn 458): SPECIAL ED (PTFT, mgr.)
 DM  19 ZUWAYZA (turn 457): CARNIVAL (Carny, mgr.)
 DM  28 MORYA (turn 228): FLOWER HAMMERZ (Hammer, mgr.)
 DM  29 LAPUR (turn 449): EQUESTORS (Spartacus, mgr.)
 DM  31 CHIMLEVTAL (turn 226): THE STORMBRINGERS (High Lord Bosk, mgr.)
 DM  32 ARVAT (turn 446): FISHERMAN'S WHARF (Jorja, mgr.)
 DM  33 ANASAZI (turn 444): PATH OF THE BLADE (Vhagar, mgr.)
 DM  35 MURSKA (turn 437): THE BEARS (Papa Bear, mgr.)
 DM  43 VEASTIAN (turn 400): THE FAMILY (Don John, mgr.)
 DM  45 STORMCROWE (turn 203): MORDRED'S MADMEN (Abraxis, mgr.)
 DM  47 NORTH FORK (turn 198): SPOONERTIKS (Spawn, mgr.)
 DM  50 SNOWBOUND (turn 185): OPEN SESAME (Crip, mgr.)
 DM  56 ROCANIS (turn 325): REDHORSE (Mila, mgr.)
 DM  61 JURINE (turn 305): FAVORITE GUYS (Obscure Source, mgr.)
 DM  73 ERINIKA (turn 133): DRAKE'S TELEVISION (Drake, mgr.)
ADM 103 FREE BLADES (turn 350): MEOW MIX, etc. (Ultraist, mgr.)

                                   Recent Graduates
 DM  12 RIZTAB (turn 464): TONY THE TIGER of ARENA FELINES II (Garfield, mgr.)
               (turn 463): MIDNIGHT DANCER of SWEET MAGIC (Jorja, mgr.)
 DM  16 WILLAF (turn 460): BUBU of GEN KHAN (Technogeek, mgr.)
                           HU MI of GEN KHAN (Technogeek, mgr.)
                            10-11-8-15-17-14-9ST of KINDRED OF KAOS (PTFT, mgr.)
                (turn 457): LAWN DART GOALIE of SPECIAL ED (PTFT, mgr.)
 DM  19 ZUWAYZA (turn 457): NUTT BRITTLE of CARNIVAL (Carny, mgr.)
 DM  28 MORYA (turn 228): NIGHTSHADE of CRYPT KNIGHTS (?, mgr.)
              (turn 227): WIMPY WIND of THE PENTARCHY (The Pentalque, mgr.)
 DM  31 CHIMLEVTAL (turn 225): DROSS of SOLIPSISM II (Abdiel, acting mgr.)
                               VE of LORDS OF VALHALLA (High Lord Bosk, mgr.)
 DM  35 MURSKA (turn 436): JELIAH BIGABO of PHILANTHROPISTS 3 (Aragorn, mgr.)
 DM  43 VEASTIAN (turn 400): FLYING MARMOSET of KORGAN CRUSADE (Jack Wolfspider)
 DM  47 NORTH FORK (turn 197): INSOLENT IDIOT of MYSTIC ORC FEAST (Slugbait, mgr.)
                               ESPRESSO of COFFEE RULES! (Mr. Coffee, mgr.)
 DM  50 SNOWBOUND (turn 185): DR. NO-NOOKIE of MASTER BLASTERS (Tripwire, mgr.)
 DM  73 ERINIKA (turn 133): KAMIKAZE of WAY TO GO! II (Spawn, mgr.)
                (turn 132): UU DOEWANAKNO of DRAKE'S LODGE (Drake, mgr.)
                            LACONIC LEMON of GARDEN GUMBIES (Firehawk, mgr.)

                                 DUELMASTER'S COLUMN
                             Notes from the arena champ.

Well, last fight was more exciting than I wanted it to be.  Indigo must be learning
some skills when he's not fighting me as I thought he had me in that one.
Fortunately, I remembered how to riposte and the fight went closer to plan.  I issue
my challenge to Blue Duck this turn because I can.  I hope I get my turn sheets in on
time for my challenge to be recorded.  Congratulations to Indigo on an excellent
fight and I wish everyone well in the coming turns. -- Tremere

                                      SPY REPORT

     Greetings, warriors of ZUKAL!  Once again I've been called out of retirement for 
my abilities and insights into Spyreporting.  What's with VENTRUE?  He actually beat 
ZUKAL's PERSISTENT BEGGAR, and walked away with 15 more points from the fight.  
Laughs were big at DARK TOADS while they watched TOREADOR clobber ELECTRIC BLUE.  It 
lost 4 points and got bruised from objects thrown from the stands.  See how the 
Duelmaster challenged BLUE MOON's BLUE DUCK?  That sort of initiative is how he got 
where he is now.  Try as he might, BLUE DUCK wasn't good enough at persuading TREMERE 
to step down from the Duelmaster's throne...  I suppose you want to hear some rumors 
and dirty gossip about your fellow fighters?  Tough!   
     No matter the time or place, men will always duel.  How well I know the feeling 
of being in the most avoided team!  Don't fall out of practive, DSM4!  The bums at 
DARK TOADS couldn't face the challenges from DSM4!  No excuse for that!  How well I 
know the feeling of being the most challenged warrior, BLUE DUCK!  Don't make idle 
boasts, they may come back to haunt you.   
     A fighter's lot is filled with strife, revenge, and killing.  Some fighters 
don't accept this.  The best do.  Here's some advice:  study your opponent, master 
many skills, fight dirty.   
     Many other cities have retirement homes for aged warriors.  Any plans here?  All 
work and no play makes Olaf a dull fighter.  Work and play no fighter dull Olaf.  
Olaffighterwork and no play.  I don't want to overstay my welcome...-- Olaf Modeen  

DUELMASTER                     W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 TREMERE 4915                 18   0  0   230       DARK TOADS (451)

CHALLENGER CHAMPIONS           W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 INDIGO 4775                  24  15  0   103       BLUE MOON (381)
-SCHIZOPHRENIC 4595           13   7  0    98       DSM4 (239)

CHALLENGER CHAMPIONS           W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 BLUE DUCK 4764               26  14  1    93       BLUE MOON (381)

CHAMPIONS                      W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 E. VICTOR 4864               10   6  0    68       LETTER BOMBS (436)

ADEPTS                         W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
-INSOMNIAC 4870                5   1  0    54       DSM4 (239)
 NOSFERATU 4946                5   5  0    36       DARK TOADS (451)

CHALLENGER INITIATES           W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 BLUE MONDAY 4968              3   0  0    31       BLUE MOON (381)
 BLUE GOOSE 4937               7   9  0    30       BLUE MOON (381)
 TOREADOR 4948                 5   4  0    27       DARK TOADS (451)

INITIATES                      W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 VENTRUE 4975                  1   0  0    15       DARK TOADS (451)
 ELECTRIC BLUE 4962            3   5  0    14       BLUE MOON (381)
 BRUJAH 4963                   1   6  0     9       DARK TOADS (451)

'-' denotes a warrior who did not fight this turn.

THE DEAD               W  L K TEAM NAME             SLAIN BY             TURN Revenge?

                                     PERSONAL ADS

Blue Duck -- I'm quite proud of my record, too.  I'm becoming more and more concerned
with Indigo's threat to kill me at 19-0...especially after he landed that blow in the
last fight. -- Tremere

All -- I am quite late getting my turn sheets out.  I put Tremere on maintenance to
ensure that he runs, but if the others aren't around next turn, it's my fault.
Hopefully, the sheets will get in on time. -- TigToad

Blue Monday -- It's not all that hard to get through my defenses, I'm afraid.
TigToad calls me an 'experiment'.  I think he's just trying to prove that you can be
a bad warrior and have a 21 wit. -- Brujah

Nosferatu -- Hmm, are you going to be my "designated opponent" here, as Howling Loon
was for Tremere?  For the skills, I don't mind at all. -- Electric Blue

Brujah -- No, no, don't avoid me!  Keep teaching me so many skills, please. -- Blue

Tremere -- It's almost like you're a teammate, we're all (now the Loon is gone) so
much behind you in your effort to graduate undefeated.  Go, man, go! -- Indigo

E. Victor -- If you're going to evict somebody, you'll have to be firmer. -- Blue

Toreador -- Ole, hmm? -- Blue Monday

Toreador -- You are so sympathetic!  I do appreciate your encouragement.  Yes, I
shall become a Mouse!  A "super" mouse, perhaps? -- Electric Blue

To the Unnamed Aspirant to Duckhood -- Prayer and fasting are a good start. --
Howling Loon
P.S.  And you have to foreswear your mammalianness, of course.

10 May 2003
To All -- Fellow managers, I humbly request your help.  My team (Ex Oblivione) was
started in Monuntial (DM 34) back in '92.  They were active for seven months.  I have
lost all early traces of them.  If any of you can help with copies of relevant
newsletters or, if you fought one of my warriors, copies of the fights, I would
greatly appreciate it.  I only have one of my original warriors left from the early
team now active in DM 60.  You can diplo me with any info here in the wonderful city
of Aradi.  Thank you in advance. -- Enigma, manager Ex Oblivione

15 May 2003
Assurnasirbanipal invites all to use his computerized warrior management tool.  The
program is the most extensive management tool ever created.  It was meant to run on a
PALM OS PDA, but will run (emulated) on a PC or MAC.  You can get this program on the
web at: http://www.geocities.com/assurnasir

27 May 2003
A note to everyone regarding manager names and manager lists -- If you're running a
team incognito, all you have to do is let me know and I won't put your name on any
manager lists.  It has seemed though, that more people want their names listed, even
if they do not announce themselves, than the other way around.  Also, I do maintain
the list more or less by hand and errors do creep in.  You have but to say I've made
an error and no one will be the wiser (except thee and me, of course). -- The Saint,
keeper of lists

30 May 2003
Duelmasters Friends and Friendly Foes -- I am returning to the United States for the
summer.  Please direct any Snailmail to:
     Devon Hagy
     Open Skies Ministries
     Att: Hammer
     1515 E 7th St
     Okmulgee, OK 74447
Bro De is the founder and president of Open Skies Ministries [Prison Ministry] and a
newcomer to the world of Duelmasters. We minister together when I am in the area.
See you on the sands!
-- Daryl P Holloman aka Hammer
Flower Hammerz DM 28
Casino Hammerz DM 33
Fish Hammerz DM 54

3 June 2003
     The Company of Brothers want to take this opportunity to formally introduce
ourselves to all players.  Our play is NOT based on smack, rudeness, or anything less
than fair play (well...as fair as it gets!) and improving the knowledge base of the
game and the sharing of experimentation and information.  We are not concerned with
personal politics, ideals, etc.  We are players who enjoy the game.
     Currently, our membership includes:
     Asmo Dius, Baphomet, and Fahkry.
     We wish to welcome our newest member...Suiside.  May the gods smile upon you and
victory rest well on your team.  Any who wish to join us may contact one of our
members for info.

                                  LAST WEEK'S FIGHTS

TREMERE devastated BLUE DUCK in a 2 minute gruesome mismatched Challenge Title fight.
NOSFERATU narrowly defeated BLUE GOOSE in a 2 minute brutal Challenge melee.
TOREADOR overpowered ELECTRIC BLUE in a 1 minute mismatched Challenge duel.
INDIGO devastated KHALHUMS DWARF in a exciting 1 minute bloody one-sided fight.
E. VICTOR viciously subdued CAPTURED ORC in a 1 minute veteran vs. amateur duel.
BLUE MONDAY handily defeated BRUJAH in a 1 minute uneven fight.
VENTRUE vanquished PERSISTENT BEGGAR in a 1 minute uneven duel.

                                    BATTLE REPORT

             MOST POPULAR                        RECORD DURING THE LAST 10 TURNS     
|FIGHTING STYLE               FIGHTS        FIGHTING STYLE     W -   L -  K   PERCENT|
|TOTAL PARRY                      3         AIMED BLOW        10 -   0 -  0     100  |
|PARRY-RIPOSTE                    2         BASHING ATTACK     3 -   0 -  0     100  |
|AIMED BLOW                       1         STRIKING ATTACK    8 -   6 -  0      57  |
|PARRY-LUNGE                      1         PARRY-LUNGE        7 -   6 -  0      54  |
|LUNGING ATTACK                   1         LUNGING ATTACK     7 -   6 -  0      54  |
|STRIKING ATTACK                  1         TOTAL PARRY       13 -  13 -  0      50  |
|BASHING ATTACK                   1         PARRY-STRIKE       1 -   1 -  0      50  |
|WALL OF STEEL                    1         WALL OF STEEL      7 -   7 -  0      50  |
|PARRY-STRIKE                     0         PARRY-RIPOSTE      4 -   5 -  0      44  |
|SLASHING ATTACK                  0         SLASHING ATTACK    3 -   5 -  1      38  |

Turn 467 was great if you     Not so great if you used      The fighting styles of the
used the fighting styles:     the fighting styles:          top eleven warriors are:

AIMED BLOW         1 -  0     TOTAL PARRY        1 -  2         2  STRIKING ATTACK
PARRY-LUNGE        1 -  0     PARRY-STRIKE       0 -  0         2  LUNGING ATTACK 
LUNGING ATTACK     1 -  0     SLASHING ATTACK    0 -  0         2  TOTAL PARRY    
STRIKING ATTACK    1 -  0     WALL OF STEEL      0 -  1         1  AIMED BLOW     
BASHING ATTACK     1 -  0                                       1  BASHING ATTACK 
PARRY-RIPOSTE      1 -  1                                       1  WALL OF STEEL  
                                                                1  PARRY-LUNGE    
                                                                1  PARRY-RIPOSTE  

                               TOP WARRIOR OF EACH STYLE

FIGHTING STYLE   WARRIOR                     W   L  K PNTS TEAM NAME                  
AIMED BLOW       TREMERE 4915               18   0  0  230 DARK TOADS (451)
STRIKING ATTACK  INDIGO 4775                24  15  0  103 BLUE MOON (381)
TOTAL PARRY      BLUE DUCK 4764             26  14  1   93 BLUE MOON (381)
LUNGING ATTACK   E. VICTOR 4864             10   6  0   68 LETTER BOMBS (436)
Note: Warriors have a winning record and are an Adept or Above.

The overall popularity leader is INDIGO 4775.  The most popular warrior this turn was 
TREMERE 4915.  The ten other most popular fighters were INDIGO 4775, E. VICTOR 4864, 
VENTRUE 4975, ELECTRIC BLUE 4962, and BRUJAH 4963.

The least popular fighter this week was BRUJAH 4963.  The other ten least popular 
fighters were ELECTRIC BLUE 4962, VENTRUE 4975, BLUE MONDAY 4968, TOREADOR 4948, BLUE 
GOOSE 4937, NOSFERATU 4946, BLUE DUCK 4764, E. VICTOR 4864, INDIGO 4775, and TREMERE