Date   : 02/18/2005    Duedate: 03/03/2005


DM-11    TURN-509

This Weeks Top Honors


(11-6057) [17-10-0,124]

Chartered Recognition Leader   Unchartered Recognition Leader

ANIMAL FARM (510)              UNIVERSAL HORROR (552)
(11-6057) [17-10-0,124]        (11-6319) [7-2-0,93]

Popularity Leader              This Weeks Favorite

K. K. DOWNING                  BLUE BLAZES
(11-5655) [16-24-1,109]        (11-6280) [15-5-0,111]



Team Name                  Point Gain  Chartered Team
1. LORDS OF CHAOS (556)        41
2. THE HEADCUTTERS II (412)    37      COLORIFIC (511)
3. MANIACAL TUFTS (431)        36      Unchartered Team
4. SCARLET KNIGHTS II (507)    27
5. KRILL CAVALRY (374)         23      UNIVERSAL HORROR (552)

The Top Teams

Career Win-Loss Record           W   L  K    %  Win-Loss Record Last 3 Turns    W  L K
 1- 1*SWORDS OF FURY (277)       1   0  0  100   1/ 1 TUFT TUGGERS (305)       10  5 0
 2/ 2 COLORIFIC (511)          189  99  3 65.6   2/ 2 THE HEADCUTTERS II (412) 10  5 0
 3/ 5*UNIVERSAL HORROR (552)     9   5  0 64.3   3/ 3 BULLDOGS (157)            9  3 0
 4/ 3 ANIMAL FARM (510)        927 558 34 62.4   4/ 6 COLORIFIC (511)           7  2 0
 5- 4 GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRL (435) 100  62  4 61.7   5/ 4 ANIMAL FARM (510)         7  4 0
 6/ 6 BULLDOGS (157)           770 605 26 56.0   6/ 5 GERFEL'S FRIENDS (253)    6  7 0
 7/ 0 MANIACAL TUFTS (431)      63  53  1 54.3   7/ 8 WAR-C-KERS (345)          5  4 0
 8/ 7 WAR-C-KERS (345)         142 123  5 53.6   8/ 7 SCARLET KNIGHTS (375)     5  7 0
 9- 8 KELLUMBO'S KIDS (526)     84  74  5 53.2   9/12 KRILL CAVALRY (374)       5 10 0
10/11 SCARLET KNIGHTS II (507) 122 115  5 51.5  10/10*UNIVERSAL HORROR (552)    4  1 0
11-13 DEADMAN'S HAND (505)      26  25  2 51.0  11/19 LORDS OF CHAOS (556)      4  4 0
12/12 GERFEL'S FRIENDS (253)   653 628 18 51.0  12/ 9 ELFQUEST (515)            4  8 0
13/ 0 REPTILIAN REBELS (312)    59  57  4 50.9  13/13 SCARLET KNIGHTS II (507)  3  3 0
14/14 TUFT TUGGERS (305)       597 588 20 50.4  14-15 NEVERWAKE (508)           3  7 1
15/15 ELFQUEST (515)           201 210 10 48.9  15/ 0 MANIACAL TUFTS (431)      2  1 0
16-16 SINCE YOU'RE GONE (466)   25  27  0 48.1  16-11 GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRL (435)  2  6 0
17/19 CLUB HAMMER (491)         41  45  3 47.7  17-18*SWORDS OF FURY (277)      1  0 0
18/18 LORDS OF CHAOS (556)     102 113  5 47.4  18/ 0 REPTILIAN REBELS (312)    1  0 0

Career Win-Loss Record           W   L  K    %  Win-Loss Record Last 3 Turns    W  L K
19-17 NEVERWAKE (508)           50  56  7 47.2  19/22 CLUB HAMMER (491)         1  2 0
20/20 THE HEADCUTTERS II (412) 196 220  8 47.1  20-14 KELLUMBO'S KIDS (526)     1  2 0
21/22 SCARLET KNIGHTS (375)    278 322 12 46.3  21-21 HOUSE OF PAIN (458)       1  4 0
22-23*CITY MORGUE (280)          3   4  0 42.9  22-25 SINCE YOU'RE GONE (466)   0  1 0
23-24 HOUSE OF PAIN (458)       19  26  0 42.2  23-26 DEADMAN'S HAND (505)      0  1 0
24/26 KRILL CAVALRY (374)      214 367  3 36.8  24-23*CITY MORGUE (280)         0  1 0

    '*'   Unchartered team                       '-'  Team did not fight this turn
   (###)  Avoid teams by their Team Id          ##/## This turn's/Last turn's rank

                                    TEAM SPOTLIGHT

            + ]H[ + ---:--- + ]H[ Out of the Past #2 ]H[ + ---:--- + ]H[ +

Aruak City:

     They sat and stared at each other across the table, and when Vurand poured wine
into all the glasses, everyone drank.
     Finally, Fandil said, "We could just ignore that fellow."
     Cho grimaced.  "You can, if you want to.  But I must pay attention."
     Most of them avoided looking at Cho, who was, according to the Sojourner, "from
another place."  But so what?  Lots of managers were from other places, other
     Adie shook herself.  "We all have to pay attention.  Khaldren is HERE, in
Alastari, and it seems to be our task to fight him.  This isn't news!  We knew he was
a deadly danger and that we had to oppose him.  Cho and Fandil and I met here to
figure out how."
     Shania put her wineglass down and folded her hands on the table.  "We need
certain information," the seeress noted.  "To simply say 'oppose Khaldren' is
insufficient.  We have reason to believe that he is using the Dark Arenas as a source
of blood-magic power.  But how, exactly, is he doing that?  Does he have to be
present himself?  Does anybody here know how blood magic works?"
     "I know," Master Cho admitted.  "I have opposed blood magicians before.
Khaldren doesn't have to be present in person, but somebody has to be there.  There
are devices, talismans you might call them, that will gather and store power, and
they can be used for blood-magic power, but they must be watched.  Adjusted,
sometimes.  Tended by someone who is present while they operate.  The power from
these talismans can then be transferred one to another, and stored in larger
talismans.  I would guess that Khaldren has got such a talisman in each arena, and
somebody to watch and manage it for him."
     Adie frowned.  "Could this attendant be just anybody, or must he be a mage
     Cho shrugged.  "He doesn't have to be a master mage, but some magical skill is
necessary.  An apprentice couldn't do it, but a journeyman mage...yes."
     "Do you think there's such a talisman here in Aruak City?" Ashon Chang asked.
"If there is--"
     "Surely he couldn't have established a, um, base of operations, I suppose you
would call it, here in Aruak City!"  Fandil shook his head firmly.  "This is neither
a small provincial town nor a minor arena.  There are too many people who would
     Cho opened his mouth to respond, then closed it as Adie looked up from her
frowning study of the table top.
     "There is every chance of it," the woman said.  One hand went automatically to
her hair, coiling a strand around one finger and tugging gently.  "Even with the
decline in the Arcanum, there is a constant background hum of minor magical activity
here.  I'm surprised you haven't noticed!"
     "Some is automatically discounted and ignored," Shania cut in.  "It derives from
the magical aspects of the Aruaki themselves.  There is no blame to filtering that
out--it is always there, never changes much.  I have noticed that myself, and ignored
it.  Until now."
     "But installing this magical device, this 'talisman' in the arena--"
     "How big would it be, Master Cho?" Ashon Chang asked.
     The old Adantri gestured with his hands.  "Smaller than a man's head, the ones
I've seen.  Rather like a very thick book, maybe eight by six by four inches.  And it
requires no special installation, so far as I have been able to find out.  It simply
has to be within twenty feet of blood being spilled."
     "So if anyone were to carry a book into the lowest tier of seats for the Dark
Arena fights, that could be it?"  The samurai nodded slowly.  "We can search the
seats in the lowest row before the fights, then watch the people who come in."
     "Which I take to mean we will be attending the night fights," Adie said.  "Good
enough.  I'm glad we're finally about to take some positive action."  She glanced at
Cho.  "Ah...when we find the talisman, then what?"
     "Destroy it!" Ashon Chang said.
     "That could be dangerous," Cho warned.  "If there is much energy stored in it,
destroying the container would release it all catastrophically."
     "But if we could draw off the energy for our own uses...."  The Fratsfan mage,
Herlas, stared across the room at nothing, or at some inner vision.  His lips curved
into a smile.
     "That energy is tainted!" Adie said.
     Herlas focused his black gaze on her.  Adie didn't flinch, but she was aware of
the power in this man, and that he was attempting to use it against her.  He had
chosen a bad time and place; she was sitting in full sunlight, and the energy of her
god flowed around her as a shield.  The look she sent back at him was a challenge.
     "Not now!" Shania said.  "If we fight amongst ourselves, we are simply aiding
     Herlas nodded at her, perhaps to acknowledge her point.  "But once the deaths
have happened--as they would whether Khaldren was involved or not--the power that
comes from them is simply...power.  Neither good nor evil, any more than the water
behind a damn is good or evil.  Power, once gathered, is neutral.  It is the uses we
might put it to that count."  He shrugged slightly.  "Once we have secured this
talisman, and if there is much energy stored within it, then we can debate this
question.  For now, we have yet to find it--if it exists."
     Adie nodded stiffly.
     "Let us meet at the arena gate an hour before the fights begin," Fandil
suggested.  "And until then, we all need some rest."

                                 DUELMASTER'S COLUMN
                             Notes from the arena champ.

     It is me, your Champion Duelmaster, Purple Panther, and I really have little to
say.  I am far better at growling and pouncing!
     A salute to Branford Hawke who gave me a great tussle for the crown.  A hiss
(Azure Asp taught me that one.) to Positive Polyester Pollyana for wimping out and
vacating the crown.  But, then, I like women who can run.
     Come one; come all.  I am here to fight.  Best me if you can, but be mighty,
mighty careful.
                    Purple Panther, Duelmaster

                                      SPY REPORT

     Ready for some action-packed adventure, some thrills, chills and spills?  Well 
fergit it, cause this is the Spyreport for ARUAK CITY.  Uncool, KELLUMBO'S KIDS.  I 
mean 0-0-0 is bad.  Will they will be allowed to fight?  I say use 'em for training 
practice!  The guys at LORDS OF CHAOS like really pulled together to get a 3-2-0 this 
turn, moving up by 8.  MVP award for MUSTY KOBOLD?  CLUB HAMMER's proud of him after 
beating THE SINGING BANDIT and getting 20 points.  Talk about yer big time losers!  
THE SINGING BANDIT got smashed by MUSTY KOBOLD, and lost 18 points!  SYRLANIA thinks 
hers 16-14-0 and studly character is good enough to face up to the Duelmaster.  Any 
bets?  Don't you think the Duelmaster is being unfair?  I think PURPLE PANTHER should 
let SYRLANIA be Duelmaster for a while, without fighting about it.  I hear the top 
team insists all their warriors get nine hours sleep.  They want photogenic fighters 
for PR photos.   
     So just why would someone becomes a warrior anyway?  It can't be for these 
really neat Spyreports can it?  TUFT TUGGERS was the most avoided team.  Is a 
597-588-20 record really that scary?  Is there some deep dark secret why THE 
HEADCUTTERS II's been avoiding TUFT TUGGERS so much?  Or is it just that they're too 
scared?  Like, is ONYX OWL popular, or what?  She was challenged the most in all of 
ARUAK CITY!  She's got a 19-15-0, is that good?  For sure, I was holding my breath 
when I found out ELMER FUDD challenged BLUE VELVET.  After all, haven't LORDS OF 
CHAOS and COLORIFIC had a long standing duel in ARUAK CITY?  It wasn't a spectacular 
fight, or anything, but BLUE VELVET wants me to write about it since she was beat by 
ELMER FUDD.  Satisfied?   
     What does a fighter fight for?  I mean, the crowds don't give a hoot if someone 
gets killed.  Not after four more fights.  Hey you guys, don't you think your 
families would like to hear from you?  Write!  (Or have someone write for you.)  
     Remember, blood on a purple robe may stain.  Soak it in cold water, and hand 
wash.  I'm getting tired of writing this stuff, so I'm calling it quits.  I had a fun 
time, see you later-- Debby Tonte  

DUELMASTER                     W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 PURPLE PANTHER 6057          17  10  0   124       ANIMAL FARM (510)

CHALLENGER CHAMPIONS           W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 BLUE BLAZES 6280             15   5  0   111       COLORIFIC (511)
-POSITIVE POLYANA 6283        11   7  0   110       KELLUMBO'S KIDS (526)
 K. K. DOWNING 5655           16  24  1   109       THE HEADCUTTERS II (412)
 WARDUKE 5930                 19  18  2   103       SCARLET KNIGHTS II (507)
 ELMER FUDD 6401              18  20  1    99       LORDS OF CHAOS (556)
-IRON MAGRU 5397              16   8  0    98       CLUB HAMMER (491)
-TONYA WAITS 4757             20   7  0    97       GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS (435)
 ALBINO RAINBOW 6238          11  12  0    95       WAR-C-KERS (345)
 DRACULA 6319                  7   2  0    93       UNIVERSAL HORROR (552)
 BRANFORD HAWKE 5077          19  14  0    92       TUFT TUGGERS (305)
 SYRLANIA 6107                16  14  0    92       GERFEL'S FRIENDS (253)
-MARCUS KUERTON 4855           7   5  0    91       MANIACAL TUFTS (431)

CHAMPIONS                      W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 ONYX OWL 5548                19  15  0    90       ANIMAL FARM (510)
 THUNDERBLADE 6367            10   4  0    87       SCARLET KNIGHTS (375)
 TEDDY RUXPIN 6399            20  15  1    83       LORDS OF CHAOS (556)
 BLUE VELVET 6248             14   5  0    83       COLORIFIC (511)
 GREEN WITH ENVY 5621         10   9  0    82       COLORIFIC (511)
 VAN HELSING 6338             13   5  0    81       SCARLET KNIGHTS II (507)
-POLYESTER 5107                9   3  0    80       SINCE YOU'RE GONE (466)
 ALMOND ALBATROSS 6056        12   9  0    78       ANIMAL FARM (510)
 VIRGINIA'S SECRET 6295       10  10  0    78       WAR-C-KERS (345)
-JAZMINE ICE 4998              8   4  0    77       HOUSE OF PAIN (458)
 LINI DAWNWIND 5865           11   6  0    76       KRILL CAVALRY (374)
-ICE 6275                     15   6  0    75       KELLUMBO'S KIDS (526)
 ELIZA PIGERON 5222           14  14  0    72       TUFT TUGGERS (305)
 MONTEZUMA WHIFFLEBAT 6195    15   8  1    70       GERFEL'S FRIENDS (253)
 BIG DOG 6378                  7   3  0    69       BULLDOGS (157)

CHALLENGER ADEPTS              W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 RAINSONG 6128                16  16  0    66       ELFQUEST (515)
-STEEL 6254                   12   7  0    65       KELLUMBO'S KIDS (526)
 HONEY 6368                    8   6  1    65       SCARLET KNIGHTS (375)
 HOT DOG 6343                 11   4  1    60       BULLDOGS (157)
-SOEK 5646                     9  10  1    60       CLUB HAMMER (491)
-GALLOWS POLE 5496             9   2  0    59       DEADMAN'S HAND (505)
 DJANGO REINHARDT 6384         7   5  0    59       THE HEADCUTTERS II (412)
-KIANA TOM 4753                9  10  0    58       GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS (435)

ADEPTS                         W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 MUSTY KOBOLD 5400             7   5  0    57       CLUB HAMMER (491)

ADEPTS                         W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
-HALO 6189                     8   3  1    56       NEVERWAKE (508)
-BUCKING BRAHMA 6372           7   2  0    56       BULLDOGS (157)
 THUNDERSTORM 6113            11  21  0    54       SCARLET KNIGHTS (375)
-CARMEN ELECTRA 4752           8   4  0    54       GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS (435)
 TREESTUMP 6369                7   7  0    54       ELFQUEST (515)
 CALFSKIN 6240                 9  13  1    51       BULLDOGS (157)
 GLADIUS STARSTRYKE 6127       9  23  0    51       SCARLET KNIGHTS (375)
 KALIDOR THE BOLD 6441         5   1  0    48       TUFT TUGGERS (305)
 WILLIE DIXON 6385             4   8  1    43       THE HEADCUTTERS II (412)
-YELLOW STREAK 6239            6   4  0    39       COLORIFIC (511)
 THE SINGING BANDIT 6349       8   7  0    36       GERFEL'S FRIENDS (253)
 TITANIUM 5137                 2   2  0    36       WAR-C-KERS (345)

CHALLENGER INITIATES           W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 ROCKIE DEE 6060               8   9  0    33       KRILL CAVALRY (374)
 TIMMORN YELLOW EYES 6337      7  11  1    33       ELFQUEST (515)
 AZURE ASP 6373                5   6  1    33       ANIMAL FARM (510)
 JOLITH DARKSTEEL 5021         3   2  0    33       MANIACAL TUFTS (431)
 POTATO HEAD JR 6391           6   7  0    29       LORDS OF CHAOS (556)
 DIAMONDBACK 4204              3   2  0    28       REPTILIAN REBELS (312)
-LITTLE CROW 6007              4   0  1    27       DEADMAN'S HAND (505)
 JO MOONCATCHER 6370           6   8  0    26       KRILL CAVALRY (374)

INITIATES                      W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
-HARLIN DOBBS 5486             5   5  0    22       DEADMAN'S HAND (505)
 SILVER LINING 6339            3   6  0    22       COLORIFIC (511)
 VILNIUS SHILLINGTON 6482      2   1  0    21       TUFT TUGGERS (305)
 BARGAIN BASEMENT 6388         4   5  0    20       LORDS OF CHAOS (556)
-FOXXY LOVE 6447               2   2  0    20       KELLUMBO'S KIDS (526)
 LORD KRONOS 6111              1   0  0    17       MANIACAL TUFTS (431)
-LADY MCDEATH 2674             1   0  0    17       SWORDS OF FURY (277)
 BOOTSTRAP RIBEYE 6465         3   1  0    16       GERFEL'S FRIENDS (253)
 JON FLEET 6415                2   9  0    15       KRILL CAVALRY (374)
-LINDSAY LOHAN 6471            2   1  0    15       GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS (435)
-MOO MOO 6474                  2   0  0    14       BULLDOGS (157)
 RICK DERRINGER 6463           3   3  0    12       THE HEADCUTTERS II (412)
-THUD 6475                     1   1  0    12       NEVERWAKE (508)
-GANGREL 6456                  3   1  0    11       HOUSE OF PAIN (458)
-RANCID 5009                   2   5  0    11       HOUSE OF PAIN (458)
-THE MUMMY 6316                1   1  0    11       UNIVERSAL HORROR (552)
-CLACKERS 6047                 2   1  0    10       SINCE YOU'RE GONE (466)
 FRANK ZAPPA 6484              1   2  0    10       THE HEADCUTTERS II (412)
-TAMPA 6440                    2   2  0     8       KELLUMBO'S KIDS (526)
-GEEAMOS 6284                  1   1  0     8       CLUB HAMMER (491)
 JEB MERCLUE 6483              1   2  0     5       TUFT TUGGERS (305)
-THE WOLF MAN 6315             1   0  0     5       UNIVERSAL HORROR (552)
 WINDCHASER 6469               0   4  0     5       KRILL CAVALRY (374)
-RIGOR MORTIS 2696             1   1  0     4       CITY MORGUE (280)
-DR KEVORKIAN 2692             1   0  0     4       CITY MORGUE (280)
-MOBIUS 6459                   1   1  0     4       HOUSE OF PAIN (458)
-FIONA STARMANTLE 5022         0   4  0     4       MANIACAL TUFTS (431)
-BROOK BURKE 6472              0   3  0     3       GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS (435)
 COOKIE MONSTER 6490           0   2  0     2       LORDS OF CHAOS (556)
-GOUGE 6488                    0   1  0     1       NEVERWAKE (508)
-BLADEWIN 2693                 0   1  0     1       CITY MORGUE (280)

'-' denotes a warrior who did not fight this turn.

THE DEAD               W  L K TEAM NAME             SLAIN BY             TURN Revenge?
PARC 6443              0  1 0 MANIACAL TUFTS 431    STONE GOLEM 494       509 NONE    

THE DEAD               W  L K TEAM NAME             SLAIN BY             TURN Revenge?
JEB MERCLUE 6457       2  1 0 TUFT TUGGERS 305      AZURE ASP 6373        506 JUST REV

                                     PERSONAL ADS

Kennelworth -- I was just interpreting the Aruak culture.  I didn't know what else to
call it, but since the invaders decided to call it a code, and some defenders played
along, I figured 'what the heck'.  I tried to get all the nuances that give the
managers who live by it so much wiggle room. -- Adie

Puerco -- I think you are overreacting a bit.  I was just giving my interpretation of
what, since the invasion, has been referred to as 'The Code'.  But as you can see, it
is not so hard and fast.  I don't think they were rules, as I have always said nobody
is truly bound to follow the culture.  But I'll admit it is about as close as you can
get.  As I noted to Kennelworth though, there is lots of wiggle room, and I noted all
the trends, exceptions, and preferences that I could think of.  I hope you see my
interpretation as merely that.  Now that I think of it, I'm surprised you hadn't
called me on earlier posts in the ads that sounded even more hard and fast.
Although, I was usually welcoming newcomers in those instances and the whole 'code'
thing hadn't blown up yet into the invasion. -- Adie

Positive Polyana -- Sinister?  I don't believe I've ever been called sinister before,
nor anything close to that come to think of it.  And Motley?  Motley?  Perchance are
you confusing myself with Tankesh!  ;)  He is, after all, running my team for me. --

Say what?!  Damn that was cold, true, but cold! -- Tankesh

DK -- Please do return soon.  Your cold streak was just getting started! -- Tankesh

PPE -- Doc's return didn't look so welcoming to me.  Two DA's, a pitiful last couple
turns, and a team that appears to be on maintenance creamed one of his on a
challenge.  Sounds rough.  I hope he can hang in there. -- Tankesh

PPE -- Oh yeah, I've been current top team before, you're just too blind to notice
normally, with your one eye, and huge horn right in front of it! -- Tankesh

KK Downing -- You were clearly the peacock, while I was the kookoo.  Salute. -- Onyx

Branford -- Thank the gods you are alive, pal. -- Purple Panther

Positive P -- Wimped out, huh?  I would rather have whipped your cute little body
than Branford's.  Amongst the critters, we would call you CHICKEN! -- Purple Panther,

Double-Tap gone?  Of course!  I hope it was all my doing. -- Green With Envy, Proud
Colorific (laughing at her last easy win over Neverwake)

Doc -- Keep on teasing us, pal.  We like those easy wins. -- Purple People Eater,
Proud Colorific Manager

Strongbow -- I was feeling quite strong myself. -- Blue Blazes, Proud Colorific

Elmer Fudd -- I always love our fights.  I plan to continue getting back at you for
the way you treated Bugs. -- Blue Velvet, Proud Colorific

Purple Panther -- Congrats to you and my brother Manager Mino.  Duelmasters drink
free at The Bulldog Inn.  See you there. -- Kennelworth, Proprietor

Gouge -- It truly adds some joy to the victory when it is over one of Doc's.  Is
Neverwake now on a collapsing voyage? -- Moo Moo

Mr. Steele -- That is 2-0 in the last two turns for Consortium teams.  Are you adding
that into our overall mano y mano record? -- Ye Consortium Scribe

Treestump -- Mighty, mighty close, my friend.  And that learn of yours may now put me
at a disadvantage.  'Til we meet again. -- Calfskin

Gladius Starstryke -- I enjoyed the win, but I loved those buns. -- Hot Dog

Steel -- The Big Dog has a little steel in himself, too, you know?  I hope I didn't
send you and Ms. Kellumbo in despair to wait for the mailer.  Or maybe I did? -- Big

Jasmine Ice -- My my.  Perhaps The House Of Pain is in retreat at the fear of Adie's
retaliation for that unsportsmanlike down-challenge you made?  I don't blame you one
bit.  Smart time not to "run", if one is into disgusting acts.  My my. -- Kennelworth

Kalidor the Bold -- I didn't know Adie used golems!  Have you considered getting a
gender attachment? -- Jo Mooncatcher
P.S.  Then it wouldn't be so obvious.

Frank Zappa -- You look very strange in that trout mask replica with your beard
sticking out below.  I've never seen a bearded trout before. -- Windchaser

Bootstrap Ribeye -- (shakes head in wonder)  Gerfel sure can pick 'em. -- Jon Fleet

Dracula -- Well, I was expecting you to go for my neck.  When you didn't, it threw
off my parries. -- Lini Dawnwind

Tunderstorm -- I hate it when people, you know, LOOM over me. -- Rockie Dee

Vilnium -- (bristling)  One does as one must to keep food on the table in front of
one's kiddies. -- Convicted Thief (true name withheld by request)

Adie -- Jeb is back...but will he be staying? -- Generalissimo Puerco

All -- I wonder where Dartor got off to.... -- Generalissimo Puerco

Adie and friends -- My apologies for not writing more this time, which had been my
intention.  Things came up. -- the Scribe

31 January 2005
     My fellow duelists I come before you bearing a sad and unfortunate message.
Several months ago our group, the Vendetta Cartel, had lost contact with one of our
friends.  Since he was in contact or correspondence on an almost daily basis there
was concern amongst us.  With some research two of our members discovered why contact
was lost with him.
     On November 10, 2004, Richard Hammes was taken from us in a senseless act of
violence during a robbery attempt at a friend's store where he sometimes worked.  He
was watching the store so his friend could go home to tend to his son who had taken
ill.  You may have known Rich as Abarsis, The Slaughter Priest ; richh10 on the RT;
or gameogre on the Duel2 messageboard.  You may not have known that he spent 13 years
serving the United States in the Navy.
     Rich dearly loved this game and all it encompassed.  He may not have been the
best or most experienced manager but he loved to interact with others and was quick
to offer advice whenever anyone asked for help.  He was always kind and gracious and
tried to strengthen our game, often by helping new players feel welcome or give them
a chance to compete.  With his prolific posting I know that I am simply speaking the
obvious about what he did for our game.  Many, like me, were drawn to him, perhaps
for his kind nature or his sense of humor, and it appears he lived his life as he
played this game.  Always willing to help or do right by others.
     I realize that he had many friends outside the VC so I will include the link to
the news story in case any of his other friends would like to know more of what
happened.  We're all dealt a hand in life but it's not the strength of the hand
you're dealt but rather how you play it that really matters.  Rich played his hand to
the very best of his human ability and for this I admire him greatly.  I know we all
choose to like or dislike managers but I believe deep down we are all good and
decent, in this game, and will drop party (alliance) lines and will show the proper
     Rich was taken from us all to soon and with so much left to offer the community
around him.  He spoke of a desire to run a contest on the Duel2 site which I hope to
uphold in his name.  Some of the people I have spoken with think it would be a nice
gesture to do one final good act in Rich's name, though it could never match what he
would've done within his community, for his community of San Diego.  I hope that with
this contest we might raise a little money to donate to an appropriate charity within
San Diego in his name.
     In conclusion I send a message to Rich:
     "Rich, though I'm sure you gathered this I never really told you how much I
admired you and what a friend I considered you.  I thank you for being my voice of
reason and always reminding me of why we both loved this game so much!  You have
taught me one final valuable lesson in learning more of you.  There are things far
more valuable in life than material possessions such as character and kindness.  That
nothing going on in your life means that you cannot find a way to be kind and giving
to others.  We always spoke of meeting someday and until we finally do know that you
will live on in with me and the rest of your brothers and sisters in the Cartel:
Master Darque, Kat, Bum, Sensei Jan, Maximillian, Hammer, Fizban, Firehawk, Phat
Phat.  You increased all of our enjoyment of this game, you were a true ambassador of
Duelmasters, and the game will not be quite the same without you.  A farewell battle
cry from the ZalCon:  'Confusion to our enemies'.  May your soul rest in peace, my
     Should anyone wish to correspond about Rich feel free to contact myself, or
anyone else within the Vendetta Cartel.
     Street Legal
     Jeff Bura
     The Death Squad(63) in Tobir or triumph1971@hotmail.com

31 January 2005
     Be it known throughout Alastari that Hammer is no longer a member of the
Vendetta Cartel alliance.
     A difference of opinion with another highly respected member of the VC due to my
recent vocal actions in DM 47 can only be resolved by my resignation from the VC as
of January 29, 2005.
     I leave of my own accord, in good standing with all members and with no hard
feelings towards anyone in the Vendetta Cartel.
     There was a time when I felt that my membership in the VC made the alliance
stronger.  I know that my resignation today makes the Vendetta Cartel a stronger
alliance with my absence. -- Hammer

1 February 2005
                           St. Valentine's Massacre update
My apologies, the Kill Contest starting on turn 476 in Jhans will run for 10 (ten)
turns ending on turn number 486.

5 February 2005
On behalf of the ILLUMINATI Confederation of Alliances (The kLk, CHAOS, Inc. and The
Company of Brothers) I would like to express our sympathies concerning the tragic
loss of Rich Hammes to both the DM community and to the real life world.  Surely our
loss has been Heaven's gain. -- Talon Darkhart, deeply sorrowful
                                kLk God of War, Illuminati Alliance, Puppetmaster

                                  LAST WEEK'S FIGHTS

PARC was barely slain by STONE GOLEM in a 2 minute bloody Dark Arena fight.
BRANFORD HAWKE won victory over AZURE ASP in a 1 minute Bloodfeud battle.
SYRLANIA was handily defeated by PURPLE PANTHER in a 1 minute Challenge Title match.
BIG DOG was vanquished by ALBINO RAINBOW in a 1 minute mismatched Challenge brawl.
ALMOND ALBATROSS was savagely defeated by DRACULA in a 2 minute Challenge fight.
MONTEZUMA WHIFFLEBAT was bested by ONYX OWL in a 6 minute veteran's Challenge duel.
ELMER FUDD beat BLUE VELVET in a 2 minute gory master's Challenge brawl.
ELIZA PIGERON handily defeated CALFSKIN in a 2 minute gruesome uneven Challenge melee.
DJANGO REINHARDT vanquished THUNDERSTORM in a 1 minute uneven Challenge fight.
WILLIE DIXON overpowered VILNIUS SHILLINGTON in a 1 minute one-sided Challenge fight.
KALIDOR THE BOLD handily defeated TITANIUM in a 1 minute one-sided Challenge bout.
FRANK ZAPPA was narrowly defeated by JO MOONCATCHER in a 2 minute Challenge match.
BLUE BLAZES savagely defeated TEDDY RUXPIN in a popular 3 minute master's match.
WARDUKE handily defeated VIRGINIA'S SECRET in a 1 minute uneven fight.
STRONGBOW was overpowered by K. K. DOWNING in a 1 minute uneven struggle.
HONEY was beaten by GREEN WITH ENVY in a crowd pleasing 1 minute brawl.
THUNDERBLADE devastated VETERAN MERCENARY in a exciting 1 minute one-sided fight.
RAINSONG was narrowly defeated by LINI DAWNWIND in a 2 minute bout.
HOT DOG luckily beat GLADIUS STARSTRYKE in a crowd pleasing 3 minute master's fight.
VAN HELSING devastated VENOMOUS CONCUBINE in a 1 minute one-sided bout.
TREESTUMP vanquished THE USEROUS MERCHANT in a 1 minute gruesome one-sided match.
MUSTY KOBOLD vanquished THE SINGING BANDIT in a 1 minute mismatched fray.
TIMMORN YELLOW EYES was overpowered by JOLITH DARKSTEEL in a 1 minute one-sided match.
ROCKIE DEE defeated RICK DERRINGER in a 1 minute duel.
SILVER LINING overpowered MORDANT DESERTER in a 1 minute uneven fight.
BARGAIN BASEMENT luckily beat JON FLEET in a exciting 4 minute gruesome bout.
POTATO HEAD JR overpowered JEB MERCLUE in a 2 minute uneven duel.
DIAMONDBACK overpowered COOKIE MONSTER in a 2 minute one-sided fray.
BOOTSTRAP RIBEYE outwaited WINDCHASER in a popular 7 minute novice's duel.
LORD KRONOS defeated EMBEZZLING SCRIBE in a action packed 1 minute gory duel.

                                    BATTLE REPORT

             MOST POPULAR                        RECORD DURING THE LAST 10 TURNS     
|FIGHTING STYLE               FIGHTS        FIGHTING STYLE     W -   L -  K   PERCENT|
|AIMED BLOW                       8         STRIKING ATTACK   52 -  31 -  2      63  |
|WALL OF STEEL                    7         WALL OF STEEL     41 -  27 -  2      60  |
|SLASHING ATTACK                  6         AIMED BLOW        43 -  41 -  1      51  |
|PARRY-STRIKE                     6         LUNGING ATTACK    56 -  55 -  1      50  |
|LUNGING ATTACK                   6         TOTAL PARRY       39 -  44 -  1      47  |
|BASHING ATTACK                   6         PARRY-STRIKE      22 -  27 -  1      45  |
|STRIKING ATTACK                  5         BASHING ATTACK    38 -  50 -  1      43  |
|PARRY-RIPOSTE                    4         SLASHING ATTACK   29 -  39 -  2      43  |
|TOTAL PARRY                      4         PARRY-RIPOSTE     19 -  26 -  0      42  |
|PARRY-LUNGE                      2         PARRY-LUNGE       18 -  29 -  0      38  |

Turn 509 was great if you     Not so great if you used      The fighting styles of the
used the fighting styles:     the fighting styles:          top eleven warriors are:

SLASHING ATTACK    5 -  1     WALL OF STEEL      3 -  4         3  LUNGING ATTACK 
PARRY-RIPOSTE      3 -  1     STRIKING ATTACK    2 -  3         2  BASHING ATTACK 
TOTAL PARRY        3 -  1     AIMED BLOW         2 -  6         2  AIMED BLOW     
PARRY-STRIKE       4 -  2                                       1  PARRY-LUNGE    
PARRY-LUNGE        1 -  1                                       1  SLASHING ATTACK
LUNGING ATTACK     3 -  3                                       1  WALL OF STEEL  
BASHING ATTACK     3 -  3                                       1  TOTAL PARRY    

                               TOP WARRIOR OF EACH STYLE

FIGHTING STYLE   WARRIOR                     W   L  K PNTS TEAM NAME                  
BASHING ATTACK   PURPLE PANTHER 6057        17  10  0  124 ANIMAL FARM (510)
SLASHING ATTACK  WARDUKE 5930               19  18  2  103 SCARLET KNIGHTS II (507)

FIGHTING STYLE   WARRIOR                     W   L  K PNTS TEAM NAME                  
LUNGING ATTACK   DRACULA 6319                7   2  0   93 UNIVERSAL HORROR (552)
AIMED BLOW       BRANFORD HAWKE 5077        19  14  0   92 TUFT TUGGERS (305)
TOTAL PARRY      ONYX OWL 5548              19  15  0   90 ANIMAL FARM (510)
STRIKING ATTACK  THUNDERBLADE 6367          10   4  0   87 SCARLET KNIGHTS (375)
PARRY-STRIKE     TEDDY RUXPIN 6399          20  15  1   83 LORDS OF CHAOS (556)
WALL OF STEEL    BLUE VELVET 6248           14   5  0   83 COLORIFIC (511)
Note: Warriors have a winning record and are an Adept or Above.

The overall popularity leader is K. K. DOWNING 5655.  The most popular warrior this 
turn was BLUE BLAZES 6280.  The ten other most popular fighters were JON FLEET 6415, 

The least popular fighter this week was BOOTSTRAP RIBEYE 6465.  The other ten least 
popular fighters were COOKIE MONSTER 6490, TIMMORN YELLOW EYES 6337, THE SINGING 

The following warriors will travel to AD after next turn:


The following warriors have traveled to AD after fighting this turn:

STRONGBOW (11-5686) ELFQUEST (515)


     The winter tourney brought a lot of people to the Isle who didn't appear there 
normally.  This included Commission employees.  Half a dozen arenamasters regarded 
each other warily in the mirror behind the bar at the Pig in a Haystack.  The Pig was 
obscure and mediocre, drawing few gladiators, which is what they had all been looking 
for.  They saw gladiators every day.  Most arenamaster were convinced that this was 
some kind of punishment.
     You could always pick out the arenamasters in a crowd.  There were superficial 
differences:  One of these had clearly Adantri features, one wore an eye-patch, two 
were female.  But there were, in significant ways, alike.  The same size, the same 
hair-trigger alertness, the same deadliness.
     The one-eyed man broke the ice, raising his beer mug in salute.  "I'm Zrof One-
Eye from Zukal.  Sugar of Arvat--"  One of the women bowed slightly.  "I know Sugar.  
The rest of you...?"
     The Adantri matched his salute.  "Dernal of Dayla Kiv."
     "Daiyla Kiv?  Ah...."
     "No, without the 'I' in it.  These damned bureaucrats can't spell, and they 
thought adding an unnecessary vowel was exotic."  Disgust dripped from his voice.
     "Tell me about it!" another man growled in agreement.  "Khagal of Niatoli, and 
what they do to the spelling of THAT simple word--!"
     "I thought Daiyla, I mean Dayla Kiv had a different name right now," 
Arenamistress Sugar said.  "The arena, at least, because of a contest?"
     "Chavez Ravine."  Dernal's tone was the one that substituted in polite company 
for spitting on the floor.
     Zrof blinked, taken aback by the bitterness.  He wouldn't have minded a contest 
in Zukal, and damn what they called the place.  "It's only temporary, though."
     "Temporary, shmiperary," another man muttered.  He seemed well into his drinking, 
although, like all arenamasters, he carried his liquor well.  "They do it all the time 
in Aradi.  No reshpect.  Go around changing thish, changing that.  I wish I could 
change shome thingsh."  He signalled the bartender for a refill.
     The second woman put her hand over his mug.  "You've had enough, Harkon.  Try the 
coffee, instead."
     "You should be mad, too, Ripplesh," Harkon said.  "They're going to do shtuff 
like that in Jahnsh, aren't they?"
     Ripples Dorrigan shrugged.  All the men paused, some with glasses half raised, to 
watch.  "It's the way things are," she said.  "Not much we can do about it."
     "You know," Khagal of Niatoli said, "maybe we could make a few changes.  Fix the 
spelling of Arena 33, for one, change a few standby titles--"
     "The Commission hates changes."  Dernal of Dayla Kiv topped up his glass and 
drained it gloomily.
     "Yes, but if we disguise it," Sugar of Arvat said, excited, "make it... maybe a 
general Name-Change-O-Rama!  Then we could slip OUR changes through and no one would 
notice or mind."


     By popular demand, we are holding a Name-Change-o-Rama during the month of March.
If you wish to change the name of your warriors or teams, please contact RSI Customer 
Service.  The charge for a name change is $1, unless you're in DOOMCorps, in which 
case you take your chances.  (Just kidding, guys! *snicker*)