Date   : 08/04/2004    Duedate: 08/17/2004


DM-21    TURN-488

This Weeks Top Honors


(21-1512) [24-20-0,106]

Chartered Recognition Leader   Unchartered Recognition Leader

MAINE COON CAT                 HERETIC
MEOW MIX (466)                 THE DARK PATH (507)
(21-5358) [17-12-0,110]        (21-5867) [5-1-0,37]

Popularity Leader              This Weeks Favorite

MEOW MIX (466)                 SWORD OPERA (323)
(21-5358) [17-12-0,110]        (21-5566) [16-17-2,67]



Team Name                  Point Gain  Chartered Team
1. BLACKEST PRIDE (71)         61
2. COSMIC FREAK OUT (498)      45      COSMIC FREAK OUT (498)
3. CARNAGE CANARIES (147)      45      Unchartered Team
4. SCRAGITARIOUS (377)         45
5. THE DARK PATH (507)         23      THE DARK PATH (507)

The Top Teams

Career Win-Loss Record           W   L  K    %  Win-Loss Record Last 3 Turns    W  L K
 1- 1 REAL BEER (424)           99  52  8 65.6   1/ 5 COSMIC FREAK OUT (498)   10  3 0
 2/ 2 COSMIC FREAK OUT (498)    49  26  1 65.3   2/ 1 GRIM FANDANGO (454)      10  5 0
 3/ 3 MEOW MIX (466)            74  44  1 62.7   3/ 3*THE DARK PATH (507)       8  6 0
 4/ 4*THE DARK PATH (507)       18  11  0 62.1   4/ 4 IRONIC TAILS (484)        6  9 0
 5/ 5 MINISTRY OF SKA (496)     60  50  4 54.5   5/ 7 MINISTRY OF SKA (496)     5  6 0
 6/ 0 SONS OF SATAN (20)       269 225 33 54.5   6/ 0 SONS OF SATAN (20)        4  1 0
 7/ 6 NASTY MOB (456)           69  59  4 53.9   7/13 BLACKEST PRIDE (71)       4  3 0
 8/ 8 CARNAGE CANARIES (147)   119 103 10 53.6   8/ 9 NASTY MOB (456)           4  3 0
 9- 7 THE BLOODBANES (474)      61  53  1 53.5   9/14 THAT 70'S TEAM (476)      4  5 0
10-10*KILL AT WILL (491)        22  20  5 52.4  10- 8 REAL BEER (424)           3  3 1
11/11 BLACKEST PRIDE (71)      354 322 34 52.4  11/15 CARNAGE CANARIES (147)    3  7 1
12/12 GRIM FANDANGO (454)      172 172  4 50.0  12/ 6 SWORD OPERA (323)         3 12 0
13/ 0 FEVER PITCH (253)        134 137  4 49.4  13/17 MEOW MIX (466)            2  0 0
14/ 0 SCRAGITARIOUS (377)       96 103  8 48.2  14- 2*KILL AT WILL (491)        2  2 0
15/15 IRONIC TAILS (484)        72  87  6 45.3  15/10 RAGE (501)                2  4 0
16/14 RAGE (501)                49  60  2 45.0  16/ 0 SCRAGITARIOUS (377)       1  0 0
17/17 SWORD OPERA (323)        409 595 15 40.7  17-11 THE BLOODBANES (474)      1  0 0
18/18 KANO CLAN (106)          137 211  8 39.4  18/ 0 FEVER PITCH (253)         1  1 0

Career Win-Loss Record           W   L  K    %  Win-Loss Record Last 3 Turns    W  L K
19/19 THAT 70'S TEAM (476)      32  52  1 38.1  19-19*BLITZKRIEG (443)          1  3 0
20-20*BLITZKRIEG (443)           2   4  0 33.3  20/20 KANO CLAN (106)           1  5 0

    '*'   Unchartered team                       '-'  Team did not fight this turn
   (###)  Avoid teams by their Team Id          ##/## This turn's/Last turn's rank

                                    TEAM SPOTLIGHT

               + ]H[ + ---:--- + ]H[ Sword Opera ]H[ + ---:--- + ]H[ +

     John Darling, who had joined Sword Opera too late to be included in the opera in
question, relaxed in his seat (at least he had gotten a good seat in the front lower
row, through being a teammate of most of the actors) and scanned the libretto.  The
opera, as usual in such things, was to be sung in an incomprehensible dialect which
he had been told was "more high-toned" than regular speech, so he was glad to have
the outline of the play written down.

     Cast of Characters--
     The hero, Courageous Canari (at least, it looked like that was the name, but in
addition to the antique dialect of the songs, the programs and libretto were always
printed in a highly ornate script that was difficult to read), was being played by
Lord Protector Black Victor of Sword Opera.
     The heroine, Kitty, was represented by Miranda Grace.
     Madam Butterfly was taking the part of the heroine's mother, and she seemed to
be annoyed about it.  John guessed that La Butterfly didn't like being made up to
look like somebody's mother--too aging.
     The heroine's father was played by Lord Protector Bruise--surely that was a
misprint for Bruce?
     Apparently the hero's parents weren't important enough to be represented.
     Lugo Beloski was playing the villain, a case of type-casting if John Darling had
ever seen one.
     And there were "sundry minor characters" who didn't get their names in the
program.  Tough luck for them!

     Act One--
     The hero declares his undying love for the heroine and goes off to make his
fortune in foreign parts.  Apparently the hero was the son and heir of an
impoverished nobleman in Skaithvarn.  Why couldn't these program notes be more
specific?  Where in Skaithvarn?  How had the nobleman come to be impoverished?  And
where was the hero headed?  The heroine declares her willingness to wait forever for
her own true love and will never wed any but the hero.  Typical operatic romance.
John could see tragedy in the making here.  The heroine's parents, in the manner of
families everywhere, point out what a poor financial match the hero would be and urge
her to consider the wealthy villain.  She refuses scornfully.  The villain goes into
a huddle with the mother--dirty work at the crossroads there!  They plan--

     Before John could read further, the small orchestra let off a crashing and
slightly discordant chord and the curtain was rung up.  He sat forward in his seat,
curious to see how his teammates would handle this play.  He himself was from...he
couldn't remember where he was from, but it probably wasn't important.  He twitched a
shoulder uneasily.  If it was important, he WOULD remember it.  Wouldn't he?  Still,
he had an idea he'd seen operas before now.  So he would be able to have an informed
     Simple scenery, indicating a balcony.  The heroine--Miranda Grace--came out on
the balcony, to be saluted from below by the hero.  They exchanged declarations of
eternal love with operatic fervor, ending with a duet that, while tuneful, was so
much gibberish as far as he could tell.  No matter, it was probably a repetition of
the declarations, with decorative variations.  John admired the music without concern
for the specific words; considering that both singers were professional gladiators,
they were quite good.  Amazing, really.
     Madam Butterfly came out on the balcony to join her "daughter."  There were
stern warnings issued, accusations hurled.  All in the proper operatic convention.
The hero was charged with being a fortune-hunter, since he was so much less wealthy
than his enamorata.  Ah, yes, John noted that the hero's garments were visibly
patched to indicate precisely that.  Somebody had been very thorough.  Good, he liked
that in an opera company...or any other person or group.

     "You wound my honor," the hero declared in a resonant baritone.  "I have no
thought of gold, and would cherish your daughter as a greater treasure than any
     "And I for my part care nothing for wealth!" the heroine sang in a clear
soprano.  "Though we were to dwell in a hovel and eat only fishes, if I am joined
with my true love I am content!"
     "You say that now," the mother responded, stalking forward and gesturing, "as
you stand before us in silks and velvets.  You do not understand poverty, daughter!
It is my duty to shield you from folly."
     The heroine shrank back, the hero stepped forward with declamatory gestures.
"Enough!  I will not drag the treasure of my heart into poverty, for such is not the
way of love.  She shall have only the best of the world for her home!  I go now to
seek my fortune and shall not return until I can lay the wealth of the lands at her
     "I shall wait, ever faithful, for your return!" the heroine declared.
     The hero exited with a flourish of his patched cloak.
     The mother turned to the heroine and began to admonish her, declaring that, "It
is as easy to love a rich man as a poor one, daughter!"
     The heroine retorted that, "I shall always love the courageous Canari, as much
when he becomes rich as when he is not.  For surely one so bold and resolute will
return to me with the fortune he seeks!  No other man shall command my heart."
     The villain now stepped onto the stage.  Gods, Beloski was SUPERB as a villain!
What a magnificent sneer, and those oiled mustachios!  John Darling barely noticed
the two retainers behind him.  "Behold!"  The villain gestured at the elaborate
medallion he was wearing, "I come before you now as the Duke of Taris Tarlenon!"
     John Darling nodded.  The medallion was just right for indicating a S'varni
duke.  For a moment he wondered how he knew that.  Perhaps he was from Skaithvarn.
     "The old Duke--"
     John consulted his program quickly.  Ah, right, the old Duke was the hero's
uncle, the hero is apparent heir.
     "--has died, fallen from his horse while hunting!"
     If this was real life, John Darling would look into that death.  Suspiciously
convenient, that was.
     "All his estates have been confiscated to pay his debts, Canari inherits nothing
from him!  The people of Taris Tarlenon have chosen me, also nephew to the old Duke,
to fill his shoes and rule them well.  So I shall do, all is perfect.  I lack only
one thing, which is a wife both noble and beautiful.  Therefore, I have come to you
for aid."  He bowed to the mother of the heroine with a flourish.
     The heroine was setting up a tuneful racket full of "alas!" and "woe!" in the
background.  One of the retainers stepped toward her, moving rather mechanically--
self-conscious on the stage, no doubt.  John had an idea that the non-speaking parts
had been taken by several gladiators almost at random.  The lanterns that lit the
stage all flickered together, very odd, that, making it seem that a shadow had passed
across the scene.
     When the lights returned, the heroine--or maybe it was truly the woman, Miranda
Grace, at that moment--was kneeling with both hands clasped on the dagger that was
hilt-deep in her chest.  Blood ran down her robe.

            + ]H[ + ---:--- + ]H[ Out of the Past #10 ]H[ + ---:--- + ]H[ +
                                   Delarquan Edition

Old Valamantis:

     The Old Forum of the ruins was empty of people, though strewn with bits of
rubble and random bushes.  Two hundred yards long and a hundred yards wide, and they
stood at the midpoint of one side and looked across to the battered, dark-stoned hulk
of the Old Valamantis arena on the other.  At the end to their left was a vast
building--or the remains of it--that had the layered foundation of an edifice built
on the remains of many previous ones.  Basalt, marble, sandstone, granite, porphyry.
     "The growth rings of the old city," Tensekai, the Silver Mage muttered.
     "Which is the Folstrom layer?" Ka D'Argo of Kolact asked.
     "The oldest.  The bottom one--black basalt," the mage answered.  "The old city
was founded by the Folstrom.  They laid out the ground plan and built the walls.
That," a twitch of his head to the left, "was their main...temple, although we don't
think they worshipped in the same sense we do now.  There at the other end--" a
forest of columns of many different stones, skillfully carved to look like different
species of trees, closed off the right end of the Forum, "that was their Grove of
     The gladiators looked one way, to the temple, the other way to the stone grove,
and then across at the arena.  The lower arcade was of black basalt.
     "So the arena was theirs, too."  Sputter of Dwes Eg hunched his shoulders
uneasily.  "Were the Bloodgames their idea?"
     Tensekai glanced at him, startled.  "I don't know, I never questioned that it
was Sheila of the Grey Wand who came up with that."  After a moment, he grimaced.
"She lived then, or near to then, and might have borrowed the idea from them."
     "So she's using blood magic, too, eh?"  Goblin licked his lips and took a step
forward.  "So much for her high-and-mighty attitude, then!  Not that I'm complaining,
mind you."
     "I have heard it said that Sheila of the Grey Wand would use ANY means to
protect Alastari," Tensekai muttered.  "But it never occurred to me that the
Bloodgames might be part of her magical defense...."  The thought appeared to make
him uneasy.
     "We won't get anything done standing around here," Goblin called back over his
shoulder.  I thought you were all eager to establish a magical perimeter inside the
arena.  Let's do it!"
     "Right," Sputter said.  He stepped forward to follow Goblin.  "You know, I
really don't want to go over there."
     "Me neither!"  Lavender Lance took Tensekai's arm.  "But we have it to do,
     The gladiators straggled out onto the Forum's cracked pavement.  Goblin was in
the lead; Ka D'Argo brought up the rear, facing backwards with his sword drawn.  None
of them felt comfortable with the fact that they'd gotten this far without being
     After a few minutes, Sputter glanced around and then at Tensekai.  "Why aren't
we hearing anything?  No birds or mice, okay, I wouldn't want to hang out here
either, if I was a bird or a mouse.  But not even any wind!"
     The mage's eyes were blank with concentration, and he didn't answer.
     "It's a trap," Ka D'Argo said quietly.  "The whole city, but especially the
arena, is a trap for anyone who ventures in without the permission of..." he gestured
at the ruins around the Forum, "whoever's there.  But we have to do it anyway.  Some
traps can only be destroyed from the inside."
     Lavender Lance burst into tears.  "I don't want to be trapped by...by liches or
whatever they are!"  But she kept walking toward the arena.
     No one tried to stop them.  This unexpected fact brought all of them to
agreement with the Kolactan's assessment that the arena was a trap.  And a very
unpleasant one.  Once they were inside the walls, and especially as they descended
the dark corridor toward the sunken fighting floor, the smell of the place grew
stronger.  It stank of blood and death and decay, with a sulfurous undertone that
none of them could identify.
     Until they stepped out onto the sands, under a dome of crimson light, and saw
the demonic creature waiting for them.
     And heard the iron bars clash into position behind them to prevent an exit.

      * }%|[-----+O+-----]|%{ * }%|[-----+O+-----]|%{ * }%|[-----+O+-----]|%{ *

                         ---===DELARQUAN REGIONAL NEWS===---

 DM   1 MORDANT (turn 501): JEJUNE of MANNEQUIN'S BEST (Mannequin, mgr.)
 DM   2 NIANIA (turn 386): TOOFLESS of GLORY BOUND TROLLS (DeGotti, mgr.)
 DM   3 OSKSI (turn 506): LEFTISTS BLOW of THE CONFUSED (Shocking Toad, mgr.)
 DM   4 JHELUM (turn 502): STANLEY'S CUP of SPORTZ! (Guardian, mgr.)
 DM   5 KALTOS (turn 501): BELISS DON of THE MIDDLE WAY 5 (Nick, mgr.)
 DM   6 TRANSEL (turn 505): SECOND OMEN of DARK PANTHEON (Doc Steele, mgr.)
 DM   7 BONSUR (turn 502): TERRI TOWEL of BEACH BABES (Nick, mgr.)
 DM  10 KOLACT (turn 497): SIR PENT of SIR AGLIO (Sultan, mgr.)
 DM  18 TALCAMA (turn 488): POOPIEHEAD of CENTER FOR OLDS (Suave, mgr.)
 DM  21 SUNSET (turn 487): RAZOR MELODY of IRONIC TAILS (Mr. Twister, mgr.)
 DM  36 JHANS (turn 461): MAD MILKSTER of LEGENDARY BASTARDS ( ! , mgr.)
 DM  38 CLIFFHOME (turn 452): STEVEN SCIMITAR of EAGLES CLAW (Talon Volksie, mgr.)
 DM  39 XOCHITHLAN (turn 197): MYRON NAGEL of THE MIDDLE WAY (Nick, mgr.)
 DM  42 RODEKI (turn 439): STUPID SEXY FLANDERS of I'M SO SEXY (Muffy, mgr.)
 DM  51 TRICORUS (turn 387): APPLE of FRUITS (Assurnasirbanipal, mgr.)
 DM  54 TROCAR (turn 184): MICROSOFT of USELESS TOOLS (Crip, mgr.)
 DM  59 ILLIS (turn 172): MACAULIFFE of THE EXPLORERS (Kellog, mgr.)
 DM  62 VALAMANTIS (turn 337): YOU of SRETSAMLEUD (Phat Phat, mgr.)
 DM  72 DRAGONHEAD (turn 149): CANNONBALL of X-POSSE (Savant, mgr.)

                                      Top Teams
 DM   1 MORDANT (turn 501): HOMICIDAL MANIACS (Nick, mgr.)
 DM   2 NIANIA (turn 386): GLORY BOUND TROLLS (DeGotti, mgr.)
 DM   3 OSKSI (turn 506): THE CONFUSED (Shocking Toad, mgr.)
 DM   4 JHELUM (turn 502): MAYAN WHITE (Myrrdin, mgr.)
 DM   5 KALTOS (turn 501): RENEGADES II (Elizamir, mgr.)
 DM   6 TRANSEL (turn 505): DARK PANTHEON (Doc Steele, mgr.)
 DM   7 BONSUR (turn 502): FLOWER CHILDREN (Ebenezer Frothingslosh, mgr.)
 DM  10 KOLACT (turn 497): SIR AGLIO (Sultan, mgr.)
 DM  18 TALCAMA (turn 488): CENTER FOR OLDS (Suave, mgr.)
 DM  21 SUNSET (turn 487): GRIM FANDANGO (Stik, mgr.)
 DM  36 JHANS (turn 461): LITTLE GIRLS LIKE... (Shocking Toad, mgr.)
 DM  38 CLIFFHOME (turn 452): EAGLES CLAW (Talon Volksie, mgr.)
 DM  39 XOCHITHLAN (turn 197): THE MIDDLE WAY (Nick, mgr.)
 DM  42 RODEKI (turn 439): COLOR ME SUAVE (Suave, mgr.)
 DM  51 TRICORUS (turn 387): DARK HORSEMEN (Nick, mgr.)
 DM  54 TROCAR (turn 184): USELESS TOOLS (Crip, mgr.)
 DM  59 ILLIS (turn 172): IMPROVED ILLUSION (Phantasm, mgr.)
 DM  62 VALAMANTIS (turn 337): DEVIL'S MAYHEM (Dincuru Feadagnor?, mgr.)
 DM  72 DRAGONHEAD (turn 149): X-POSSE (Savant, mgr.)
ADM 104 DARKHOLM (turn 380): BLACK PRIMERS, etc. (Doc Steele, mgr.)

                                   Recent Graduates
 DM   3 OSKSI (turn 506): GRAPH of GAMES LIBRARY (Nick, mgr.)
 DM   4 JHELUM (turn 502): STANLEY'S CUP of SPORTZ! (Guardian, mgr.)
 DM   5 KALTOS (turn 500): HOWLER of THE TAKEN (Silver Stroke, mgr.)
 DM  18 TALCAMA (turn 487): PURPLE FIREFISH of BIG MEAN FISH (Big Wave Dave, mgr.)
                            PICKLE JUICE of BURN N' PILLAGE (Jolly, mgr.)
                            VASSAL of THUNDR + LITENING (Doc Steele, mgr.)
                            HANNAH of SHEPHERDS (Assurnasirbanipal, mgr.)
 DM  21 SUNSET (turn 486): THE BUTCHER of NASTY MOB (Papa Bear, mgr.)
 DM  36 JHANS (turn 460): POSTMASTER P of HELTER SKELTER (Cosmo Frothingslosh, mgr.)
 DM  39 XOCHITHLAN (turn 197): MYRON NAGEL of THE MIDDLE WAY (Nick, mgr.)
                   (turn 196): MISS CON DUCK of DUCKS UNLIMITED (Crip, mgr.)
 DM  42 RODEKI (turn 439): STUPID SEXY FLANDERS of I'M SO SEXY (Muffy, mgr.)
 DM  54 TROCAR (turn 184): MICROSOFT of USELESS TOOLS (Crip, mgr.)
 DM  59 ILLIS (turn 172): MACAULIFFE of THE EXPLORERS (Kellog, mgr.)
              (turn 171): HOFFA WITH HAIR of IMPROVED ILLUSION (Phantasm, mgr.)
 DM  62 VALAMANTIS (turn 337): YOU of SRETSAMLEUD (Phat Phat, mgr.)
 DM  72 DRAGONHEAD (turn 149): CONSTANTINE of AGELESS WONDER (Belyn, mgr.)

                                      SPY REPORT

     Well, what are you looking at, SUNSET?  Ain't you never seen Snide Clemens 
before?  Ah, shaddup and listen to my news.  Later days, GRIM FANDANGO, since COSMIC 
FREAK OUT took top team from you this turn, you guys are old news.  BLACKEST PRIDE 
turned their 3-2-0 turn into a 7th place rank in the listings this turn.  Any better 
than this, and you get put on hit lists.  Now let's all watch THE DARK PATH's heads 
swell from their 4-1-0 this turn.  Haa ha ha ha!  Big shots, big talk, big deal.  Of 
course, we're all terribly impressed to see ANIMATE TOFU win a fight and gain 45 
points, terribly.  Tsk, tsk, BULLY beat DAZEY and DAZEY lost 9 points.  You're 
breakin' my heart.  Going for broke or broken, our Duelmaster I ATE A PUTY TAT 
challenged this turn.  And it's out with the old, in with the new, as I ATE A PUTY 
TAT takes the Title and last week's bar tab from the old Duelmaster.  Heh, heh.  I'm 
not in a very good mood today, but why am I telling you this?  You want to know 
what's new, don't you, SUNSET?   
     He who fights and runs away will live to fight another day, the coward.  RAGE, I 
suppose you'll be glad to know you were this turn's most avoided team.  Care to know 
who is the most afraid of you?  And who led the way in this mass act of cowardice?  
Let's see, well, whatcha know?  It was BLACKEST PRIDE.  Ha ha ha ha!  Ooh, I'm 
frightfully impressed, SKA-D-LITE was this turn's most challenged warrior.  Watch 
that ego swell, sports fans.  C. CANARY was challenged by one of MEOW MIX's warriors 
this turn, with MAINE COON CAT having a lead of 32 points going into the fight.  
Question now is, will SUNSET accept this sort of tacky behavior?  MAINE COON CAT 
beating C. CANARY.  The insult, the....yech!  Looks like time for laurels or hemlock, 
EMNITY was challenged by HORNS, who was ranked 34 points below her.  Well, ok, the 
upstart knave (where've I heard that before?) won this match and gained 30 points to 
boot!  Ha ha ha, EMNITY.  Now look at this.  DRANE challenged down 21 against NASTY 
MOB's B. BREAKER.  What a weasel!  And sorry to say, DRANE subdued B. BREAKER, 
leaving a bad feeling with the crowd.  I think exploitive snob is the term I'm 
looking for.  I notice SKYDANCER challenging down 21 points to fight METARU YONA, 
GRIM FANDANGO doubtless has some rotten excuse for such an insult to honor.  And 
golly gee, SKYDANCER defeated METARU YONA.  Aren't we all surprised and impressed?  I 
guess I can give a little credit to PEPPER BANDIT of IRONIC TAILS for challenging up 
by 20 to BLASPHEMER.  PEPPER BANDIT lost to get 6 points of recognition.   
     Ah, now we come to my favorite part, where we see all the guys who are dead and 
gone, and get to see if their team cared.  I could say I saw this coming, but so 
could anyone else.  Anyway, this turn it came.  TRIPPY HIPPY's 8-6-0 has earned it 
the Dark Arena.  And what a stunning loss we have here, boys and girls, GERYON of 
SONS OF SATAN has added the final loss to his 12-10-1.  Tee hee!  We're all going to 
die in the end, so why worry if the fate catches up with you sooner that later?   
     There's got to be a better place in SUNSET to get a drink than Cagliostro's 
Castle!  Any suggestions?  Phlllt!  Just had to do that before I leave the fine city 
of SUNSET.  I feel much better now.  Glad to see the back of this place-- Snide 

DUELMASTER                     W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 I ATE A PUTY TAT 1512        24  20  0   106       CARNAGE CANARIES (147)

CHALLENGER CHAMPIONS           W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 MAINE COON CAT 5358          17  12  0   110       MEOW MIX (466)
-BODDINGTON'S 5035            16   9  0   108       REAL BEER (424)
 CAT KABOB 5802               10   8  2   108       CARNAGE CANARIES (147)
 SKULL STROKER 5590           14   9  0   103       BLACKEST PRIDE (71)
 HORNS 5770                    8   5  0   103       BLACKEST PRIDE (71)
 HI-JINX 5778                 10   5  0   102       MINISTRY OF SKA (496)
 INERTIA 5761                 11   4  0   100       BLACKEST PRIDE (71)
 RUDE BUDDHA 5765             14   8  0    99       MINISTRY OF SKA (496)
 RAZOR MELODY 5577            16  16  2    97       IRONIC TAILS (484)
 BAD ACID 5700                12   4  0    96       COSMIC FREAK OUT (498)
 MINOS 5805                    9   3  1    96       SONS OF SATAN (20)

CHALLENGER CHAMPIONS           W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 I SEE SOUNDS 5704            11   5  1    94       COSMIC FREAK OUT (498)
 RUDI JAMOS 5428              23  22  0    91       SWORD OPERA (323)

CHAMPIONS                      W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 BELL BOTTOMS 5493            16  23  0    87       THAT 70'S TEAM (476)
 SKA-D-LITE 5682              14   9  0    87       MINISTRY OF SKA (496)
-PISCES INCARNATE 4919         7   0  2    86       SCRAGITARIOUS (377)
 ROGAN 5755                   14  14  1    81       RAGE (501)
 RONALD REAGAN 1588           13  13  0    80       SONS OF SATAN (20)
 EMNITY 5748                  15   5  0    77       RAGE (501)
-THAT! 5272                    9   5  2    76       REAL BEER (424)
 POISON BEAK 5827              8   8  0    76       CARNAGE CANARIES (147)
-BASS 5262                     7   1  2    73       REAL BEER (424)
 C. CANARY 5766               11  11  0    71       CARNAGE CANARIES (147)
 LIQUID GOLIATH 5800          13   7  0    68       IRONIC TAILS (484)
 LUGO BELOSKI 5566            16  17  2    67       SWORD OPERA (323)

CHALLENGER ADEPTS              W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 THE HIPPY 5701                7   5  0    66       COSMIC FREAK OUT (498)
 TOAD LICKER 5830             11   4  0    61       COSMIC FREAK OUT (498)
 GINA TAILIA 4817              7   5  0    60       FEVER PITCH (253)
-SKA-BOOM 5743                 6  10  2    59       MINISTRY OF SKA (496)
 SKYDANCER 5834                9   6  0    58       GRIM FANDANGO (454)
 ASYLUM 5786                   7   4  1    58       BLACKEST PRIDE (71)
 DRANE 5833                   12   3  0    57       GRIM FANDANGO (454)

ADEPTS                         W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
-SIMON BLOODBANE 5490          9   9  1    53       THE BLOODBANES (474)
-GRAVITY THIEF 5627            7   2  2    51       KILL AT WILL (491)
 WRATHCHILD 5747               8  14  1    49       RAGE (501)
-MORDRAITH 5631                4   5  2    48       KILL AT WILL (491)
 BLEVINS 5900                  4   4  0    48       GRIM FANDANGO (454)
 SIMON COWELL 5850             3   4  0    47       SONS OF SATAN (20)
 DAMION 5831                   5   5  0    46       SONS OF SATAN (20)
 ANIMATE TOFU 5454             1   0  0    45       SCRAGITARIOUS (377)
 MINAMI KAZE 5164              9  16  1    44       KANO CLAN (106)
-STELLA ARTOIS 5560            7   4  0    40       REAL BEER (424)
 ACE 5732                      7  19  0    40       SWORD OPERA (323)
 B. BREAKER 5811               4   4  1    39       NASTY MOB (456)
 BULLY 5822                    2   3  0    38       NASTY MOB (456)
 HERETIC 5867                  5   1  0    37       THE DARK PATH (507)
 METARU YONA 5350              6  17  0    35       KANO CLAN (106)

CHALLENGER INITIATES           W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
-MORRIS 5835                   3   4  0    33       MEOW MIX (466)
 WATERGATE 5836                2   1  0    31       THAT 70'S TEAM (476)
 SUPER HOST 5758               1   2  0    31       THAT 70'S TEAM (476)
 AGENT 99 5840                 4   3  0    30       MINISTRY OF SKA (496)
 BLASPHEMER 5868               4   2  0    30       THE DARK PATH (507)
-HOEGARDEN 5554                3   6  0    30       REAL BEER (424)
-BALTIMORE HAYSEED 5093        2   1  0    30       BLITZKRIEG (443)
-LITTLE FUJIKO 5630            6   3  0    28       KILL AT WILL (491)
 INFIDEL 5865                  5   1  0    28       THE DARK PATH (507)
 DEFILER 5864                  4   2  0    26       THE DARK PATH (507)
-MOMORO WA 5514                8   1  0    25       KANO CLAN (106)
 PLAGUE OF FEATHERS 5902       3   4  0    25       CARNAGE CANARIES (147)

INITIATES                      W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
-MUSHIKU BO 5713               5   3  0    23       KANO CLAN (106)
-PORK RIND 5480                4   1  0    23       FEVER PITCH (253)
-MOON BEAM 5745                3   7  0    22       RAGE (501)
-MATSUDA KAO 5712              5   0  0    21       KANO CLAN (106)
-SOLOMON BLOODBANE 5475        4   8  0    20       THE BLOODBANES (474)

INITIATES                      W   L  K POINTS      TEAM NAME                  
 SUPER FRIENDS 5757            2   1  0    19       THAT 70'S TEAM (476)
 BLAK MASK 5935                1   1  0    18       GRIM FANDANGO (454)
 PLUMP FRICTION 5903           4   4  0    16       IRONIC TAILS (484)
 DAZEY 5904                    4   3  0    16       GRIM FANDANGO (454)
-ALEXANDER THE GR8 5064        2   1  1    16       SCRAGITARIOUS (377)
-RON RON CLOU 5787             2   2  1     9       KILL AT WILL (491)
-RIPPER OF DEATH 5366          1   2  0     9       SCRAGITARIOUS (377)
-CANDY*EYESLUGGER 5733         1   3  0     8       KILL AT WILL (491)
 PEPPER BANDIT 5929            1   3  0     6       IRONIC TAILS (484)
 SCARED OF KERRY 5952          1   0  0     6       IRONIC TAILS (484)
 JOHN DARLING 5932             1   2  0     5       SWORD OPERA (323)
 FLESH GORDON 5513             1   0  0     5       FEVER PITCH (253)
-FRUSTRATION 5838              0   2  0     2       RAGE (501)
 DJININSKI 5953                0   1  0     1       SWORD OPERA (323)
 FALSE PROPHET 5950            0   1  0     1       THE DARK PATH (507)

'-' denotes a warrior who did not fight this turn.

THE DEAD               W  L K TEAM NAME             SLAIN BY             TURN Revenge?
MINAS MORGUL 5931      0  1 0 BLACKEST PRIDE 71     DARK CHAMPION 411     488 NONE    
TRIPPY HIPPY 5829      8  7 0 COSMIC FREAK OUT 498  SPYMASTER 409         488 NONE    
RED EYE LOVE 5832      4  8 1 IRONIC TAILS 484      MINAMI KAZE 5164      484 REVENGED
GERYON 1710           12 11 1 SONS OF SATAN 20      CAT KABOB 5802        488         
MIRANDA GRACE 5552    12 21 1 SWORD OPERA 323       BASS 5262             487         
TALPER 5784            6 13 0 SWORD OPERA 323       INCISION 5911         485         

                                     PERSONAL ADS

Stik -- I don't normally write ads in fast arenas, but thanks for the welcome back.
I hope to be around for a few turns at least, but then real life activities get
hectic again, and I am forced to shut down my fast arena play for the fall and winter
seasons.  The bad news is, that there is a high probability of a move next summer,
and that may result in my fast arena teams not getting activated again until '06, if
this game is still going by then. -- Crip, mgr. of Real Beer

Hey all -- Was on vacation.  Sorry if I messed up anybody's strats. -- C. Canary

Master Taco -- Now I get to beat on you here as well.  Great news for me! -- C.

Razor Melody -- You don't look like a tail to me!  Is that the irony of it? -- Rudi
P.S.  Ouch.

Bass -- (reeling dramatically and indulging in more vocal histrionics than seem
reasonable)  Oh, you have slain me! -- Ghost of Miranda Grace
P.S.  This is going to work havoc with our plot.  Good thing we are skilled

Skydancer -- Damned show-off.  I KNEW it was a mistake to let women become
gladiators. -- Ace

Dazey -- Obviously, there are subtleties to this gladiating that I haven't grasped
yet.  My thanks for your assistance to my learning. -- John Darling
P.S.  I don't understand why I'm a golem.  I thought I was a man.  It's all very

That! -- Just so, and I would if I could.  The circumstances being what they are,
we'll probably meet again.  So...how about meeting at the Black Pigeon just outside
the arena for some, you will pardon the expression, I'm sure, real beer? -- Lugo

Liquid Goliath -- I am the victim of malign circumstances. -- Lugo Beloski

17 July 2004
I am currently trying to put together a favorites chart for AD warriors.  I
desperately need help with this.  What I need are style, favorite rhythm (ex.:
hi/low), favorite weapons, and tactics.  What would be great is if you could send me
a copy of the invite with the warrior's name, id#, and arena blacked out.  This way,
I can verify that this is an actual warrior.  Minis will work, too!

For those interested, I have both a challenge style vs. style and a match-up style
vs. style chart.  There's about 250 fights calculated in these charts, and I'll be
happy to send a copy to anyone who asks.  You can contact me (if you're a free world
player) at: Rick Stringer, Merit/East, SCI, P.O. Box 500, Georgetown, DE 19947-0500.
If you're in prison, just send a diplo to:  Baphomet, Mgr. Knights Templar (568), DM
#47--North Fork.  (I also have a lot of other charts and info for anyone who wants
it.)  Thanks!

30 July 2004
The total number of fights calculated was reported as 250 fights.  This is a
misprint.  It should have read "over 2,500 fights." -- Baphomet

                                  LAST WEEK'S FIGHTS

TRIPPY HIPPY was viciously butchered by SPYMASTER in a 2 minute Dark Arena fight.
MINAS MORGUL was killed by DARK CHAMPION in a 1 minute Dark Arena melee.
INERTIA savagely defeated SKA-D-LITE in a 2 minute bloody expert's Challenge fight.
RAZOR MELODY was unbelievably bested by I ATE A PUTY TAT in a 3 minute fight.
MAINE COON CAT devastated C. CANARY in a 1 minute one-sided Challenge duel.
BAD ACID overpowered BELL BOTTOMS in a popular 1 minute mismatched Challenge brawl.
RUDE BUDDHA handily defeated ROGAN in a action packed 1 minute uneven Challenge melee.
HI-JINX overpowered RUDI JAMOS in a 1 minute uneven Challenge duel.
HORNS overpowered EMNITY in a 1 minute one-sided Challenge fight.
DRANE overcame B. BREAKER in a popular 3 minute Challenge bout.
SKYDANCER subdued METARU YONA in a crowd pleasing 2 minute Challenge match.
BLEVINS viciously subdued ACE in a exciting 4 minute brutal Challenge contest.
WRATHCHILD was devastated by TOAD LICKER in a 1 minute mismatched Challenge bout.
DAZEY was handily defeated by BULLY in a 1 minute uneven Challenge fight.
HERETIC luckily beat AGENT 99 in a action packed 4 minute Challenge struggle.
INFIDEL unbelievably bested BLAK MASK in a 3 minute master vs. amateur Challenge bout.
PEPPER BANDIT was devastated by BLASPHEMER in a 4 minute one-sided Challenge fight.
SKULL STROKER demolished LIQUID GOLIATH in a 1 minute one-sided bout.
GERYON was executed by CAT KABOB in a 1 minute mismatched fight.
POISON BEAK was devastated by MINOS in a 1 minute one-sided contest.
RONALD REAGAN narrowly defeated LUGO BELOSKI in a popular 6 minute veteran's duel.
I SEE SOUNDS handily defeated ASYLUM in a 1 minute uneven duel.
GINA TAILIA was bested by THE HIPPY in a 2 minute gory veteran's bout.
MINAMI KAZE was overpowered by SIMON COWELL in a 1 minute one-sided duel.
DAMION outlasted CAPTURED ORC in a tiresome 12 minute veteran vs. novice duel.
WATERGATE overpowered CULT MEMBER in a 1 minute uneven duel.
PLAGUE OF FEATHERS narrowly defeated PLUMP FRICTION in a exciting 4 minute fray.
SUPER FRIENDS was unbelievably bested by DEFILER in a 2 minute bout.
SUPER HOST overpowered EMBEZZLING SCRIBE in a 1 minute uneven fight.
JOHN DARLING was overcome by ANIMATE TOFU in a 2 minute novice vs. veteran fight.
FLESH GORDON defeated DJININSKI in a exciting 3 minute novice's fight.
FALSE PROPHET was savagely defeated by SCARED OF KERRY in a 1 minute novice's fray.

                                    BATTLE REPORT

             MOST POPULAR                        RECORD DURING THE LAST 10 TURNS     
|FIGHTING STYLE               FIGHTS        FIGHTING STYLE     W -   L -  K   PERCENT|
|LUNGING ATTACK                  15         SLASHING ATTACK   46 -  29 -  1      61  |
|TOTAL PARRY                     12         AIMED BLOW        18 -  12 -  1      60  |
|SLASHING ATTACK                  7         TOTAL PARRY       49 -  43 -  0      53  |
|AIMED BLOW                       5         WALL OF STEEL     17 -  16 -  0      52  |
|STRIKING ATTACK                  5         STRIKING ATTACK   30 -  30 -  2      50  |
|WALL OF STEEL                    5         LUNGING ATTACK    66 -  68 -  1      49  |
|PARRY-STRIKE                     5         PARRY-RIPOSTE     10 -  12 -  0      45  |
|PARRY-LUNGE                      2         PARRY-STRIKE      15 -  22 -  1      41  |
|BASHING ATTACK                   2         BASHING ATTACK    11 -  24 -  2      31  |
|PARRY-RIPOSTE                    1         PARRY-LUNGE        6 -  15 -  0      29  |

Turn 488 was great if you     Not so great if you used      The fighting styles of the
used the fighting styles:     the fighting styles:          top eleven warriors are:

SLASHING ATTACK    5 -  2     AIMED BLOW         2 -  3         6  LUNGING ATTACK 
LUNGING ATTACK    10 -  5     STRIKING ATTACK    2 -  3         1  WALL OF STEEL  
TOTAL PARRY        8 -  4     WALL OF STEEL      2 -  3         1  PARRY-STRIKE   
                              PARRY-STRIKE       1 -  4         1  SLASHING ATTACK
                              PARRY-LUNGE        0 -  2         1  AIMED BLOW     
                              PARRY-RIPOSTE      0 -  1         1  STRIKING ATTACK
                              BASHING ATTACK     0 -  2     

                               TOP WARRIOR OF EACH STYLE

FIGHTING STYLE   WARRIOR                     W   L  K PNTS TEAM NAME                  
WALL OF STEEL    I ATE A PUTY TAT 1512      24  20  0  106 CARNAGE CANARIES (147)
LUNGING ATTACK   MAINE COON CAT 5358        17  12  0  110 MEOW MIX (466)
PARRY-STRIKE     CAT KABOB 5802             10   8  2  108 CARNAGE CANARIES (147)
SLASHING ATTACK  SKULL STROKER 5590         14   9  0  103 BLACKEST PRIDE (71)
AIMED BLOW       HORNS 5770                  8   5  0  103 BLACKEST PRIDE (71)
STRIKING ATTACK  HI-JINX 5778               10   5  0  102 MINISTRY OF SKA (496)
TOTAL PARRY      EMNITY 5748                15   5  0   77 RAGE (501)
Note: Warriors have a winning record and are an Adept or Above.

The overall popularity leader is MAINE COON CAT 5358.  The most popular warrior this 
turn was LUGO BELOSKI 5566.  The ten other most popular fighters were PLAGUE OF 
FEATHERS 5902, RAZOR MELODY 5577, AGENT 99 5840, DJININSKI 5953, B. BREAKER 5811, 

The least popular fighter this week was DAMION 5831.  The other ten least popular 
fighters were FALSE PROPHET 5950, MINAMI KAZE 5164, ASYLUM 5786, POISON BEAK 5827, 

The following warriors will travel to AD after next turn:



Please note that all new teams created at the Face-to-Face were temporarily placed 
in a temporary Tournament Arena, DM 81 or DM 83.  If you requested that your team be 
placed in a specific arena, it has already transferred to that arena.  Any teams not 
transferred out of DM 81 and DM 83 by October 1st will be deleted.  If you have 
questions about any of your teams, please contact Customer Service. -- RSI